Monday, May 7

Montagne Jeunesse Spa Fabric Facials Review

Anti-Stress Plant Collagen Spa Fabric Facial Face Tonic
A mask designed for lifting and firming tired or aging skin, full of plant collagen and Pelvetiane seaweed to freshen the skin. This mask is great for relaxing after a hard day of revision (oh yes it's that time of year again).

Ultra Fast Soothing & Calming Spa Fabric Facial Aloe Vera Tonic: 
A mask designed to soften, cleanse and protect from oxidative damage enabling the skin to feel soothed & calm. It says on the packaging that this is an 'anti-stress sexy natural skin tonic'- I don't have a clue why it says that, as wearing one of these is anything but sexy. In fact it's more likely to scare than seduce!

Both masks are extremely similar in my opinion, so I think I will just give you an overview of the fabric mask concept by Montagne Jeunesse. Now, these masks retails for £1.29 each and are available from Superdrug and Boots. I've been using the Montagne Jeunesse masks for as long as I can remember, and I love the brand because they don't test on animals. The difference between these masks and their liquid masks, is the mess and time involved. One thing I hate about clay/liquid masks is the mess! I end up having mask stuck to my hair and all over the bathroom sink- not pleasant.

These masks are a complete must have, especially for those with dry skin. I will definitely be buying many of these fabric facial masks in the future as they make applying and removing a face mask so much more relaxing and simple. Below are all the advantages and disadvantages I could think of!

Advantages of the Fabric Facials: 
  • Mess free! No need to worry about mask getting in your hair
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove.
  • Super inexpensive (£1.29)
  • It has a refreshing scent 
  • The mask makes you feel calm and relaxed 
  • Not drying or stripping to the skin
  • Very moisturising 

Disadvantages of the Fabric Facials: 
  • The fabric doesn't fit my face properly, leaving excess fabric folding and avoiding areas such as my temples & nose. 
  • There isn't any fabric to cover the tip of my nose. 

These masks were provided by PR for consideration. This does not effect my review or opinion.

Sunday, May 6

Avon Conditioning Nail Enamel Remover Review

A bit of a boring but important review from me today! I know people can find it hard to pick the perfect nail polish remover that works better than the regular Boots nail polish, so here's the nail polish remover I use. Most drugstore nail polish removers I have tried are as weak as water which ends in me using a dozen cotton pads. I stumbled upon this Avon Conditioning Nail Enamel Remover maybe two years ago and have been using nothing else since. I must have made my way through at least 5 or 6 of these already, and there is no chance of me changing anytime soon.

Each bottle contains 150ml of product with a price tag of £4. I have seen a few reviews saying this is harsh and stripping, which I disagree with. It removes every last bit of nail polish from the nail and removes all the oils that prevent nail polish from adhering to the nail beds. It doesn't have the greatest of scents and can be overpowering, but you should use nail polish remover in a well ventilated room so this isn't an issue.

Overall, I think this is an effective nail polish remover! I would not say it is conditioning but it isn't harsh at the same time. I recommend you try it for yourself if you are struggling to find a worthwhile nail polish remover.

Products mentioned were purchased by myself, and NOT supplied as PR samples. 

Saturday, May 5

VIVO Cosmetics

VIVO Cosmetics is a fairly new range available from selected Tesco stores. I was given the opportunity to try a variety of their products a while ago and never got to let everyone know my thoughts! Unfortunately I cannot pick up VIVO products from my local Tesco store, but if I could, I would have tried the whole range by now. I have included swatches with my reviews below but as they are on paper they aren't 100% accurate.

Baked Blush £4 in 'Peaches & Cream': I was recommended this by Zoe (London Lipgloss) after whinging about the discontinued MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish. I can't compare the two for you, but after looking at swatches I can see a definite resemblance. This baked blush has brilliant colour pay-off.

Baked Blush £4 in 'Rosy': This shade looks great on paler skin tones, but I have to be light handed with the brush! It's a very pretty shade, and I really like the simple packaging.

Blush & Highlighter Duo £2.39 in 'Sweet Peach': I have been using this one the most recently, and I prefer this finish to the Baked Blushers. I do find they don't last all day on my skin, but for £2.39 I'm not too worried about it. This colour is just perfect with NARS Laguna bronzer. It's a must have. The highlighter isn't the best, so bare that in mind when purchasing this.

Blush & Highlighter Duo £2.39 in 'Sugar Candy': Here is the other shade I received that is comparible to 'Pixie Pink' by Sleek, but with a little less pay off. It's a great shade for bringing some life to a tired face and will be perfect for the summer months.

Lipstick £1.99 in 'Barely There': The swatch for this product doesn't give it any justice. I much prefer this lipstick to any of the MAC neutrals I have, as it doesn't apply too much product and sits perfect on my lips. I find MAC lipsticks can look quite thick and can highlight chapped lips, but this just give a lovely wash of colour. I would 100% recommend this!

