Wednesday, August 1

GHD Style & Protect Gift Set

GHD is a company most popular for it's high quality straighteners, yet not so much for it's styling products. Here is the Style & Protect Gift Set which retails at £39.00, and contains 2 styling products alongside a paddle brush and hair clips. The packaging is sleek and appealing, which presenting the products nicely and makes everything feel a little bit more expensive and special.

The paddle brush is a definite stand out product of the set. It brushes through my hair so softly and leaves my hair smooth & tangle free. It isn't very heavy to hold at all, and the handle seems to have a non-slip texture. The brush is basically perfect! The two sectioning clips aren't unique and I already own quite a few, but it's good to have them to separate your hair when blow drying. They do grip the hair very well and don't catch or snag at all, so I am glad they are included.

The GHD Straight & Smooth Spray (Normal/Fine) is the only product in the gift set that I dislike. It left my hair feeling sticky, tough and quite plastic-ey. I sprayed 6 pumps into my hair, and then started to blow dry it. Sections around my hair were sticky and unworkable which I blame on the pump on the product; it doesn't distribute the product well at all. I'm disappointed with the outcome of this spray, as the smell is gorgeous! It also contains the 'GHD Heat Protection System' so would have been great to protect my hair before blow drying.

However, I feel completely different about the GHD Final Shine Spray... I love it! This product is in an aerosol form, so evenly distributes the shine spray throughout my hair. It doesn't weigh down my hair, and leaves my hair looking shiny and glossy. It doesn't change the texture or feel of my hair at all, but does helps to combat fly aways and static (win)! This is my finishing spray of choice as it leaves a lovely scent whilst providing beautiful shiny hair.

Overall, I believe this gift set is perfect for young teenagers who haven't experimented with hair styles before. It would also be great for those who want a simple and easy kit to blow dry their hair with before a special occasion. I have been pleased with almost everything in this gift set (damn you Straight & Smooth Spray), and would recommend it.

This product was sent for consideration. All opinions are my own, and 100% genuine. Promise!


  1. I use the ghd heat protector and love it, I agree about the straight and smooth spray it is really tacky! Will have to try out the shine spray as I've never tried it x

  2. GHD is the name of the game when it comes to hair styling....I love their products...thanks for presenting this set....I've needed extra info on the Protect set.....:)

  3. Oooh I really want to try that shine spray! I've been looking for a good one for ages and this one seems perfect! Thanks so much for sharing. x

  4. Yes GHD is a big name in hair styling indeed...coming to the post well I do like whole the package a lot but wondering where could I buy this set.

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