Sunday, May 6

Avon Conditioning Nail Enamel Remover Review

A bit of a boring but important review from me today! I know people can find it hard to pick the perfect nail polish remover that works better than the regular Boots nail polish, so here's the nail polish remover I use. Most drugstore nail polish removers I have tried are as weak as water which ends in me using a dozen cotton pads. I stumbled upon this Avon Conditioning Nail Enamel Remover maybe two years ago and have been using nothing else since. I must have made my way through at least 5 or 6 of these already, and there is no chance of me changing anytime soon.

Each bottle contains 150ml of product with a price tag of £4. I have seen a few reviews saying this is harsh and stripping, which I disagree with. It removes every last bit of nail polish from the nail and removes all the oils that prevent nail polish from adhering to the nail beds. It doesn't have the greatest of scents and can be overpowering, but you should use nail polish remover in a well ventilated room so this isn't an issue.

Overall, I think this is an effective nail polish remover! I would not say it is conditioning but it isn't harsh at the same time. I recommend you try it for yourself if you are struggling to find a worthwhile nail polish remover.

Products mentioned were purchased by myself, and NOT supplied as PR samples. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I personally never tried it, but I know the feeling of scrubbing away polish with like a dozen cotton balls! If you say it works I'll definitely try it out :)

  2. oooh thankyou! I'm definitely going to try this out :) xoxo

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this new one to try! I know what you mean about people saying some are stripping and bad for you're nails, and you're totally right, just because something works does not mean its bad for your nails! Thanks for sharing xx


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