Lipstick £1.99 in 'Sugar Pink': I haven't used this lipstick as much as 'Barely There' as it has a less natural and wearable finish. This would be the perfect lipstick for a night out, or a special occasion. This consistency is great on this and it has good staying power for the £1.99 price tag.

Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss £1.99 in 'Frosted Pink': This is one of the only products from VIVO I haven't been pleased with. This lipgloss is a lovely colour but is far too sticky and thick to look flattering. I prefer tinted lip balms and Sleek pout polishes.

Baked Bronze £5 in 'Healthy Glow': When I first saw this bronzer I was expecting it to have a shimmer, but it's completely matte. It is a very pale shade that makes me look tanned rather than orange. For £5, this is an absolute steal.

Ultimate Under Eye Concealer £3.39 in 'Light 1': This is the most fabulous under eye concealer is you have dry skin. It adds radiance at a fraction of the price of YSL Touche Eclat. In fact, I sometimes reach for this over the Touche Eclat. I would recommend this to everyone, and just wish I could get hold of a back up!

Trio Eyeshadow Palette £4 in 'Graphite Glamour': I hardly ever wear dark eyeshadows as I don't believe they compliment my pale skintone, so I must admit that this has been barely used. However, the eyeshadows are very pigmented and aren't chalky at all. I would be interested in trying a more wearable palette by VIVO, though this will be great for nights out.

Overall, I really love VIVO's blushers, lipsticks, and their concealer. If I was able to buy VIVO near me I would definitely be picking up more blushers! I am really impressed with the quality of VIVO Cosmetics, especially their lipsticks- I was in shock when finding out they were on £1.99. 

Go check them out at to find your local store!
 Products mentioned were provided for review purposes, all opinions are honest and my own.

April Favourites

It's been a long time since we last spoke! I have been trying out quite a few new products recently, so I thought I would share them with you! I have 8 products to show and tell. If you can recommend any of your favourite products to me- please leave a little comment below! I'd love to know what you're loving. 

Philosophy 'The Present', Caudalie Beauty Exilir, Dainty Doll Foundation, Bed Head Totally Baked

Philosophy 'The Present': I have been using this as my daily makeup primer for the last few months and although my skin has been terrible, it has been helping my makeup cling to my face like a koala to a tree. This has a similar texture to Benefit's The Porefessional, but more long lasting. It has become an essential in my daily routine and I wouldn't go without it!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This seems to be a cult favourite amongst bloggers at the minute, and you can't go a day without seeing someone mention it on Twitter. I finally broke to the peer pressure and picked it up from Feel Unique ;) I don't actually like the smell of this, but I do love the refreshing feeling after spritzing it over my face. I will update you soon on whether it has made a difference to my skin.

Dainty Doll Foundation: You will never find a foundation more suitable to pale skin than this. It's practically white, just like me! Dainty Doll is a makeup brand designed by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, and although I can't stand the girl I really love this foundation. I mix it with a small drop of Bourjois Healthy Mix and it gives a medium coverage that's easily buildable. I wouldn't recommend this for super dry skin types as it does clinge to dry patches.

Bed Head Totally Baked: I love products that smell great, and you can't get much greater than lemon meringue. Yes, you read that right.. this smells like lemon meringue!! It also adds insane volume to the roots, but I mainly use it for the smell ;)

NARS 'Modern Love' Palette, Figs & Rouge Balm, Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets, L'Occitane Hand Cream

NARS 'Modern Love' Palette: I bought this palette from ASOS a few months ago, but couldn't find it after moving house (I moved house!!). Thankfully I found it and have been loving the top three shadows. The light peach shade is a little more peachy version of MAC's Naked Lunch and has a much better texture. I was in two minds about buying this at first, but the quality of the eyeshadows is insane. I would recommend them to everyone!
Figs & Rouge Balm: I received this in my April Glossybox and have been obsessed since opening it. Mine is in Peppermint & Tea Tree and smells absolutely gorgeous. I even ordered another from Feel Unique in 'Sweet Geranium', which unfortunately isn't for me- the scent is a little too strong! This beauty turns into an oil when heated by the finger tips and makes my lips feels amazing.
Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets: These have been a staple in my college bag! If I feel I need to re-powder during the day I will use these instead/before. After trying these, I now cringe when seeing girls applying powder straight onto their shiny faces in the college toilets. I can't help but imagine the layers of gunk on their skin- foundation, powder, oil, powder, oil, powder. I think everybody should own these!
L'Occitane Hand Cream: Hand cream has always been something I have forgotten about. It was never an essential, but I found this lurking in the back of my nail varnish drawer and have been using it ever since! This is the first hand cream I have tried that doesn't leave a greasy wet texture. It's perfect if you have to use a pen/phone/computer straight away and can't wait for something to sink in. This hand cream smells great too.

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and do let me know if you have tried any of these products!