Saturday, August 6

Gigantic ELF 50% Haul

*extremely, extremely picture heavy*

Ok, so it might not be gigantic to some people.. but at £32.13 (originally £64.26) it's a pretty huge haul for someone who had never really loved eyelipsface. I have liked a certain product here and there but never fell in love with ELF. That was until the postman delivered this baby, even if it did take a week to finally arrive..

So.. what did I buy?

ELF Dump Bag (with Flash): I picked this up for £4 in the colour Burgundy and am so glad I did. It reminded me of the Cath Kidston makeup bag shape. I'm not sure it will as I'm weirdly attached to this- it's stunning. You can see it without flash in the next photo..

ELF Brushes: I've been desperate to try some more makeup brushes (£1.75) since seeing reviews all over the blogosphere, and am not disappointed. I really like the Complexion and Contour brushes, they're both perfect and I think the Contour brush will be a new favourite next month. The Lash & Eyebrow brush that I picked up was a replacement for my ancient comb at the moment; it's that old the actual top has fallen off. As for the Angled Contour brush I'm not very keen, I think it will be great for applying colour but it's such a weird shape that has a completely flat angled top. Not sure how I'll get on with it!

I then picked up one brush from the Normal line rather than the Studio line- the Lip Defining Brush. I'm not happy with this at all and will probably be throwing it away. The glue is stuck within each hair making it really sticky and cheap! I'm not that surprised or worried to have wasted 75p, but I was really hoping for a sturdy and useable brush.

ELF Blushers: I grabbed Tickled Pink and Candid Coral, both colours I had heard of before. I was really worried about the pigmentation after looking at the swatches (next image) but on the actual skin they are definitely more pigmented. I prefer Tickled Pink as it suits my skin tone more yet picked up Candid Coral after hearing of it as a good dupe for NARS Orgasm. I can't compare as I don't own NARS Orgasm!

ELF Blush & Bronzer Compact: Ask anyone who knows about eyeslipsface and they'll tell you they know about this product. It's one of ELF's signature compacts and I can see why. It's got slight shimmer so I would probably use the bronzer as an all over bronzed glow rather than a contouring powder, but it's still worth £1.75 in my eyes. The blush included is pretty much a median for both Candid Coral and Tickled Pink with a fair amount of shimmer added in.

Clockwise from bottom: Tickled Pink, Blush & Bronzer Compact, Candid Coral

ELF Tinted Moisturiser: I can't comment on how good this will look on my skin as I haven't tested it out yet, but the colour match (with a tiny bit of fake tan for good measure) looks pretty decent. I like the consistency and it doesn't feel as dewy as my Stila Tinted Moisturiser. Hopefully this is a keeper!

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation: On first test this looks really orange against my skin, which is weird looking at how light it is in the swatch. I also think the glass is deceiving as it makes the foundation look super pale. The texture of the foundation feels nice but as I haven't worn it at all yet I can't comment!

ELF Nail Varnish in Smokey Brown: I wanted this when it first came out with Desert Haze back along but as it was out of stock I missed out. I'm so glad I now have it! You can see the swatches of it with one and two coats are very different, the second coat has more of a purple undertone.

ELF Eyebrow Kit: Another cult product of eyelipsface that I had never bothered with before! I'm beginning to hate just how many MAC eyebrow pencils I feel I will go through this year, so am turning to a £1.75 ELF product to fit the bill. It seems lovely so far, I really like it.

ELF Cream Eyeliners: I have only ever tried Sleek's Ink Pot (don't waste your money) and Maybelline's Lasting Drama when it comes to cream eyeliner, except the Bobbi Brown one my mum owns. I thought it was finally time to be adventurous so bought three different colours I wouldn't usually go for -ELF have a great range, thumbs up from me-. I chose Metallic Olive- a gorgeous dark green/brown, Midnight- a dark navy blue, and Ivory- a frosted white. I would never have picked Ivory but thought it was be handy for any makeup looks or making my little peep holes look a little more awake. As for the brushes that comes with them.. I will be getting rid straight away!

ELF Matte Lip Colour Pencil in 'Natural': The whole concept of these remind me of the Colour Plump lip pencils by Benefit, a lipstick like finish applied using a pencil. I really like the gorgeous metallic pink colour of this which isn't offensive in the slightest. On first test I did find this quite drying on my lips but I'm sure with some lip balm that can be changed.

ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in 'Nice & Natural': Talking of lip balm, I picked up another of the new-ish release. I was sent Mellow Melon and Peaceful Pink to try and absolutely loved them. I love this one just as much and it reminds me of the Sleek 'Bare Minimal' Pout Polish soon to be released in the new collection (which I picked up in Superdrug after they released it early). I really love this and think it's going to be an autumn favourite for sure.

ELF Toe Separators: I think I paid around 38p for these as I needed a new pair. They are so comfortable and soft, glad I picked them up.

ELF Oil Blotting Sheets: I've had enough of just re-applying powder over shine as I know it produces spots, so instead I paid a measly £1.74 for three different packs of Blotting Paper. I can't wait to see if these really work as they're a lot more hygienic that powdering on top of shine. I have no idea what the difference is between each different pack.

ELF Hollywood Eyelashes: I have actually never worn false eyelashes before so I'm hoping this will be a good 'first set'. Don't get me wrong I have had Semi- Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions at my mum's salon, but have never tried Strip lashes in my time as a beauty blogger. Compared to some I have seen these don't look or feel too great, but are good for a one-off makeup look!

Can you believe all of that fits into this Dump Bag (what a name)? Ok it doesn't close but it still fits in, so technically it does. I definitely have enough new products to try out and keep me entertained for the next few weeks/months! If you would like to see a review of any specific product mentioned just pop it in your comment below and I'll try my best to let you know what I think.

Did you buy anything in the ELF 50% Sale? Own anything I've purchased?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Flawless Finish Foundation and Matte Lip Colour Pencil to review, but thought I would put them into this post. 
These I did not pay for, everything else I paid for myself.


  1. I would love to see a review of the matte lip colour! I have been debating over it for a while and would love to know what you think of it :) xo

  2. Lovely stuff, I brought loads to, it was addictive hehe xx

  3. Wow... I've only ever ordered once from ELF, might have to go back and order more, the blushers and bag look great. Love the look of the lip balm too!


  4. Great post hun! I really wish I had the money to do this cause I really need some more makeup brushes and love their studio line ones. I have Candid Coral and like it and also have the bronzing blush duo :) Oh and nice bag x

  5. Wow you bought a lot, lol! My favourite things from ELF are definitely their eyebrow kit, warm bronzer and blush & bronzer duo; all such good value for money! xx

  6. Wow you got a lot haha! I love ELF and you bought some of my favourite products! By the way, the angled contour brush is really nice for blending concealor in, well thats what i use it for anyway:) xx

  7. Wow that is a huge haul!! I have some of these products and like the studio brushes too. Some products are a bit hit and miss, but some is great value :)xx

  8. I actually really love ELF as a brand, and I'm quite annoyed I missed out on their 50% off sale, but they always have offers on quite regularly, and they're not particularly expensive to start with!

    I really like the bronzer/blush duo, definitely not a good idea to use the bronzer as a contouring powder, though, it tends to make my face look almost dirty when I try to, ha!

    The colours of those eyeliner pots are gorgeous, great choices! xx

  9. I think that's a big haul! Mine was about £25 after 50% on and I got completely different products from you oddly enough. I wish I'd tried those lashes seeing them there - is that an applicator they come with? xx

  10. Looks like you've got some gorgeous stuff!

    I've heard so many good things about the ELF Blush and Bronzer compact, i'm sure you will love it. :) xx

  11. Loves everything you bought! Looks fab! Never bought anything from there before, but might do with my birthday money!


  12. I will be buying the foundation soon :D

  13. I loooove this post!!! <3 haha x

  14. Wow you bought so much! I kind of wish I took advantage of the code now. I love the studio brushes, I like them better than my mac brushes!! xx

  15. Ive never tried the ELF range. They look really good though so may try some out one time.

    Would love you to follow my new blog :)

    Take care
    Nats. xx

  16. A brilliant post! love all the pictures, they're very artistic! i'm a big fan of ELF cosmetics, good job they're so cheap otherwise i'd be bankrupt! :) xx

  17. You got so many nice things - I love the Studio Brushes (kind of wish i'd bought some more with the 50% code!). The Conditioning Lip Balm looks lovely too xx

  18. Great haul, I got some stuff on the site taking advantage of the 50% discount. Love the stuff you got <3

  19. wow looks like you made the most of the sale! I unfortunately missed the 50% off deal! :( but i will keep my eyes pealed for some great other others. XX

  20. ELF is so gorgeous I love them! Great bargains!! I want to get everything you have here! Too bad the Australian ELF site doesn't stock all of these :( ELF products are amazing! Great post/haul! X

  21. You got alot of good stuff i love elf i think i need to get some new bits from there after seeing all this lovely stuff x


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