Friday, September 2

ELF Cosmetics: Flawless Face Foundation

Now, when I received this Flawless Finish Foundation from eyelipsface a few weeks ago I was more than excited. I then tried it out, and let's just say those feelings were sadly gone. I'm still going to give it a fair and honest review- even if the lovely people at ELF aren't too happy about it. I would rather let you all know my real opinions than not review it, and allow you to quite frankly waste your money.

As you can see the Flawless Finish Foundation looks great doesn't it? A really sleek pretty bottle with frosted glass container and matte plastic lid which also has a pump for ease of use. You could compare the it to MAC, or even Bobbi Brown. One minor issue I have is the frosted glass makes the shades look a lot lighter so it's better to stick to a shade lower if possible- just a little tip if you're going by the shades on their website. For me this was a major problem as I'm so pale and they didn't exactly accommodate for my skin tone. I've had this issue with more than a dozen companies so it's not something I think is too important, after all there are 6 shades available.

The consistency of this foundation looks really promising, it's not watery or thick and has a dewy finish when pumped onto the hand/face. Then you begin to rub it in or stipple with a brush and you are left with an oily looking mess, even when the packaging assures you it's 'Oil Free'! It's not very attractive I can tell you, and I just wanted to get it off my face and away from my hair. I also found it went a white/grey colour when continually blended which didn't turn the shade lighter but left a weird cast over my face. I'm sad to say this as I'm a major lover of ELF, but this product is the complete opposite of what I would expect from a foundation.

I guess if you picked up the right shade and had a drier skin type this may work for you and give you the perfect dewy finish; however that's unachievable for my Combination/Oily skin type as it just feels like it's slipping and sliding. I'm pretty disappointed as I had high expectations for this, especially as it contains SPF 15. If you think this would be suitable for you, you can buy it for £6.50 from eyeslipsface.
Hopefully you will enjoy tomorrow's review just a little bit more as it's a positive review of ELF's Matte Lip Colour, which I'm obsessed with!

I was sent this product to review but as always my review is 100% honest.


  1. think ill give that a miss then! thanks for the heads up!xx

  2. Doesn't sound too nice =/ I've heard a lot of people say it turns whiteish...think I will avoid this!!! Xx

  3. I didn't have a problem with the foundation itself, but the fact that their porcelain shade seemed more like a sandy color. I'm extremely fare skinned as well and they shade definitely looked lighter online than it actually is.

  4. ooh the packaging looks gorgeous, but my skin is really hard to match with foundations so buying online would be difficult! great review xx

  5. i've not had a problem with mine? i bought the palest shade and quite like it once powdered with their mineral foundation x

  6. Haven't heard a good thing about this from anyone yet. And all the swatches i've seen have been SHOCKING. If it helps you at all, Natalie said that once you apply it to the face it seems to become paler.
    I defo won't be touching this one. Bleh

  7. Thanks for that was gonna get it but will stick with my sleek foundation.


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