Thursday, October 4

Marie Claire: L'Occitane Hand Cream

Mum has just arrived home clutching these in her arms! The November issue of Marie Claire (with Taylor Swift on the front), containing both a L'Occitane hand cream & Dove conditioner. The hand cream comes in 4 different scents- Shea Butter, Limited Edition Date Bouquet, Limited Edition Rose Petals or Limited Edition Mango Flowers. I wanted two of the original Shea Butter, and one of the Mango Flowers. I don't think the rose or date scents will be very nice, so I thought I would take the safe bet!

These magazines cost £3.70 each (£11.10 for the 3), with the hand cream being worth £8 originally (£22 for 3).That makes a saving of.... *drum roll* £10.90

Let me know which one you'll be buying below!


  1. OH my gosh! Soooo gonna stop by a newsagents tomorrow :O xxxx

    ps. I use Dove conditioner anyway (LOVE IT) and I'd go for the original Shea butter as well!

  2. I got these last year when they gave them out and I loved the hand cream. Can't wait to get my hands on some again :D x x

  3. I got the rose one today and it's gorgeous you'd need to like rose fragrances though but I loved it x Can anyone tell me what the Mango Flower one smells like?

    1. It smells just like Mango! Quite strong, but really sweet & fruity. I want to eat it!

  4. I think i'll get the mango one!! sounds gorgeous :) or the shea butter!

  5. I got the mango flower cream today, I think it smells like cucumber, my husband says 'soapy' but my 4 year old son says it smells of sausages!
    To be honest I wish I'd gone for Shea butter because I usually buy that anyway but it's nice to try something different & it doesn't really smell of sausages!

  6. I would love to get this! Better get to the store ASAP! :)


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