Saturday, August 20

Sleek's Nude Collection & Swatches

Here are a few photos of Sleek's new 'Nude' collection, which I think is probably their best yet. I definitely prefer this Au Natural palette to the Oh So Special as the colours are just gorgeous. It will definitely give my UD Naked Palette a run for it's money. This collection is also permanent (!!) which I'm quite happy about as they were definitely missing a sturdy neutral palette.

I'm in love with the packaging, so.. well.. Sleek?

The Au Natural palette (£6.49) is full of taupes and plum shades, with a good few highlight colours mixed. As usual you have a matte black shade while the rest of the palette is a mixture of both mattes and shimmers. This will definitely be a great palette for A/W.

Here's a swatch of the Suede blusher (£4.29) on my rather flabby looking hand.. I blame it on the camera angle. This is a matte blush which I'm quite happy about and is SUPER pigmented, just like all the other Sleek blushes I own (outdated collection here). Although I do really like this shade, I'm not sure it will be all that flattering on my rather pale skin tone. I have high hopes though!

FYI I don't have an orange finger nail, it's stained from nail polish!

Onto my favourite release, their amazing Pout Polish in Bare Minimum (£4.29)! I have about 7 Pout Polishes already and bought Bare Minimum quite a few weeks ago in Superdrug. They had released it early so I quickly snapped out up, only to be sent one earlier. I absolutely love this, so much so that it was mentioned in my July Favourites post. It is giving Sugar May a run for it's money. 

Will you be buying from the collection when it's released at the end of August?

You can purchase these products -when released- from Sleek's website

I was sent these products to review/mention, but my opinions are 100% honest. I just luuurve Sleek.


  1. I have yet to buy a Sleek palette and now I just cannot decide which one to get! This one looks absolutely lovely and would probably be the most practical for me.
    Such a useful post!

  2. Can't wait to try the palette it looks really great for everyday wear x

  3. I have convinced myself that I NEED everything from this collection!


  4. After seeing so many posts about this collection I think I do need to invest. Although I've said i'm gonna go brighter with makeup; everyone needs a nude collection!

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on this collection, the blusher look gorgeous <3

  6. I can't wait to get my hands on these products! I want them all :)

    Gem x

  7. Love the palette! Must fork over high shipping costs to get it to the U.S. :).

  8. Cannot wait to get all of these beauties!! :)

    xxx Sophie xxx

  9. Looks fab! Definitely going to have to go grab that blush! xxxxxx

  10. Ah well I thought I had enough Sleek palettes but one more won't hurt!

  11. Gorgeous!! Exactly my type of makeup, browns and nudes :)

  12. hey, i made a blogpost about some of my online orders in a blogpost, i found your pic on google of the nude collection & used it.
    (it wasn't shipped yet, so i needed a pic for presentation)
    i hope that's okay, i linked you clearly under it.

    you have a pretty blog, by the way! (:



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