Sunday, January 30

Sunday Summary (2)

It's the 2nd of my Sunday Summary and I'm really looking forward to writing this.. 

  • I've been bogged down with coursework this week, and it hasn't helped that I've been pretty ill too. I've had a cold, not been able to sleep, and fallen over in the middle of a road leading to bashed up knees and hands. Typical right? It really hurt too, I can't even bend down lol.. 
  • Me and my best friend Anna (aka 'Garfield') went to see Tangled on Friday night. It was extremely hilarious because it was 3D! We were told to put on our 3D glasses, so we did, and the first advert was a football being kicked into the audience.. well Anna had never been to a 3D movie before, and as the ball came towards her she flew backwards and made a weird 'urrrgh!' noise. We could not stop laughing, which led to her having a nose bleed. She had to go to the toilets while I watched the first 10 minutes of the movie on my own. I felt so sorry for her!
  • Since I've been ill I have been loving 'May The Best House Win' on ITV. It's absolutely hilarious because the houses shown are so wacky, and the best houses never ever win. Well in my opinion anyway. If you haven't watched it before, it's a programme where 4 people show people around their homes and then vote each others houses out of ten. It's really good afternoon entertainment :)
  •  This weekend has been pretty hectic as I've been putting items on eBay for my dad, including a Caravan Awning, Trailer, Crane Lift and a beat up old car. So no coursework for me! His brain is very 'old generation' where education is rubbish and I should be concentrating on real life. Though I'm not 100% sure that includes eBay? But at least I haven't had to do any coursework :) YAY!
A few to follow: Naomi, Brittany and Louise 

What I've been listening to: Bruno Mars - Grenade (again) and Nothing - The Script

Saturday, January 29

'Pushing the boundaries' OOTD ♥

I got out of bed extra early today to snap up some bargains, here's what I wore..

[paste in embarrassing photos]

Crop Top: Matalan
Necklaces: Newlook
Tube Skirt: Newlook 
Hoodie: Hollister
Plain Black Tights: Tesco 
Heeled Boots: Marks & Spencer (shown before in a haul post)

I did get a few 'how old is she?!' looks from the older generation due to the short skirt and high heel look, but we all have to push the boundaries don't we?

& here are a few photos I'm sure you will enjoy. I don't know what got over me, or what came over my hair (definitely not a brush!) hehe.

Oh, and before I forget..

If any of you have a question for me, I've got Formspring! & I would love to answer any questions. So ask away :)

I would die for you baby, but you wouldn't do the same. ♫

♥ A pretty huge haul awaits.. 

I woke up this morning after a whole week of needing some Retail Therapy, & knowing my local Lush had a great offer going, I dragged myself out of bed extra early. The only thing is I'm absolutely shattered now. But it was worth it, have a peek at what I got..


The offer they had was 'Spend £25, Get A £20 Goodie Bag' which I just couldn't resist. So I got up at the crack of dawn (9am hehe) and got ready to raid the shops. Ok I didn't literally raid them but I did run around Lush like a looney. I had already planned out what I was going to get (ooh, get me!) so I just hurried around picking it all up. In fact, I cleared them out of their display of Ex Factor boys mwahaha.

What I picked up:

 From left to right:
Frog Prince Bath Ballistic
Butter Ball Bath Ballistic
Pillar Of Fizz (x2)
Ex Factor Bath Ballistic(x2)
Oatifix Fresh Face Mask
Shampoo Bar Tin
Bubblegum Lip Scrub (a backup!)

I actually got the Oatifix for free as I'd collected 5 black pots to return to the store. I thought it would take me a few weeks to get 5 pots, but it's taken me more than 5 months! Most of the pots were from face masks given to me as samples by the staff..

What came free in my goodie bag:

From left to right:
Butterball Bath Ballistic
Creme Anglaise Moisturiser (full pot :O)
Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Porridge Soap
Big Shampoo
It's Raining Men Shower Gel

Quite a good offer going on there isn't there? 


While I was waiting for Lush to open I had a little walk around Boots, which led to me buying 3 products. I also had Bella Bamba, the new-ish 3D blush by Benefit, tried out on my cheeks by a lovely MUA. 

I didn't intend on buying anything when I first went into Boots, I was just trying to kill time. But as usual I had a search around for some pretty things and picked up these three beauties

Bourjois Healthy Mix has just been awarded Best Makeup Product, so I had to buy it! ;) 
I don't really have an excuse for buying 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive, it just suited my skin tone so I snapped it up. I also picked up another Bourjois Blush (Rose D'Or) after being really impressed with my other one. 

Left: Rose D'or         Right: Rose Frisson

Just for guidance I popped out my Rose Frisson for comparison. Rose D'or is a lighter pink with more of a blue undertone, where as Rose Frisson is a lot more orange!

