Saturday, August 20

Boudoir Prive Thoughts

 I've seen quite a few of these posts, but wanted to add my own opinions into the mix. I am guessing we all know about Boudoir Prive now. It's just a beauty selection box full of high end samples for £10 per month, blah blah blah. I think it's quite obvious to see the packaging looks similar to Glossybox, but with a different audience in mind. The Boudoir Prive box is more for the experimental lady who is willing to try out tea bags and unknown (but-never-the-less-high-end) brands! Where as the Glossybox is for the more brand conscious girl who would rather pick up her favourite products from Debenhams after work.

Sachajuan Conditioner, Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter, Jane Ireldale Purelash, 
Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream, Etat Libre D'orange Archives 69 & Rein, Bloom Tea.

As for the actual presentation, it's very glamorous but a spitting image of the Glossybox with a few minor changes. They could have made better effort to present the brand as one of a kind. I do however love the leaflet that comes with the box- with 6 different categories for the products (e.g. lifestyle, hair). I also really like 'half price code for three friends' that's included with the leaflet, it's a fab idea for making their brand known by word of mouth.

Overall, I am not amazed by the Boudoir Prive box! I love the products I received, but nothing has wowed me. I haven't a clue whether I should unsubscribe from this or the Glossybox as I don't need to be subscribed to both. I really like how this company have taken a slightly different route to Glossybox, but still believe they could have been a little more original. 

If you think it appeals to you, you can use the code 1BOX12! It's only available for 3 people to use though so you'd better be fast. 

I paid for this myself, so was not sent it as a PR sample.


  1. I really like the look of this!!

  2. I quite liked both of them, but I decided Glossybox is for me.

    Oh, and though they launched after, BP came up with their packaging long before Glossybox did...

  3. loving the new camera chica :) y'know what I think i'm going to bite the bullet and buy a box I feel like i'm missing out haha! May use your cheeky code too :P xxx

  4. I can't get either because there's no way for me to guarantee whether or not the products are cruelty-free, and from what I've seen of Glossy-Box unfortunately they're not :-(

    Maybe I should come up with my own ha!

    Great post though, I actually did think it was Glossybox at first and was disappointed at how downhill the packaging had gone :/ It's pretty bad how they're just blatantly copied Glossybox though



  5. This actually looks pretty good! what products did you get? can you do a more in depth one, i'm trying to decide whether to get this or Glossy Box :/ haha i'll probably end up getting both, doh!

  6. I have just ordered my first Glossy Box a couple of weeks ago but have to wait until the September box. I am a tad worried about a comment from someone about them not being cruely free so I'll have to make sure I read the products carefully when they arrive!


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