Tuesday, August 23

Plaits & Pins

queue awful macbook photo that won't zoom enough for my liking. boo! 

Yesterday I plaited my hair into 5 plaits as soon as I had washed it, letting it dry naturally without brushing it. It took almost 6 hours to properly dry but the results were worth it in my opinion. When I woke up it was gorgeous and wavy so I brushed it out a little and ta-daa! For someone who has flat-as-a-pancake hair that's quite thick (but looks thin) this was pretty much an achievement. A hair achievement in its own right. I've been pinning up different sections to make my hair look even messier/thicker and can report that it went well. Compared to my natural hair this looks awesome, I just wish I'd plaited it further towards the roots but I guess I've learnt for next time. 

I'm thinking of wearing my hair like this for results day, but up in a messy wavy bun. I think it'll look dead 'just got outta get bed looking like this', which is exactly the look I go for on a day to day basis. I just wish I did wake up looking like a goddess!


  1. i have really rubbish, flat as a pancake, looks thin and is thin hair haha. so i am definitely going to try this!! It looks soooo lovely! i also like the messy bed head look :) but unfortunately i dont wake up looking like a goddess either. How many plaits did you do? xxxx

    p.s best of luck with your results :) xx

  2. Sophie, this looks gorgeous!! Good luck on Thursday :D x

  3. Really suits you. Love the way you hang up your necklaces too. Really pretty idea! x

  4. Your organisation for your necklaces look too pretty! This would look great on Thursday for your results! Good luck! I'm getting mine too, and am awfully nervous!! D:

    xxx Sophie xxx

  5. I always plait my hair and then sleep in it, such an easy way to make sure that you wake up with lovely looking hair in the morning. :D Looks great on you.


  6. Looks gorgeous on your hair - plaiting my hair never works out for me, it always ends up looking an absolute mess! x

  7. I love that messy hair look, just wish my hair would cooperate with me!X

  8. Aww, your hair looks lovely! I always plait my hair when it's wet, I just think it looks so effortless - and who doesn't love the effortless look?

  9. I love your hair !

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  10. Love doing that to my hair



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