Monday, April 30

Hart Of Dixie- Brand New on Really! Tonight at 8PM!

A really (get it?) quick blogpost today, just to let you know of a brand new programme airing in the UK tonight on Really! If you've been following my little blog for a while now, you will have heard me speak about Rachel Bilson in one of my Style Lovin's in 2010. I have never watched Gossip Girl fully, but I've always admired her gorgeous style (and figure!).

Well.. Really is going to be showing a brand new programme called Hart Of Dixie tonight. You could compare it to Gossip Girl, and even Gilmore Girls. If you really like this genre, you will really like Hart Of Dixie. I was lucky enough to watch the very first episode last Monday and for those who saw my tweets, I really enjoyed it. As well as a fab story line, it was great to see Zoe Hart's (Rachel Bilson) styling throughout the episode.. especially those statement shorts she wears.

For those who haven't heard of Hart Of Dixie, it's an American comedy/drama series about the life of Zoe Hart, a wannabe cardio-thoracic surgeon. I won't give the storyline away as I don't want to ruin it for you, but it's a definite must-watch! I'll be watching it again tonight.. even though I have seen it before.

I hope you all tune in and watch! It's 8pm on Really! If you aren't in, set it on record (and series link for that matter). Have a lovely Monday afternoon everyone


  1. aah, I love, love, love this show - I've been watching it online at the US pace & I highly recommend that everyone watches it!
    & Rachel Bilson's also my style crush :) x

  2. I've been watching it as it's been on in America, I'm on episode 19 at the moment. Really like it, the storylines and characters are great :) xxx

  3. I haven't even heard if it but I really want to watch it now! It sounds like exactly the kind of thing I love :) xxx

  4. aaaa love this programme, was just in the mood for a new TV series and saw this advertised. Filled a TV spot inside me haha :) !!X

  5. I missed last night's episode, does anyone know how I can view it


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