Friday, August 5

In my hour of need.. (recovering a deleted post)

This is a super quick post just to point out my knight in shining armour, though she's a girl (well woman!) so can't really be classed as a knight surely? The lovely Jenny from Beauty And Reverie saved me in my hour of need today and I'd just like to make a pretty personal shout out to say thank you to her.

It all started when.. 

At about 1:30am this morning I decided to edit the photos on my Liz Earle Eyebright Lotion review as they looked dark and dingy. I clicked on the image, clicked edit.. and when ever I got onto the second image it would overwrite the first one. I clicked off, where it must have reverted the post to a draft. I clicked back onto the draft to find the start of my Sudocrem review I'm still working on, what the hell was going on? I frantically clicked, clicked off, clicked, clicked off and shouting what had happened across my twitter. I then emailed Liz Earle themselves to apologise but I had lost the review, and didn't know of a way to put it back unless I wrote the entire post again.

A few minutes later I received a tweet from Jenny saying she thought she knew how to save it, and as a bit of a technical whizz (or so I thought) I was feeling like a complete idiot not knowing what to do. Jenny googled my blog URL and looked at the little Cached icon, showing my post in it's entirety! She emailed it over and I got my Liz Earle review back, hoorah. Don't you just love a happy ending? 

But then I remembered I had emailed the Liz Earle PR.. uh oh! I'd have to email them again apologising that I had actually found the post. How embarrassing would that be?! I clicked onto the Macbook Mail and had a look for her address when I saw 1 item in my Outbox. My email had been playing up lately and wouldn't send certain emails. I clicked onto the Outbox and the email wasn't able to send, catastrophe everted. And we all lived happily ever after! What a lovely little story!

I can't thank Jenny enough, it's such a little thing to lose to most people (and probably an easy thing to get back) but it took me fair amount of time and I was really proud of it. She's now putting up a tutorial on her blog and I would love you all so much if you would check out her blog

jenny made me write this or said she'd bully me. she's a horrible person and you should stay clear of her :( only kidding, she's lovely! lol


  1. Wow, how lucky were you?! Amen to the computer whizzes out there!

  2. Wow thats lucky, I woud be panicing like mad hehe xx


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