Sunday, September 30

What's in my filofax?

Here's a post for the organised I-must-keep-track-of-everything girls amongst us, which means I have to confess to being one of those exact girls. If you've been scanning the pages of my blog for over a year now, you'll know I picked up my filofax in June last year. To be honest, I've completely neglected it! I didn't have many commitments in my life and so found myself making little notes on my iPhone instead. That was before I entered my second year of A-Levels and found a job... 

I own the Filsbury Personal filofax, which has grained leather and is half the size of an A4 piece of paper. It has card & note pockets at the front, a zippered pocket at the back (perfect for money), one pen loop, and can be closed shut with a stud popper. It costs £52 from here, but I've heard you can get them on eBay for less! The pen I use is from Staples and is by the brand Franklin Covey.
WARNING: There are quite a few photos! I couldn't help myself, sorry!

In the front card slots I keep some old cinema tickets, my NI card, a Laura Ashley gift card, and a Krispy Kreme gift card. Behind that, I keep some cut post-it notes (mentioned later in the post).

Behind the first calendar page is a zip lock envelope where I keep an old gig bracelet, random car park ticket from a day out with Harriet (you might get to see photos of that day soon), and some random pieces of card. 

 On the diary tab page I have an old perfume sample stuck onto it. It has no significance, I just thought it was cute.

 Here's a little look at a recent diary page. I write down my work hours but usually use my post-it notes for to-do lists and things I need to remember; it just jazzes it up a little! At the end of the week I usually count up the hours I've worked & how much I should be paid.

 A sneak peak at another week! Here you can see what I mean about using my post-its.. it's got a little obsessive. I think everything looks prettier on a cute little post-it note, and it makes my filofax unique. It's easy to move things around if deadlines get changed too.

 The multicoloured notepaper is used for keeping track of my wages, writing down random lists, remembering passwords, or jotting down names for photography. Currently I have a 101 things to do in 1001 days list. It's not finished, and I don't remember when I started it.. so that's been successful.

 The filofax comes with some finance pages, which I don't use much. I tried using them, but I just don't remember to keep receipts so can't remember how much I've spent! These pages will come in so helpful when I got to uni, but for now will remain unused.

 Towards the back of the diary I have a business card holder that holds old train tickets, Mum's business card, my blog cards, and some taxi numbers.

After the business card holder there are some website address pages that I haven't really used yet. Behind that I have the filofax post-it notes. These don't come with the filofax, but I love the neon colours so had to buy them. 

 The one extra I wouldn't recommend from filofax is the portable hole punch. It is super hard to punch holes into even just one piece of paper! It also doesn't punch the holes very neatly, so the circles are quite messy. Behind the hole punch is a built-in pocket which is super useful for change or loose pieces of paper.

The post-it notes are all from an eBay seller called Riki & Nina. They are all absolutely adorable and I love them! I also have some washabi masking tape, but I can't remember the seller. I have yet to actually use it, but saw it on a post similar to this & knew it had to be mine.

I hope you've enjoyed having a look inside my filofax! Link your filofax posts below and I'll be sure to check them out.


  1. I'd love a filofax but I've heard they're expensive. How much was yours?

    Terri x

  2. ah I love things like this!! im a bit of a post it note addict and totally agree that they make the page look pretty :) xx

  3. Wow I love your filofax, I really want to get one and really should as I'm going into my third year :(


  4. Sophie, I am almost ashamed to type this but I have a filofax and I actually thought (up until NOW) that the hole punch was a ruler...

  5. Ooh makes me want to start using mine again! <3

  6. Nothing better than a Filofax to organise one's life... or at least try to! Mine is bursting with random things, but I cannot bring myself to re-organise my organizer ;-) (have the same neon post-it notes, super useful!)

  7. @Charlotte There is a ruler in the filofax ;) The hole punch is an extra you can buy separately! I didn't show the ruler in the post xx

  8. Ahh, I have to admit, I've neglected my filofax awfully for the past couple of years, too - it's such a shame, as I could really do with it now I'm back at uni! Might have to repurchase one ha. Ooh, the stationary you have is soooo cute - nosing around their eBay page now ha xx

  9. Ooh, your filofax is gorgeous! I have the Finsbury in black - I do love it!
    I was going to ask about those cat to-do post-its, so thanks for the link!

  10. Wow this is absolutely adorable and completely useful thing, I adore the pink cover!!! And you have really lovely blog!:)

  11. Love this post! Your Filofax is lovely, I really like the minty/blue colour it comes in and think it's a fantastic way to stay organised. The little stickers you've used are so cute, defiantly going to take a peek at that eBay shop!

  12. Thank you for inspiring me to get a new filofax and make it not only smarter, but also more decorative! Especially the dividers, can't wait to get them in the mail :)

  13. love this, i love organizing everything haha x

  14. I love this so much! I really want one!
    Looks so nice, can keep memories and keep organised! :)
    Amy xx

  15. Hey girl, just wondering what colour your Filofax is? Pink or raspberry? xxxx

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  17. Great post :)! Officially want a Filofax. Really nice background in your pictures by the way!


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