Friday, November 4

SW1 South West Blogger Meet-up!

As most of you will know I live down in Cornwall, a great place for fishing, swimming and walking, but not so great for blogging meet-ups! The ever so gorgeous Tamsin (and Abby) has arranged a fabulous event that will be held at the Exeter Castle Ballroom which I'm sure you'll agree is more than picturesque! It's also in the pipeline that there will be some very exciting magazines attending, goodie bags for attendees and even some fancy talks. However, this will only happen if you all sign your life away and let them know you're attending ;)

The event is being planned for something near the end of January/early February 2012, just after exams (so no excuses)! It will be held on a weekend and we'll all be told in advance of the date, so you'll have plenty of time to book hotels etc. For the more observant amongst you, you will have spotted the cute little SW1 button I have in my sidebar. It's my little badge of honour that I will be attending and if you think you will be there, make sure you place the badge on your blog! You can find the HTML code on Tamsin's blog. I can't wait to meet you all!

If you are going to be in the area, and believe you will be attending just tweet this:

"I'm attending the fabulous SW1 meet/event with @titchtamsin & @abbzzw sponsored by @fantasyshopper .. are you?"
Please leave your email address below so I can send it to Tamsin, allowing her to keep you all up to date with up-to-date news.


  1. Hi Sophie, my email address is I cannot wait for this event and to meet everyone in person :) its going to be an amazing day xx

  2. Aaaah, if only this happened before I left. Daaaamn it! I wanna go! xxx

  3. So jealous! Have another around September 2012 once I'm all moved to the UK and settled?


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