Tuesday, March 22

New Years Resolutions: Have I kept mine?

So back in January I picked 5 New Years Resolutions, and thought I'd show you all my *lack of* progress. This may help replant them in my mind and make me stick to them! 

Pass all my GCSES, focus on exams
I haven't had my exams yet, but I've got A*s in both of my coursework pieces I've handed in (both Child Dev and Geog). Wahaay! I'm starting revision next week, which is scary as I've still got so much Art, ICT and Textiles coursework to do!

Only buy clothes from Topshop, Hollister etc that fit my figure
I've not purchased much since January, which is kinda sad, but what I have purchased has been from one of these clothe shops. I've tried to buy things a size smaller too, as I always buy clothes that are too baggy!

Be confident, and meet up with the girls more

I haven't met up with the girls much yet, but I have stopped thinking about what people think of me. If they think I'm fat, ugly, embarrassing they can shove it. It doesn't matter to me as much anymore, I'm not too bothered about being super popular.. it only leads to being insecure!

Tone up and lose a few pounds- eat healthier
I've started eating healthier! Minus the ice cream I had as my lunch yesterday! I've not been tracking my weight but I have been paying more attention to the kcal on food and trying to choose meals that have vegetables ;) Because we have all been busy I've been having takeaway an awful lot, but that's got to stop!!

Don't buy gossip/celeb magazines
I knew I wouldn't be able to keep this one, it's just too hard. Especially when Glamour insists on giving away Clinique products.. bad Glamour!

Are you keeping your resolutions? Which one have you failed on? (mines the mags!)

Sunday, March 13

Sunday Summary (6)

It's horrible seeing the photos of Japan and knowing how badly it's affected them, the Red Cross are now taking donations. 
  • I got my results back for half of my GCSE Geography grade this week, 25% being a controlled assessment and the other 25% being from an exam. I got an A* which I am absolutely over the moon about, as I'm usually awful at Geography and got a D in the practice exam! I also got 40% of my final Child Development GCSE grade back this week, which was also an A*!! I was expecting that though, as miss had hinted a few times (and I'd stayed behind after school long enough lol). 
  • I received my long awaited Naked Palette on Monday from Debenhams and have used it everyday since! I'm especially loving Toasted, Sin, Sidecar and Naked as they all suit my unbelievably pale skin! I'm getting a spray tan again soon though, my mum's a beauty therapist so does them for free (only for me obv.) which is great as I don't look like such a ghost!
  • I have a big announcement for you.. I've walked the dog twice this week! I never walk my dog, just because my gran usually takes him when she takes our other two out. But I've actually got off my bum and walked him twice, and they weren't little walks either.. I practically walked to Pluto and back. Though Pluto isn't a real planet blah blah ;) 
A few to follow: Louise, Christina and Emma

Thursday, March 10

Ins & Outs (Early March)

♥ Things I'm Loving
is it only me that finds Reggie Yates very very attractive? (see 2.)
  1. I'm currently reading Trinny & Susannah's The Body Shape Bible, it's kinda interesting even though I can't determined my shape. A short kid with a big bum, big belly, fat legs, average boobs and fat shoulders isn't a body shape lol.
  2. How good is Famous, Rich & In The Slums? It's really interesting, but can be quite sad.. however that's exactly what it's like for people in Africa, it's a real insight into their lives. If you wanna watch it; it's on Thursday (tonight) at 9pm on BBC1! 
  3. I've been in a real shopping mood recently, probably because I'm so stressed! Retail therapy always helps. I'm expecting my MAC blush in Style to arrive soon. To cut a long story short, I paid for the blush when I went to London but the silly MUA didn't put it in my bag. They've only just got round to sending me one!

♥ Things I'm Not So Fond Of
I want this kinda food at school (see 3.)
  1. It's been way too cold for me this month so far, we had a good day on Sunday but the rest of the week has been utter trash. I'm snuggled up in my bed with my electric blanket on right now, I feel like a 90 year old! (and for those who read my twitter, I'm also wearing my Asda all body suit. too cool for words)
  2. The best part of my day right now is cleaning my room. I'm officially the saddest person on record. Just picture this for a second; a teenager in an all body suit from Asda cleaning her room with a cheesy grin. Yeah, not a good image is it?
  3. School dinners. Don't get me wrong, love 'em at times.. but when you are as fussy as me and your list of edible meals include only jacket potato and chicken, it can get a bit boring. My school are dead weird, I mean who has rabbit stew at school? It's gross. :(
My blog is getting very personal lately isn't it? I'll be sure to do some reviews, OOTDs and hauls soon.. can't wait to do some looks with my beautiful UDNP when it arrives. 

What's making you happy? 

Wednesday, March 9

The Big Clean

I've decided to give my entire room a spring clean, big style. But you won't believe what I found when I was cleaning out my room? Can't guess? Loads of different bags, dozen, zillions, lots. I have a small gap between my wall and my wardrobe so have got into the habit of putting bags in there. I don't know why but I can't bare to throw things away.

