Friday, November 4

Wahanda: A Beauty Blogger's Dream

I do find these websites quite depressing, as I can look on at the gorgeous spa breaks without being able to try them myself! Thinking about how I could be lazing the day away having a luxurious facial, sipping a Pina Colada and pretending to be in a gorgeous countryside retreat. That was until I entered my postcode! I wasn't expecting any Wahanda results as Cornwall is just full of 'farmers and fields', but to my surprise I found spa destinations within 10 minutes of where I live- well done Wahanda. As my mum owns a salon, I won't be going anywhere else for some treatments.. but who doesn't want an Indian Head Massage in the click of a button?

Wahanda is a discount website that enables you to find spa breaks, 'Mobdeals' and treatments within your area in seconds. These could include luxury 7 day holidays to Portugal for £59 (oh yes, I'm eyeing that one up), half price pedicures, or 2 for 1 spa days. The 'Mobdeals' that Wahanda are known for usually last around 5 days, and are similar to that of Groupon.

I love how much choice and flexibility Wahanda gives you on the searching of deals; you can choose by price, treatment, region, day, and business type! I'm now searching for a spa retreat for my Mum for christmas, I'm sure she'll love to be pampered more than a pair of socks ;)

You can check out these super luxurious deals at, have you taken a peak? Any great deals in your area you'll be snapping up?
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  1. WOW, I'm soooo thankful to you for sharing this website :)


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