Sunday, December 18

Photography Shoot 2

As promised, here is my second shoot. These photos were taken from a park in Truro, Cornwall. I'm really sorry if my blog starts to load really slow because of all these images. I should probaby upload them to Tumblr instead.. but let's not get too technical!

Happy xmas everyone

Saturday, December 17

Where have I been?!

Instead of apologising for my lengthy absence, I decided I would show you exactly what I have been up to! The best way of showing you is to let you see my photography photos, as photography is the A-Level in question that is keeping me from blogging -everyone say awwww-.

So, I hope you enjoyed having a little look at my photography unit. I received my grade for the unit yesterday.. and I was given an A!!!

I didn't actually use the shoot below in my sketchbook, as it didn't relate well to my theme of 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' (and the actual quality of my photography skills was lacking at that point). However, as Harriet will be extremely happy to know she's made it onto my blog, I thought I would let you have a look. This is the first shoot of five, so expect 4 more blog posts in the next few days.

Happy xmas everyone