Monday, August 22

Aussie Summer Party Pack Winners

It's finally time to select my winners for the Aussie giveaway I hosted on Friday! The lucky 7 girls who win receive a Summer Pack and a chance to go to the biggest Aussie event yet. I won't be attending this as I am under 18, but for those who win congratulations! I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing your flip flops like me, and eating your fizzing candy..

I had to use a thimble to stand it up, ever so coool of me. 

The winners are (drumroll please):

Lorna Rose        Caz        Sarah        Laura        Amy        Wendy        Angie

edit: as only 2 winners got back to me, the winners were selected via twitter. sorry to those who were too late, but I had to give the entries in within a certain time.

Congratulations girlies! Expect an email from me shortly, or if you're super lovely you could simply email me your full name and address..


  1. Yay for me and the other winners :D

  2. That picture is wicked! Thimbles ROCK! ;) congrats to the winners xxx


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