Monday, August 22

500(+50) Giveaway Winners!

I can't thank you all enough if you entered my 500(+50) Batiste & Tangle Teezer giveaway, and for all of you who went the extra mile to tweet or link my giveaway! It's so nice to see just how many people actually participate in my blog and decide to leave a comment. If I could give you all giant hugs now I definitely would.

I have chosen my lovely winners, and the two gorgeous ladies who were cherry picked by me for their answers to the question 'What is your favourite season and why?' are..

Adrienne (Sunday Girl) and Lauren (Love Laugh Lauren)

Congrats ladies, you'll both have a Batiste Blush 400ML & Pink Tangle Teezer coming your way!

Adrienne's answer: 'My favourite season is Autumn, I'm a little (okay a lot) obsessed with Halloween. I'm not even kidding when I say I have a halloween cardigan that has a haunted house on it with working noises! I've said to much....'

Why I chose her answer: This answer made my sides split, no kidding. I can just imagine her going to Tesco in a cardigan that makes noises. Imagine how scared all the little kids would be! I secretly really want one now.

Lauren's answer: 'My favourite season is winter. I've been a keeno skiier since I was tiny and I love how many memories i've accumulated over the years from my various skiing trips. nothing beats chilling in the mountains in front of a fire with a hot chocolate- cliche I know but gorgeous all the same :)'

Why I chose Lauren's answer: During secondary school I actually went on a skiing trip, but I hated it. I don't like going fast and it was just one huge fail. I do however remember that on the day I wasn't feeling well, my favourite teacher got me a hot chocolate in a little restaurant on the mountains. It felt really weird spending the day with her, but we had an amazing time!

Char (CharFMB), Lauren (Gotta Love A Trier) and Jade (Fashion & Beauty Disaster)

I used Random.Org to pick the winners of the Batiste XXL, and these are the gorgeous girls that were picked. I hope you all enjoy and that it's made your day that little bit cheerier! Congrats ladies, you'll all have a Batiste XXL 200ML coming your way!


If you could all email me (address in the sidebar) your Full Name and Address to me that would be fantastic. I'll then pass these onto Batiste and Tangle Teezer so they can ship you the prizes!


  1. OMG I won eeeeeeeek thank you so much you little munchkin just for that I'm so going to take a pic of me in my cardi at halloween and send you it haha! thanks again lovely :D xxxx

  2. yay!! thanks so much Sophie! been wanting to try XXL for ages!

    will e-mail you now xx

  3. Thank you!! Will email you now! xx

  4. Super lovely blog!



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