Saturday, November 26

Hair Styling: Babyliss Big Hair

Hello everyone, I am back! I've been a bit lazy lately and have been too bogged down with college work to even think about blogging. I have really missed posting as it's my main hobby.. and life gets awfully boring when all you're doing is college essays and sketchbooks.. anyway.. onto the blog post!

 awful focus.. sorry

The Babyliss Big Hair is an Airstyler tool that uses a multi-directional rotating bristle brush to add volume and shine to hair. The large ceramic mechanism (which looks a little daunting at first glance) dries your hair as you brush it, adding heaps of volume to the roots. It's built in 700W hair dryer creates fullness and body, but also adds amazing shine while getting rid of those pesky fly aways.

I have been trialing this for quite some time now and although it look quite a while to get used to it, I've finally figured it out! At first I thought it was some sort of hair-eating monster but after a few good hours of testing I've been given great results. I usually dry my hair 1/3 of the way before using this tool just because my hair is extremely thick (even if it doesn't look it), and then brush through in three sections. Bottom, Middle, and then Top/Fringe. It's so simple!

The styler has 2 different heat settings plus a cool setting. It's also got 2 rotation speeds- one for the wimp, and one for more adventurous. The brush also rotate in two different ways for easy use on both sides of your head. It's super easy to use and has a long cord that turns to prevent the awkward 'I'm stuck in the cord' scenario. You also get a protective shield which covers the bristle brush, therefore stopping it getting mangled or bent. Perfecto.


The Babyliss Big Hair Styler retails for £42.97 at Tesco Direct, where you can also pick up a good few points if you use your cheeky clubcard!

I recieved this product to review, however this does not effect my opinion whatsoever. All opinions are my own.

Friday, November 11

Beautycfw ventures onto Youtube!

I have finally made my first Youtube video after months of promising to start 'sometime soon'. I needed a good old kick up the bum, and after a few people kept edging me to film through Twitter.. I finally set the ball rolling. It's quite a big thing for me, as I always said I would never do Youtube. It's just an easy way to receive hate and I'm not sure I'm quite up to the horrible things I can picture people saying. Nevertheless I've tried it out and if you all think I'm decent, I may do a few more! Just let me know!

My first video is a Collection Haul from the last few weeks including a brand new Chanel foundation and my completed MAC Palette. If you'd like to see any more videos from me in the future make sure you follow my Youtube channel and comment on the video with feedback/video ideas.

Saturday, November 5

Fantasy Shopper: New Fashion Website

I'm never one to play Facebook games, or any other games on the internet. I think it's just a waste of time, and pretty pointless.. but I've found a new website (which requires a Facebook login) that I'm sure you will all love. Fantasy Shopper is a site that allows you to buy clothes with fake money and create outfits from this season's clothes. By completing certain goals, you get given more money to spend on all the shoes and handbags you could ever want. It's a great site for checking out how that pair of shorts look with that top, before you splurge out in real life!

I currently have 15 badges (yay!), and each time you receive a badge you are given more spending money, such as 'get a badge for making your first outfit'. You get the gist! Some of the shops you can spend this virtual money include Newlook, Harrods, Debenhams, All Saints, Republic, Office, Matalan and Accessorize. You also have a pay day every hour, as you can see I've got 58 minutes left to get my pay day. I think the funniest/wackiest thing about Fantasy Shopper is that you get bank statements, where you can see which clothes you've bought, which you've refunded, and when you've received a pay day. It's all a bit too real to be virtual, which is why I've been spending what feels like my entire life on the website lol!

If you would like to check out Fantasy Shopper (which I think you should!) you can click this link to sign up through your Facebook profile. It doesn't post anything on your walls, so don't worry! It's nothing like Farmville ;) By signing up through my link you'll be helping me gain more virtual cash, so I would love if you could.

Friday, November 4

SW1 South West Blogger Meet-up!

As most of you will know I live down in Cornwall, a great place for fishing, swimming and walking, but not so great for blogging meet-ups! The ever so gorgeous Tamsin (and Abby) has arranged a fabulous event that will be held at the Exeter Castle Ballroom which I'm sure you'll agree is more than picturesque! It's also in the pipeline that there will be some very exciting magazines attending, goodie bags for attendees and even some fancy talks. However, this will only happen if you all sign your life away and let them know you're attending ;)

The event is being planned for something near the end of January/early February 2012, just after exams (so no excuses)! It will be held on a weekend and we'll all be told in advance of the date, so you'll have plenty of time to book hotels etc. For the more observant amongst you, you will have spotted the cute little SW1 button I have in my sidebar. It's my little badge of honour that I will be attending and if you think you will be there, make sure you place the badge on your blog! You can find the HTML code on Tamsin's blog. I can't wait to meet you all!

If you are going to be in the area, and believe you will be attending just tweet this:

"I'm attending the fabulous SW1 meet/event with @titchtamsin & @abbzzw sponsored by @fantasyshopper .. are you?"
Please leave your email address below so I can send it to Tamsin, allowing her to keep you all up to date with up-to-date news.

Wahanda: A Beauty Blogger's Dream

I do find these websites quite depressing, as I can look on at the gorgeous spa breaks without being able to try them myself! Thinking about how I could be lazing the day away having a luxurious facial, sipping a Pina Colada and pretending to be in a gorgeous countryside retreat. That was until I entered my postcode! I wasn't expecting any Wahanda results as Cornwall is just full of 'farmers and fields', but to my surprise I found spa destinations within 10 minutes of where I live- well done Wahanda. As my mum owns a salon, I won't be going anywhere else for some treatments.. but who doesn't want an Indian Head Massage in the click of a button?

Wahanda is a discount website that enables you to find spa breaks, 'Mobdeals' and treatments within your area in seconds. These could include luxury 7 day holidays to Portugal for £59 (oh yes, I'm eyeing that one up), half price pedicures, or 2 for 1 spa days. The 'Mobdeals' that Wahanda are known for usually last around 5 days, and are similar to that of Groupon.

I love how much choice and flexibility Wahanda gives you on the searching of deals; you can choose by price, treatment, region, day, and business type! I'm now searching for a spa retreat for my Mum for christmas, I'm sure she'll love to be pampered more than a pair of socks ;)

You can check out these super luxurious deals at, have you taken a peak? Any great deals in your area you'll be snapping up?
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