Here's a super bluery photo of my lips after I'd applied Beehive by 17. I got this after seeing it on thisiscaz's blog a couple times, and it looked so gorgeous! I'm also a huge sucker for pretty packaging. 

Dorothy Perkins

After I had a peek in Boots and Lush I nipped into Dorothy Perkins, where the assistant exclaimed 'I smell Lush!' which ended in a big conversation about Emotibombs. Crazy I know! 

But while this was going on I picked up another one of the Candy Box charm bracelets. I had already received the purple one (left) for xmas, and had grabbed some more beads a week after. I liked it so much I wanted to get another one, but this time a lighter more neutral bracelet that I could wear every day. I chose pinks, greens and teals; & a little heart charm and a dangly flower. I'd already got the flower on my other bracelet but I liked it so much I had to get another!

These bracelets are great value! So I would really recommend them. You can get them from the counters at Dorothy Perkins, and they cost less than £20 for the beads and bracelet itself. I counted that the purple cost £19 and the pink/green cost £12. The purple one has more beads and stuff though :) 

Wow, sorry for such a long post! I was going to split it into 3, but it flowed better this way. 

Sunday, January 23

Sunday Summary (1)

What's all this about I hear you ask, a Sunday Summary? Well.. I've decided to start a series of posts I will update every Sunday with a few little bullet points to summarise my week. Here's my first one!
  • First of all, I had a look around a local college this week. It's perfect for me as my mum's beauty salon is down the road and it's quite close to my house. I am really stuck on my choices though, as I'm worried my ambition to have a career in Interior Design isn't right for me. As my mum is a nail technician, I've had a lot of help and guidance from my mum when it comes to painting my nails. This is where I have my problem. I have a feeling I want to do a NVQ Level 2 in Beauty. Dilemma! 
  • On Thursday I had to sit a 1 hour exam for Geography (Topic: Sustainable Development) which will count for 25% of my final GCSE grade. I'm really worried about how I did, as on my last exam in Geography I thought I would have done well and ended up with a D. So I have no idea what I will get in this exam. Geography is by far my worst subject. 
  • I'm really loving the Vitamin E Moisture Serum I picked up at The Body Shop for £10 earlier this week. I suffer from dry skin and this has been a saviour, especially with the freezing cold whether here in the UK.
  • I've been watching Come Dine With Me a lot this week. If you put me in front of a cooker I would be able to whip up an amazing meal in seconds. Well, I might. 
  • I went out last night to a hotel for my mum's 'work do' with around 20 people from 3 different salons. I got a little tipsy on 3 bottles of wine, and apparently had 4 party hats on at one point. It was so much fun and the food was delicious (nom nom nom). I wore a black tube skirt, black strapless top with silver gems, and some high heeled boots. It was lovely getting to know everybody and was lovely to let myself go after constant exams. I just wish I had taken a few photos for you all! 

A few to follow: Lisa, Tiffany, Sophie and Olivia

Wednesday, January 19

Little bit of a splurge

[images courtesy of my iPhone, sorry for bad focus]

This morning I woke up to my gran telling me she was going into town and asking if I wanted anything. Wanted anything? Sure, why not! So I sent her into town with a little list of goodies I really wanted, and a handful of pound coins found from behind the sofa, on top the fridge, and in jean pockets.. 

♥ Here's what she came back with..

Body Shop

Vitamin E Moisture Serum
RRP: £10.00
I wanted this because I have extremely dry skin, and winter isn't helping!

Sample: Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream
Can't wait to use this little sample, smells great!
RRP: £3.50


Frog Prince Bath Ballistic
RRP: £2.75
This smells really fresh! It's got red cocoa butter lips too, making it super moisturising (so cute!)

Ex Lover Boy Ballistic
I had 2 of these last year and loved them, so had to get few more!
RRP: £1.99

Samples: Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream
Hmm, not sure if I need this but I will definitely try it :)
RRP: £14.95

& Curly Wurly Shampoo
I haven't got curly hair, but I'm still gonna give it a go..
RRP: £8.95

Bio Oil
RRP: £9.18 for 60ml
I suffer from stretch marks on my hips and a scar from a 'learning to ride a bike with stabilisers' related incident. I've used this once already and it's brill, my hips feel firmer as though they are toned. I'm liking that!

And just a little update..

I've already broken my new years resolution of keeping away from magazines. I just couldn't help it, I felt out of sync and really behind! I think I've brought 7 since New Years Day. That's really bad isn't it?

Have you used any of the products I've brought? Or are you dying to get them? 

Tuesday, January 11

Style Lovin': Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is probably the most famous girl around these days, and I'm so happy for her. As she's had to deal with a divorce, malaria and all the stick she got from x factor, she is definitely the strongest woman I have ever seen. 