Here are the best of the bags however I do have Newlook, Accessorize, HMV and Boots bags too.. I guess I've kept the Superdry, Nubar, Hollister, UGG and Gilly Hicks bags because they are posher brands which I can't afford everyday, it's nice to take things into school in really pretty bags..

I'm still decided whether to get rid of them all. I may keep the cardboard ones just because they are really cute, and the Gilly Hicks bags are SO comfy to hold, haha. I also keep packaging, especially MAC and Benefit.. again, don't know why!

Do you collect bags? or do you collect packaging? 

Tuesday, March 8

It's Naked & It's Mine

I can't believe it, after months of waiting for it to come back in stock I finally got my Urban Decay Naked Palette! It's so beautiful that I just keep looking at it, it's gorgeous. If there was a contest for the best packaging this baby would win with distinction!

my beautiful baby hehe

I ordered my Naked Palette from Debenhams but I think it's back out of stock again now, so I won't taunt you with the link. I paid just under £26 for this palette, which also came with a travel sized UD Primer Potion (3.7ml). It's really soft and goes onto the skin like Benefit's That Gal Primer, but this one is obviously for eyeshadow and not the whole face. 

I'm definitely gonna get the full size when I run out of this

I did a swatch of Gun Metal, but just to show you how much of a difference the UD Primer Potion makes, as you can see it makes the colour more visible and keeps it there for a good few more hours.

Left: With Primer Right: Without

I'm not going to do any other swatches as so many people have already done them, but I have got a few more photos here for you..

If you hadn't seen, the 'new' version of the Naked Palette comes with an eyeshadow brush instead of a double ended eyeliner because I believe one of the colours on the pencil was limited edition. The brush is really high quality and from pictures I'd say it's kinda similar to the MAC 239 but the actual hairs are longer and less flexible. The brush itself is very soft and is perfect for packing the eyeshadow onto the lid area! 

I did do a swatch of Gun Metal, but just to show you how much of a difference the UD Primer Potion makes, as you can see it makes the colour more visible and keeps it there for a good few more hours.

I'm so happy with the palette, and as soon as it comes back in stock I may get one for my friend's birthday..

Do you already have the palette? Expecting to get it? 

Sunday, March 6

Sunday Summary (5)

It's sunday again, how fast has this week gone by? It feels like I only did one of these a few days ago.. lots of things to write about though, but will keep it to a reasonable amount (:

my want for a Pentax SLR is overpowering.. I need one.
  • I gave in all my Art GCSE coursework on Thursday and it was really scary looking at how little I had achieved in 2 years to be honest! I also received my interview date for the college I'm hoping to go to, 2:45pm on the 17th of March, but there's a dilemma as it's the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art meaning it's required that I bring all my art coursework. Uh oh!
  • Since watching the stars of The Only Way Is Essex on Alan Carr's Chatty Man last week I have been searching everywhere for places I can watch it online, but can't find them anywhere. If you have a link to where I don't have to download it, drop it below and I will love you forever hehe.
  • Finally I ordered a Urban Decay Naked Palette, and it was at a great price. I got it from Debenhams for £25.92 (including discount) which is a great price. I can't wait to do a few looks with it, but it definitely won't stop me filling my MAC palette!
  • I went to a woodland near where I live with my dad yesterday. We took our 3 dogs out for a walk and ended up walking around 2 miles, at least it felt like it! It was really nice because it wasn't too cold and it wasn't hot either, perfect conditions for walking. When we got home I was so tired that I collapsed on my bed and surfed the internet for the rest of the day..
A few to follow: Charlotte, Justine and Milly

Saturday, March 5

♥ 120 Things That Make Me Happy (3)

If you haven't already seen either of my 120 Things posts, it's basically a series I post once a month where I show you 10 things I love. By next year I will have 120 Things That Make Me Happy! 

♥ Drawing on my hands
my favourites are hearts, flowers and lyrics.

♥ Warm Scarves
these are a necessity when you live in Cornwall.

♥ Pets as best friends
this isn't my dog, mine is snoring beside me (that wouldn't make the best photo).

♥ Motivational phrases
they just make you smile, like little "keep calm and carry on" signs.

♥ Tattoos
I wouldn't get one but I love the look of them, some can be so cute.

♥ Things that are out of the ordinary
sudden change in weather, happy emails, weird shaped trees.

♥ Babies with moustaches
well I do like them, but I only wanted to show you all this hilarious photo really..

♥ LUSH Cosmetics
ooh the smells, the prettiness, the empty purse when you leave the shop :(

♥ Nail Art
animals especially, I just wish I was good at it!

♥ Cheesecakes
food in general really, I'm a humungous pig..

Are you happy right now? Why?