Thursday, September 15

Bloggers Uncovered: Lucy from 'Miss Lucy Loves'

Hi Lucy! To start off with, why did you start your blog Miss Lucy Loves?
I've had a website or Livejournal since I was about 15 so posting on the internet wasn't new to me. One of my old Livejournal friends Daisy posted a link to her blog and I decided to start one up again. Miss Lucy Loves was born!

Do your friends and family know about your blog?
My family do but friends is a little different! Most friends know I have one but nobody really knows what it is. I should get over it and just share it but it's hard!

Do you think you'll still be blogging in 10 years time?
In ten years time I'll be 33 - scary! I probably won't as I'll have a family by then but you never know, I might be a yummy mummy blogger.

Would you consider yourself good at HTML/CSS?
I don't even really know what CSS is! I used to be alright with HTML when I had my own website with no Blogger mechanics holding it up! Sadly I've forgotten most of it and now just tinker around with my layout with a bit of help from Google and lots of trial and error. Mostly error.

Do you like to take part in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter?
I did take part for the first few weeks (mostly because I can't keep quiet!) when Fee was running it still but since she stopped, I think less people on my feed are taking part so it seems to pass me by.

Have you ever been to a blogging event?
Yes! I've been lucky enough to go to a few. We tend to have fewer events up north but if I do go to one then my favourite part is meeting fellow bloggers/blog readers. It's like a secret little community!

Who are your favourite established bloggers?
Jen who I have the pleasure of knowing 'in real life' through blogging and Laura who counts as established even though this blog is a new one.

Who are your favourite new bloggers (under 18mnths)?
Natalie and Penelope.

What is your favourite post from your blog and why?
My favourite posts have been showing my readers my new apartment as it's a massive project and is taking some serious work but everyone seemed to love having a nose around.

Which camera/device do you use to take photos for your blog?
I use a Canon IXUS 210 IS. It's just a point and shoot but it does the job.

Name one thing you like about blogging?
The lovely bloggers I've met! Honestly I spend so much time chatting to people on Twitter and when you finally get to meet somebody, you already have so much to talk about and often a lot in common. It's really nice to know I've got friends all over the country through blogging.

Name one thing you dislike about blogging?
Finding time to do it! There is a slight expectation from readers to post regularly and I work long hours so it's hard to squeeze it in. Especially in the winter when it's so dark I can't take any photos apart from at the weekend.

And a weird one, would you rather be a tiny rhino or a giant hamster?
Tiny rhino, cute!

I have always been really inspired by Interior Design, and Lucy's blog just channels that. Just add some fashion and beauty, and viola the perfect blog! She's also shows us her hauls and shopping trips- which then leads to me adding it to my wishlist. It's an endless circle!


  1. Thank you great blog. Just followed her xx

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  3. Aw bless you hun - thanks so much for asking me! I wondered where those new followers had appeared from ;) xxx

  4. Lucy sounds lovely I'm going to stop by her blog :)

  5. this is great! :)
    LOVE this website too. keep up the great work & i look forward to more.

  6. goodness i love your blog :) i also love how you feature other bloggers. cute cute.


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