Sunday, October 2

Sunday Summary (13)

 The gorgeous view from the top of my garden

 An already flowering Holly tree in our back garden, it's so stunning

Some sort of flower, it's pretty
  • I have spent most of today relaxing under the sun outside in my garden. I hope I've caught a tan but it's pretty unlikely, I'm never tanned! As well as just lying on the trampoline sunbathing, I spent a few hours doing A-Level Photography coursework and just generally messed about. We have a mini schnauzer and a giant schnauzer joining our little clan at the minute so there are 5 dogs, which is never too much fun! I was joined on the trampoline by this group of yobs trying to destroy any sense of calm or relaxation. 
  • Yesterday me and Dad went on our own kind of road trip to Exeter, West Point, and Paignton. I We were on the look out for a Auto Trail Chiefton motorhome at about £50,000, but came home without! It's a huge amount of money that we just aren't sure whether will be put to good use. However we did have an amazing day together- just me and him! Some quality dad/daughter time, which may or may not have included a trip to KFC.. shhh
  • I'm beginning to think college will make me (and my parents) bankrupt. I seem to be having a daily Starbucks and buying food rather than making it! Also I have to get 2 buses home each day which are under different companies, so I've had to buy a daily ticket with one of the companies. It's about £6 that I'm spending per day and it soon adds up. I'm really struggling to see how I can change that but hey-ho.. I'll just have to go without my Starbucks and make my own lunch!
  • This week I have been suffering with super oily skin and I don't have a clue why! It's beginning to become a real issue. I can have flakey skin at the same time as I have oily skin, and I just don't know what to do with it. My current skin routine has helped it develop leaps and bounds, but I've come to a stand still now. If anyone has any ideas to help me out please let me know! I'm dying to have normal skin.
  • After having a huge think about my blog, I've decided to give it up. KIDDING. I have actually been thinking about new ideas and routes my blog can develop into. As it's Halloween soon I will be doing a few tutorials, plus I've made a promise to myself that I will start a Youtube soon. I have been getting so many FormSpring/Twitter questions asking me to start Youtube that I'm just gonna do it! As you will have seen, my Bloggers Uncovered series has now finished so I'm trying to find ideas for another series I can do.

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I hope you've all had a brilliant week!
You can expect quite a few lifestyle posts from me this following week!


  1. Ah, I think the skin problems are due to the weather; mine's being the same! I'm alternating cleansers and upping the witch hazel to combat :) x

  2. amazing pictures!! what camera do you use??

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. wow your view is so gorgeous.. i'd love to live out in the country! :( You should definitely start youtube, i'd watch! I was thinking myself about starting youtube.. i'm still not really sure though! x

  4. Are you using products aimed at oily skin? You should try and stick to dry skin products, because maybe your skin is getting oily because it is dry and so over producing oil to compensate if you know what I mean? I have the same kind of skin, and it is soo annoying! This is just what I've been told from a few skincare consultants! Your home looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. Looking forward to the tutorials :)

  6. those photos are great! I can't wait to get a better camera... so proud that i'm one of the bloggers you love this week :-P xxx

  7. Great photos! Can't wait to see some tutorials up.
    Lucy xx

  8. omg i never tan either!! it sucks. T_______T mind you you have a nice skin tone... lucky! awesomely beautiful pictures btw. you are very artistic! eh, my skin is always oily... at least your is just oily now. >.<
    [ blog | twitter ]

  9. I've got the same issue with my skin! Oily/Dry at the same time! Good Luck with youtube! x

  10. Sooooophie! Hi! Lol :) I'd love to see you on youtube, that would be amaze :D Im way too scared to do it, but def go for it! You'd have insta followers too :D Haha, how was Paignton? I lived there for 10 years, bloody dump of a place! :P Absolutely hate going there these days. And 5 dogs! That sounds like fun... lots of poo though hahaha :P I want to get a cat here, but it doesn't make sense since im leaving in a year, boooo! xxx


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