Friday, October 5

Clarins Skincare Online Haul

I finally made an online order with Clarins! My current products have been slowly running out this week, so I am beyond relieved that these have arrived. I've been using the Clarins Pure Melt Cleanser, Toning Lotion, Hydra Quench Serum, and Hydra Quench Cream religiously for the last couple of months, and have loved the results. I never really thought my skin was anything other than dry, so had been purchasing super rich products to compensate. However, I'm now sure my skin is just dehydrated. These products have compensated for this, and has also reduced blemishes dramatically.

My toner ran out two weeks ago, and my skin has broken out completely since with little under-the-skin bumps. I never realised how important it was to use toner- it was always something I would miss every now and then. The other two full size products I purchased are also favourites of mine; the serum leaves my skin radiant and smooth, and the moisturiser keeps my skin in tip-top condition while not being too heavy.


Unfortunately the offer I used ended this week, but they do have a new offer on here if you're interested. The offer I grabbed included the Super Restorative Day & Night Creams, Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, and the Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream. There were 4 different kits available, but I went for the Super Restorative because I really wanted to try the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch! As I don't have many worries about wrinkles, the two creams may be handed to a family member.  

With every order, you can choose 3 relatively small samples. I chose the Eye Contour Gel, Super Restorative Eye Concentrate, and Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. They're a great size for trying the product at roughly 3ml each. It's really good that Clarins give samples with online orders, and I would definitely be more likely to buy online again!

You can take a look at the products I purchased on the Clarins website.


  1. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  2. Which is your fav Clarins Product? I've never tried the brand however a friend swears by it and I've heard so much about flashbalm... its on my list!

  3. Clarins is such a lovely make!

  4. I keep getting those little under skin bumps too, didnt realise its toner that helps them, Ive been moisturising them woops! :S x

  5. Clarins cosmetics is famous in present world.Everyone now wants to use this products.This products is best cosmetics.

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  8. I must try this, I love Clarins! I am now following you! Please check out/ follow my blog!

  9. I haven't tried any clarinet products yet but there's is a Claris gold spa near me which I think I might give a try first :)


  10. I got the clarins gentle exfoliator toner, its not as amaizing as everyone says but it does help with keeping my skin in check. Which product is your favourite out of all of them??


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