Wednesday, August 3

Mumma's got a Filofax

.. ooohh, pweettttyy

Last week I received an email I had been hoping to receive for weeks. I'd won a Filofax after entering the gorgeous Abby's giveaway! She had won the Filofax Blogger Style Off and as a little thank you for winning she was given some Filofaxes to celebrate. I entered saying it would be great to win a Filofax for my mum, but I completely understood if she didn't add my entry as it wasn't for me. Thankfully she did let me enter, and my mum couldn't be more thrilled. She's had a few bad months lately so to see her smiling cheek to cheek has really helped us both, who ever said materialistic things won't make you happy is a liar!

It's an Apex Filofax which is £26 on the website. It came with a load of infills which I'm sure will keep mum happy for a while! I'm actually quite shocked she let me take it away from her to photo. Who am I kidding, I snuck it out of her room when she wasn't looking but don't tell her..

You must all have a little tip toe over to Abby's blog. You must, she's a West-country girl!


  1. Aww well done to your Mum :) i really need to get a filofax :) xx

  2. I think I am in love with this Filofax I love them.

  3. Well done, This is a really pretty one, love the colours! x

  4. That's so cute to get one for your mum. You picked a lovely colour choice too! x

  5. It is so incredibly sweet of you to enter the giveaway with the intention of giving the filofax to your mum!
    I absolutely adore filofaxes, I don't know how I'd survive without mine!


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