As for her style, she's so well groomed. Never a hair out of place, and her makeup is always flawless. She's always wearing the most fashionable and in trend clothes, and can pull of everything she wears. Except the tracksuits and tight ponytail she used to sport, but that's all in the past..

I can't get over how amazing her hair looks here!

She's so skinny in this photo.. but I love her hair, makeup and outfit!

A bit suggestive, but I love the top :)

♥ What do you think of her style? I'm definitely lovin' it!

Sunday, January 9

♥ top ten products of twenty-ten

[warning, picture heavy]

This has been a great year for me; I have finally found my love for makeup, I have got a little job with my dad which pays amazingly (but he has to, he's family!) and the best of all.. 

I created this blog, where I can show you all the things I have discovered..
 as though you are on this life journey alongside me! 

Onto the countdown of my top products from 2010. These are the best products I own, they deserve to be named my top ten! And in no particular order..

Benefit's Boing 'Industrial Strength' Concealer
It's a miracle worker, especially on spots (yuck!)

 Bourjois Blush in 'Rose Frisson'
A beautiful pink shade with a smidgen of shimmer

Bourjois Illuminator in Rose Universel
I only got this a few weeks ago, but have used it everyday. It's beautiful!

Benefit's Powder Time Lover
I also only got this recently, but it's great; two blushers and a bronzer. what more could a girl want?

ELF Studio Line Golden Bronzer Compact
This is by far my favourite bronzer, as the colours can be used either on their own or mixed together.

Bubblegum Lip Scrub (Lush)
It tastes like bubblegum, and you can eat it! this is a must-have for all you lipstick lovers out there.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
This gives lengthened, black as black eyelashes with just one coat.. ah-may-zing!

No.7  Blend & Contour Eyeshadow Brush
I got this brush in November(?) and have been using it religiously. It's great, and has an even greater price!
Sleek Inkpot in Dominatrix
I love this gel eyeliner! It stays on all day without smudging. I wish mine hadn't dried out though..

Benefit That Gal Primer
(I didn't get a photo of this one, sorry!)
This is probably the best product I have ever used for keeping my skin smooth throughout the day. I have noticed my makeup lasting a lot longer when I use this underneath. It's a must-have!

Thanks as always for reading my posts. You are fab! 

Friday, January 7

I'm A Stylish Blogger! ;)

 A few days ago I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Dianne over at FaceFixers!
Thanks Dianne :)

♥ The way the award works:
- Thank the person who nominated you, and announce them in the post. *check*
- Name 7 things about yourself.
- Make a list of 7 newly discovered blogs that you will give this award to.

Okay, 7 things about myself. This should be simple?
1) I can't whistle, no matter how hard I try.
2) I suffer from extremely violent 'ice pick' headaches. They last up to a minute and feel like an ice pick being hit against my head. It's extremely painful, and very awkward.
3) I adore the UK series 'Miranda', and have watched all the episodes at least twice. :)
4) I have been known to feel queasy and faint just at the words 'blood', 'placenta' and 'clot'. I can't sit through a biology class about reproduction, organs or health without having to leave..
5) I'm left handed!
6) I'm a descendant(?) of the first known Cornish family, and our family has it's own family cress and many places in Cornwall are named after our families' original name. My Great Great Uncle still has the original surname! :O
7) I've never broken a bone. I must be very lucky! 

Who to pick? There are so many amazing blogs I read on a daily basis..
Naomi from 'Enough Said'
Lina from 'Makeup To Makeout'
Vivianna 'Vivianna Does Makeup'
Sofia from 'Sofia's Journal'
Olivia from 'Olivia Writes'
Caz from 'thisiscaz'
Emma from 'Birds Decorate Branches'

These aren't really 'newely found' writers, but they are the best I follow. You should definitely check them out! 

Thursday, January 6

A little bit of dress-up never hurt anyone..

For the last year and a half I have been studying Art & Design at GCSE level. I hate it, but am trying my best. To be honest, I'm not very good- either that or my teacher hates me. You see, he's not that nice. Everybody thinks he's lovely, but when you ask him for help he kinda laughs at you, as though your an idiot. Thanks sir, thanks a lot. 

But as I am currently doing a project on 1960s Fashion, I decided to take the plunge and do a mini photo shoot. I chose the most floral-ish dress I could find and layered on the over-the-top eyeliner. I even put my hair up mega high, all for the purpose of art. Art should be proud of me ;)

I guess this counts as an OOTD, as I did wear it today.. hmm.

Here's what I came up with.. 

[ edited in look at that bum chin :'( ]

I was going for the elegant style shown throughout the 1960s. 

What do you think? I hope you enjoyed laughing at my poses, I'm not the best model hehe. ;)