Saturday, September 24

Weekend in London (+ Wizard Of Oz)

I think watermarking ruins photos and I know the disadvantages.. but I didn't want people copying them. This may deter a few people.

I'm going to start of by apologising for not blogging in what feels like months (only a week really), but life's been quite busy lately. I visited London last weekend with 10 other beauty salon peeps which although was amazing, it was also extremely draining. We journeyed from Cornwall to London to visit the Olympia Beauty show and see The Wizard Of Oz at the Palladium (by Andrew Lloyd Webber). 

After arriving at Saturday lunchtime we went back to the hotel (London Town Hotel in Earls Court) and got ready to go and see The Wizard Of Oz, but after only taking about an hour to refresh we went to Oxford Circus and had a hectic dinner/lunch at Garfunkel's. I ordered some sort of herb chicken with chips which was beyond lush. By the time we had eaten we rushed over the road to the Palladium- I nearly screamed when I saw Liberty's such a shame I couldn't have a look around.. 

The Wizard Of Oz was beyond magical, even though we didn't have perfect seats, and I almost cried at one point. The atmosphere when little Toto came onto the stage was absolutely crazy which made me break down a few times. The sheer joy and happiness of everyone just took me by surprise. It was so magical. I couldn't believe I was in the same room as the Michael Crawford from Some Mothers Do Ave Em, the most hilarious comedy of all time. My favourite moment was Toto bowing for an applause at the end, everyone just started crying. The whole thing was perfect, the props, the characters, the stage setup.. I would definitely recommend you all to see it!

I'm going to write a post separately about Olympia Beauty but I'll explain it a little here.. As mum's got a bad back at the moment we had a hire a wheelchair, which although was quite embarrassing we did get to skip the massive queues muahaha. After the first day of Olympia mum, Ruby and me headed to Nando's for dinner. I had Lemon & Herb chicken and bloody hell I'm glad I had unlimited refills on my diet coke as my mouth was on FIRE. I can't stand spicy/hot foods but it was pretty yummy. 

The second day of Olympia we had to leave at about 2pm to get the train back to Truro. I was gutted! We had a quick jacket potato in the Gold Lounge (we're special) and dragged ourselves and our heaps of luggage back to Paddington Station. We had quite good seats on the way back too! I love journeys home as by the end, around 8pm, it gets really empty so you can do whatever you like. I ended up running back and forth along the carriage. 

I had an amazing time but I wish I'd been able to meet up with Louise (makeuploverr) and Jayne (jaynejread). I can't wait to go back up to London in the October half term to raid Liberty's, John Lewis, Selfridges and Urban Outfitters.

sorry for such a long and talkative post.. I've missed you all mega lots. xo


  1. Sounds like an amazing time. Loving the pics too

  2. It seems like you had fun and I want to watch the Wizards of Oz now!


  3. I miss London and can't wait to go down again next week. Looks like you had a lovely time. I haven't watched Wizard of Oz, so that might be on the list next. If you haven't, try Wicked, that musical is the BEST I've ever seen. Amazing!!

  4. I've been to see Wizard of Oz, the witch came down from the ceiling right above me! haha i almost pooped my pants!! :P It was so magical tho wasn't it, brilliant :)

  5. @Joey- yeah I saw Wicked in February, I agree it's the best! Better than Wizard Of Oz in my opinion, but both are fantastic :)

    @angie- I was above that tear so she came down in front of us, but still amazing! It was great being so high as I could see all the stage changing. It may have ruined it for some, but made it just seem all so cool how they changed props etc haha!

  6. I haven't been to London in over a year! I miss it :(
    Lucy x

  7. chavvers. London looks amazing am loving your artistic shots aha


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