Tuesday, February 14

Photography: Capdase 180A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag Review

It's been a while hasn't it? How have you been? I apologize for my lack of blogging but I can assure you that my blogging mojo is definitely reappearing. I have had a few months off due to college work & general laziness, but now that the days are longer I will have plenty of time to blog. I hope!

A considerable amount of months ago I was sent a camera bag by a lovely guy called Oliver, but I've been an awful blogger & never really got around to writing my thoughts on it. Well here I am to share what I think, & why it's a cracking camera bag for us bloggers! The complete name of the camera bag is the Capdase 180A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag, with an interior size of 180x100x130mm. It costs £19.95 on the Love Cases website.

The camera bag comes with one padded seperator for protecting the lense from hitting the camera body when the bag is carried. I was able to fit one lense and one camera body into the main compartment of the bag, which is perfect for a beginner. It would also be great for a day trip where you don't want to be taking more than one lense, so I mainly use this as my 'to go' camera bag. My larger camera bag is a Lowepro Nova 160 AW if you were wondering!

The bag has plenty of extra storage space which I use to hold spare SD cards, filters, camera leads, & the instruction booklet (always helpful when you're a beginner). I have also been known to carry my phone, house keys & some money in the pockets, which makes is super helpful as it loses the need to also carry a handbag.

As well as being very comfortable to hold, the bag has:
  • Shock absorbing soft-foam protection
  • A cross body adjustable strap
  • Reinforced impact-resistant & moisture-proof rubber footpads
  • A rain-proof and dust-proof protection cover

I recommend you check out Love Cases if you are looking for a DSLR Camera Bag or specifically, a Canon 600D Case like mine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was sent this product to review. This however does not change my opinion, and all views are those of my own. 
These photos were taken quite some time ago, so please excuse the quality!


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  3. A weekend photographer shooting family day outs would simply need a soft, padded bag, normally carried over one shoulder for ease.


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