Wednesday, September 14

10 Things I Love Most About Bramble

Bramble- My gorgeous 9yr old Cocker Spaniel

1) He's always up for a cuddle when I'm feeling sad, in fact he loves his cuddles. He's always coming up to my room throughout the day just to say hi!

2) Bramble probably knows more words and phrases than a 2 year old child. He knows: up on the bed-bed, in my room, where's the fly-flies, what's that smell, who want's din-dins, shall we go walkies, who's farted, what've you got?, rub the belly, yummy porridge, aww poor baby, and so many more.

3) He also recognises his many names, even if some are a little mean. He goes by Bramble, Boycey, Fatboy, Bramboozle, and Baby. My dad has a thing for calling our dogs by different nicknames.. he's insane.

4) You can always tell where he is by either his snoring, farting (oh yes, rather attractive I know) or his shuffling. He can't sit still unless he's asleep.

5) Whenever we go on a walk he always has to stand next to you. It's really funny as he will also follow right behind you -almost touching your shoes- when you walk through sand dunes or bushes so he doesn't get nettles or brambles in his way.

6) Bramble is obsessed with food to the point where he will cry and jump when you mention din-dins. He's not the most active of dogs until food is mentioned, where he will leap about and give me his 'puppy eyes'.

7) His favourite time of the day is brushing time as he gets 100% of my attention- he will sit there enjoying his ears being brushes with his head held high. He's then as proud as punch walking around to show off my handy work. He's such a show off!

8) Bramble is lucky enough to sleep in my bedroom most nights, as he's got a very clever skill! When my alarm goes off in the morning he will either tap me with his paw or push me with his nose. I can always hear it but let him wake me, it's just too cute!

9) He's a major trouble maker! If he sees someone coming towards the gate he will quietly bark a few times until the other two come outside to investigate, and then run back inside. We'll tell the other two off for barking while he get's away with it.

10) He is obsessed with any insect that flies: moths, flies, daddy long legs.. he'll run after them all. If he sees a moth in my room I have to kill it, or he will be watching it all night. We always wind him up by saying 'where's the fly-flies?' and then making a buzzing sound. Gets him every time!

I'm sorry if this is a long winded post, but I still hope you've enjoyed!


  1. Awww Bramble is gorgeous :) I love posts about pets :) xx

  2. Loved this post - Bramble is gorgeous! I adore Cocker Spaniels. I have a million names for my dog too, he's learnt to just ignore my insanity now though! :P xoxox

  3. He is just lovely! :) x

  4. Aww very cute he's adorable :D X

  5. Aww bramble is a cutie :)
    Lucy x

  6. awww, you're really lucky to have a puppy! im alergic, but i looove them so much. would love to have one.

    [ blog | twitter ]

  7. That is the cutest picture ever!
    Can, I just ask how you made your blog header? :)

  8. Such a lovely post! It should be like the first of a a meet my pet tag! x

  9. awww he's adorable, I can't wait to get my lil puppy on saturday xx


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