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Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing some products I received from Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics, a company that's lately made a big impact throughout Twitter! I was asked as 1 of 10 to review a selection of their products, which is what I'll be doing now. I wanted to give the products a proper review so have reviewed each in great detail, hope I don't bore you too much!

I was so excited to try the Mineral Primer, with Honeysuckle extract and Jojoba Oil. The website explains that it leaves your skin with a silk-to-powder touch, which I totally agree with. It feels similar to the Benefit POREfessional, with a silky and easy to blend texture that turns quickly to a powder finish. It's pretty strange, but reduces the look of pore and allows me to blend my foundation so smoothly. This definitely keeps my foundation in place all day. I tried using it with my MAC Mineralize Satinfinish which slides off the face in seconds, and this kept it firmly in place for much longer than usual. When using with the Young Blood Liquid Foundation it keeps my foundation firmly on my face all day without looking as shiny. I'm definitely savouring my sample for as long as possible.

for pictures of me sporting the foundation, see my previous post.

The Deep Sea Hydrating Complex within this foundation is 'rich in ocean minerals and nutrients for superior hydration'. It contains Willow, Cactus, Magnolia Extract, Grapefruit, Cucumber, and Natural Essential Oils such as Ylang Ylang. The mineral foundation also contains SPF by using Titanium Dioxide which reflects UV rays. I received the shade Sand which was a tiny bit too dark/yellow yet I find it so easy to blend that it doesn't really matter! I love the coverage of this, I'd say it's light/medium depending on how much you apply. It gives your skin the 'naturally perfect' finish, making it seem as though you aren't even wearing foundation. Applying powder to this is definitely optional (depending on how long you want it to last) as it looks just as good with or without. I wouldn't recommend it for dry, flakey skin but think it would be perfect for anyone with Normal/Combination skin like myself. I'm contemplating buying this when the sample runs out as I can't find a single major thing wrong with it. I may have found my Holy Grail foundation!

I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about trying this translucent powder, as I'm more than happy with my MAC MSFN and couldn't think of buying any other powder for the rest of eternity. However when I tried this I did have a little 'ooh', it's very expensive for the amount of product you receive but you don't have to use much at all. I dab my brush lightly into the powder, tap off the excess and then blend lightly across my t-zone. This leaves my skin feeling soft and gets rid of any shine, which is perfect for the summer months! I love wearing this to work as it means I don't have to re-powder throughout the day; a god send when you're out and about. The website says this leaves the skin 'almost looking airbrushed' which I agree with to a certain point. It does hide quite a lot of imperfections, reduce the oil/shine and conceals any redness or flush I may have, but it doesn't make my skin look perfectly airbrushed. It's not a miracle product but is very very good if you don't have the time to powder your face throughout the day.

Welcome, Young Blood's gorgeous tinted moisturiser; a tint recommended for dryer skin types, available in 6 different shades. I received this in the shade Natural which is slightly too dark to wear on a daily basis, but I've been mixing it with my Liz Earle Moisturiser to lighten the colour which has works perfectly. This is really light in texture and feels like you're applying a thin layer of moisturiser on it's own, without a thick liquid tint clogging your pores. It's 'packed with anti-oxidents of Kiwi Extract and Vitamin E' as well as Liquorice Root Extract to calm redness, while Menthol cools the skin. This also contains ingredients that blend to protect skin cells and tissue, especially from environmental damage. It evens my skin tone without creating a cakey effect that some tinted moisturisers leave on the skin, and I've been relying on this for the days that are too hot to wear foundation. I have also been wearing it around the house as it gives the slightest coverage I want without the feeling of covering my skin. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone, I just wish I'd received a lighter shade so I could truly enjoy it!

I haven't really been using this as a Moisturise Tint (like the one above) as it looks very dark when all over the face on me, so I have been using it as a bronzer. I apply a small amount to my cheek bones and any other places that naturally get the sun. The very slight shimmer gives a glowing, healthy look which is perfect for the summer. I bet this would be absolutely great by the pool side or even just at the beach in sunny old Cornwall! It's so easy to apply and really evens out my skin tone. Great for defining your cheek bones girls!

If you would like to check out Young Blood's products, you can do so here.
If you've survived this entire post, you deserve a medal!

What do you think? Are you thinking about buying one the items I've mentioned?

I received these products to review, but this has not changed my views. All opinions are 100% honest.


  1. Only just come accross your blog as I've just started mine! Love everything about it. Your product reviews are fab =) x

  2. I'm definitely interested in the foundation after reading yours and Zoe's reviews.x

  3. Great product review! I heard a lot of things about Young Blood Cosmetics. Thanks for shedding some light on a few of their products. Definitely need to check them out myself. Great blog!

  4. Sounds good, I'd never heard of them before! Pretty pricey, but are you saying it's worth it?!


  5. Great review, i'm not sure i'd make a purchase, but they look very interesting, i personally like to be able to test things first! But great review

  6. These are very very expensive but sound great!

  7. Great review, very informative.

    Sadie x


  8. I love these products. i use them on myself and in my Day Spa. I just wish the company would do some advertising so everyone would know how amazing the products are. Leah

  9. great review thanks for sharing xxxxx

  10. oh my gosh! you have such GREAT taste. i love all of these products and thanks for reviewing! and a wonderful blog! i'd love for you to check mine out and give a few of your opinions on it! :)

    follow me?

  11. WOW fab review. Really want to try YoungBlood but no idea if it'll be any good for my skin or suit my skin tone.


  12. I,m big on primers, so I am def going to check this baby out! Fab post.x

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  14. Ooo really glad to see a review on these products, i've seen them all over twitter looking for reviewers...a little cautious about spending that much money on a fairly unknown brand :/ xx

  15. I've just added your blog button to my side bar.
    Please have a look - follow me if you like?
    Thank you,
    R x


  16. Menthol is actually an irritating agent to the skin! Check with Paula's choices for references. I am not very convinced on this yet...Maybe other products within this range have better ingredients..


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