Thursday, October 6

Welcome To The Doggy Hotel

Just a quick post to pass the time, sorry for the non-beauty related post! I've been completely bogged down with college work at the moment- I'll be back blogging again soon. Woof woof!

 Toby: Giant Schnauzer
the non-stop bull in a china shop

Ozzy: Miniature Schnauzer
the one who learnt how to squeak rather than bark

A few days ago we had Toby and Ozzy over to stay, as my Gran (who we all know I don't get on with) has decided to use our house as a pet-boarding/grooming business. I know, annoying right? The only benefit of this is getting to know the lovely little dogs who come over to stay! Toby has been over quite a few times, and he's the most clumsy thing you'll ever meet. He walks into walls, sits on Ozzy's head and generally just breaks things. He's completely harmless unless he sits on you.. ouch. It's the first time we had Ozzy over, who lives with Toby. He usually travels with his family but this time they weren't able to take him- and so he came here with us! He's so cuddly, and his bark is more of a cat's meow. I don't know what happened there! He's super energetic and squeaky.

They've returned home again now, but they're so adorable I wish I could have kept them! 

P.S, most Giant Schnauzers have black 'birth marks' on their tongues.
P.P.S, her 'company' isn't really called the doggy hotel, that's just the blog's title.


  1. Aw they're cute! one of my cats used to have a messed up voice which meant she squeaked like a rat haha x

  2. haha love this post Soph! The dog's are mega cute xxx

  3. hahaha I don't get along with my gran sometimes either! awww the dogs look really cute! (:

  4. They are SO cute! :)

  5. Oh they are just so cute!

    Jazz xo

  6. i love schnauzers, so cute!!


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