Wednesday, August 3

Update, New Camera + Aussie Angel!

Aloha! This is more awkward than I thought it would be, most of my latest posts have been scheduled.. so I don't really know what to say! I'm going to update you on why I haven't been posting and fill you in on my life. I hope you haven't forgotten me, it's awful not blogging. I'm having withdrawal symptoms *cries into pillow*. So what've I been doing?

I finally took the plunge and got a Canon EOS 600D! I was so down in the dumps about my blog images and it was so difficult to take photos on my iPhone4. I found I would forever be taking photos to only have 1 useable image. I think it's the main reason you haven't seen me blogging recently, as my images just weren't motivating me. I snapped this gorgeous baby up at Jessops with insurance, a tripod, UV filter, LCD protector, carry bag and 8GB card. It cost around £850 in the end but I'm paying back 40% of my earning a month to pay for it completely. I don't think it's fair for my parents to pay for it now I'm earning a little! 

Now I have a spanking new camera I've been thinking about doing Youtube Videos. If it's something you would like to see let me know in the comments, I'm still not 100% sure but it would be shame to waste the HD video wouldn't it?

I'm now an Aussie Angel! I actually cried when I received the email, double checked, and then cried some more. When I started to realise how big bloggers could get my one little goal was to be an Aussie Angel, so it's so strange to think I've reached this stage. I am a huge lover of Aussie (as you can see from all the products cluttering my shelves) and believe my hair would be a complete mess without them. If you're quite old to Aussie you'll see my ancient Heat Protection Spray here.. it's now on it's last legs! My favourite product, the Volume + Conditioning Mousse, is also on it's way out. I'll be restocking soon!

I've been winning quite a few blog giveaways to say the least. I'll be doing a post about them all soon! It won't be showing off at all, just documenting it so I can go back and review things in future. Pictured above are all the lovely things (minus the post card and sleek notes) I received from Gem (@tweetiegem/ this week. I thought I'd only be receiving my MAC lipstick so was full of blogger love when I saw all the other things she'd included. I love you Gem ;)

I am a guinea pig for the Nurture Hand & Nail Strengtheners at the moment! They're approved so no need to worry, I won't be dying of poisoning any time soon. These are supposed to help flaky nails become strong and.. nurtured! I have been using these for a week and for some reason my thumb nails are super hard, I'm not sure these are related though. I'll keep you all updated.

I am also reviewing 12 Montagne Jeunesse (I won't pretend I know how to spell that, I read it off the packaging). I felt so lucky to receive these but didn't use them as I wanted to take proper photos with my new camera! I will be trying them as soon as I've taken photos, talk about a blogging relaxation sesh. I may review these in little doses so you don't get too bored. Let me know what you think!

A few more gorgeous items to review.. Anyone seen these Pout Paints yet? I've been wearing them every now and then and really like them. I don't really like the finish as it's up my street but I like the idea of cooling and warming shades of your choice. As for the BeautyUK items these are the first items from BeautyUK I've ever tried! Will give an honest review soon.

Another reason for my lack of blogging.. Twitter! I'm addicted and have been told off for clogging feeds ;) I apologise for this, but hey you only live once. If you don't follow me on Twitter you can do so here.
I'm always cracking dad jokes!

Sheep make me happy. It's not for me, but my gorgeous little Bramble (cocker spaniel) when he's in my room. It's so cuddly and soft I just want to squeeze it! It's from The Range for anyone wondering.

I've also been cleaning my room, as you can see.. Isn't it the cleanest?

Look how clean my bedside table is! It's shining.

Not really. This is what I've been doing instead of cleaning, spending 5 spare minutes sat on the bed watching TV. I'm such a slob..

I'd also just like to say my giveaway has been extended by a week to promote it a little more. I'm also really busy with work so can't actually end it on the 7th as I had originally said. It's a Tangle Teezer and Batiste giveaway if you would like to enter. You can find it here

I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week, and are all ignoring the Cosmo Beauty Awards! What a load of drama!

please do excuse the rubbish photos at the moment, only just getting used to using my camera as I picked it up yesterday. :)


  1. Fab camera :). Congratulations on becoming a Aussie Angel :).

    Sadie x

  2. Ooh, you got a great deal on the camera! I got a little ripped off for mine (although I didn't realise this until months later!) - but here's hoping it inspires you to start blogging a bit more, again!
    Looks like you've got some exciting bits to review soon, looking forward to reading them!

    I absolutely adore Aussie, so congrats to you, how exciting! xx

  3. Congratulations about becoming an Aussie Angel! I saw the good news on twitter but my phone wouldn't let me reply.
    The Camera looks so amazing!. Little videos would be lovely to watch too :)
    Bel' xx

  4. Congratulations on the Aussie angel! I like the pout paints because you can mix colours and put them into travel containers. Looking forward to seeing you posting with your new camera.

  5. wow those pics are amazing! I'm assuming it's the new camera?

    I'm with you on the love of Aussie products, love the smell, particularly love the 3 minute miracle

  6. Congratulations on becoming an Aussie Angel! You must be so excited. And the new camera seems awesome. I'm sure you will get used to it very soon. I'm hoping I can try the pout paints soon...seen some good things about them x

  7. i really want a camera like that!
    I just found your blog and read through your posts and had to follow! <3

  8. The pictures look great! Looking forward to your views on the pout paints! xo

  9. Glad you liked your giveaway stuff lovely. I got the idea from Louise sprinkle of glitter - I won a lipstick from her but she sent me lots of extras as a surprise. It was so sweet and made me so happy so I thought I'd do the same =) Gem xx

  10. This is a lovely post, I'm really looking forward to all the reviews!

    Congrats on becoming an Aussie Angel!


  11. Camera and pictures look great! I hate my camera I have now I'm on the look out for a new one!

    Andrea :)


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