Thursday, August 11

Lucky, lucky, lucky

I seem to be having amazing luck recently and have been winning quite a few items from friend's blogs and beauty company's twitters. I want to write this post to say thank you to the people's who sent me these items as giveaway prizes and to show how much I love everything! As I seem to be having good luck I have decided not to enter any more giveaway for quite some time. I am happy with everything I have received and don't wish to win anything else, that would be pretty unfair. So what have I won?

This post is not to brag but to thank the lovely ladies I have won from; no rude comments please.

Gem's Blog
I entered Gem's giveaway to win a MAC Lipstick of my choice and had no idea she would send so many other little things too. I chose the colour Angel as I begrudgingly walked away from it on my last trip to MAC. I am in love with my Topshop necklace which I have christened 'the blogging necklace' as I seem to always wear it when blogging. I was also so happy to receive some MUA and Topshop makeup! Unfortunately Gem didn't realise I didn't wear earrings and she's made me hate that I'm allergic to most metals as these earrings are so gorgeous. Any ideas of how to use them?

Hannah's Blog
I've been a reader of Hannah's blog for longer than I can remember so thought it was lovely when I won her giveaway. I was given her favourite lipstick, Pink Mallow by Natural Collection that I have been loving and wearing quite a lot. I was also given a No7 Eyeliner in Royal and a Montagne Jeunesse Exfoliating mask which I've been dying to try but wanted to wait to take photos! I shall be using this tomorrow I think.

Abby's Blog
After winning a Filofax for my mum from Abby I also won a Witch Concealer- a product I was eager to try out. I've never used Witch before but since receiving this and a Witch Primer from their website (not pictured) I have bought two more products from the company, showing just how much I love them. I absolutely love this concealer, and it's my go-to cover up in the morning!

Cat's Blog
Quite a few weeks ago now (oops) I received, from Cat's amazing blog, a Batiste Nude- one of her favourite types of Dry Shampoo. I can see why she loves this, and I don't see much difference between the powder and the aerosol. I still prefer my Tropical Batiste which I think is Cat's favourite too, but so glad I have this.

Glossybox's Twitter
When I saw Glossybox having a little competition to give away two products from Rouge Bunny Rouge I jumped at the chance, even though I knew little about the brand. I am so glad I entered now (as is the lovely Lauren) as I have now found my perfect eyeshadow. I haven't really used the Flamenco/Duende Liquid Blush and Gloss Duo but have been using the Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Unforgettable Oriole almost every time I wear eyeshadow. It's a weird mix between Phloof! and Naked Lunch but with a peachy undertone like All That Glitters.

Pantene's Twitter
I won the Smooth & Sleek shampoo/conditioner duo for a 'Tip Of The Day' on Twitter but cheekily haven't tried them out yet. I'm keeping them for my travel wash bag when I go to London in September- but still dying to try them out.

Scratch Card Win
I've only ever bought a Scratch Card once so can't believe I won £20 on my first go. Obviously mum has bought me one before, but I've always had to split the winnings with her. All £20 of this is now mine! *evil laugh*

The Swatches

Have you been lucky enough to win anything fabulous lately? Thanks so much to all the girlies I've won these lovely things from!


  1. Lucky you!! Well done hunni!!!

    Hope your well.

    nats. x

  2. Well done you on all your winnings! I won the pantene shampoo and conditioner as well on twitter, Ive done a wee review on my blog, I love them!

  3. Wow you're lucky! You've won some great stuff. :)

  4. Jeeez, well done you! Please can I have some of your luck? :) xxx

  5. Wow, fancy sharing your luck with me?
    Although I have won one of the Witch concealers recently :) Their quite impressive xo

  6. Congratulations for your wins!

    As for the earrings, I would suggest using them as broaches either on t-shirts, cardigans, jackets, dresses, you can even pin them to berets. If you think the earring is too small to be used as a broach just take a piece of ribbon and make it into a bow and pin or sew the earring to it and you have a cute bow broach! Hope this helps! :)

  7. Wow you have been lucky! I had a little bit of a lucky streak too and won 3 blog giveaways and £5 on the lottery! the rouge bunny products look great! :)

  8. Ooh I love winning giveaways! Well done on the twenty quid too aha you lucky thing!

  9. ooh wow i love them topshop bird earrings there soooo cute :) x

  10. Wow, what a lucky girl! Those bird earrings are too cute and I love Pink Mallow!

  11. Wow you have been lucky! I won the Rouge Bunny Rouge goodies too and love them, although I'm too scared to use them as I never buy anything that expensive!

    Not really sure what to suggest for the earings except for pinning them onto tops/jackets/cardis.


  12. You should buy a lottery ticket! It looks like your luck is in!

    You could pin the earrings onto something like a bag or purse, or clip the backs off and glue them onto clip on earrings! :)

    You got a lot of gorgeous stuff! Quite jealous , one must say!

    xxxx Sophie xxxx

  13. Lucky you! Just to let you know, I'm allergic to everything but gold in my piercings so I feel your pain, however if you put a put of nail varnish (a very thin coat) all around the post, let it fully dry then it staves off the irritation as it's kind of blocking the metal from touching your piercing. I don't know how severe your allergy is but I thought I'd let you know my little trick :) x

  14. Congratulations on all your wins :) xx

  15. WOW! I just kept scrolling and scrolling and couldn't believe how much you had won! Well done :) I think its nice you have done a post like this - I love reading about people I know/blogs I follow winning stuff. It makes it feel 'more real' and I love that people I know have got something! Just makes me happy - ok sound like a complete sap now :/
    Well done and a lovely post xxxx

  16. You are such a lucky bean! Wow! :O
    For the earrings (you have got your ears pierced, right?) coat the stud bit in clear nail polish and it should provide a barrier between the skin and irritant metal. I hope this works, because I haven't tried it out yet, but will tell you when I do.
    ~Hannah xx


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