The blog Beauty Comes From Within is written by me, Sophie Chapman, a beauty & photography obsessed teenager. I am seventeen and studying a-levels in Cornwall, England. I have just moved house & live with my mum. I'm studying Business Studies, Media Studies, Sociology and Photography at college with the hope of having a career in interior design. I am hoping to go to university and move to the 'big city' to get a job in interior design, while continuing to write my blog.

If you were to ask me, will you still be blogging in 10 years? I hope the answer is yes. I have seen so many well established bloggers that I hope to be one day, and it would be brilliant if I was one of those blogs in a few years time. My blog is my little corner of the internet where I can talk about makeup non-stop without being told to be quiet, it's where I voice my opinions and is what I make of it.


  1. Love your blog!
    just wondering if you recommend taking business studies and media studies, thinking of taking it at college!

    1. I'd definitely recommend business studies, it's really easy to follow. The exam board I am with is WJEC which is good. Media studies is interesting, but I don't personally like it very much as I find it's easy to fall behind. The more you write down & keep up to date with media- the better you will do. Hope that helps! xx


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