Sunday, July 10

Sunday Summary (11)

Here's a few sexy shots of me with a floral garland on, just cos'. Flowers make you cool, it's official. ;)

For those wondering, I'm only wearing my gorgeous Young Blood Mineral Primer and Mineral Liquid Foundation with a hefty sprinkling of MAC MSFN. Pretty nifty foundation; lasts all day, easy to blend, looks natural. It needs HG status fo' sho'.
  • I found these photos on the old Macbook from a few moons ago and thought I'd grace your screens with my pretty face. I've been quite partial to taking snap shots lately as it's nice to see what your makeup looks like in photos. I've been trying some Young Blood products but haven't yet got around to writing a review. The review will just be love, love, love though as their products are bloody fantastic. I'm gonna have to get my hands on their Moisture Tint as it's totally knocked my want for Laura Mercier's out of the water.
  • I'm biscuit mad! I have been chomping on the biscuits more than a fat kid eats cake.. making me soon to be a fat kid. I'm gonna go cold turkey for the next week I think, to try and get me out of the bad habit. Talking of bad habits.. I've started getting into a crap sleep routine.. 2am-10am! I'm constantly shattered. I always have an energy spurt at about 12 at night so if I don't get to sleep before 12 I can't drift off. I have so many bad habits.
  • A few twitter girlies (cough Emma cough) will know my obsessed with Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps. Oh god, I'm so obsessed with Will Mellor. Phwoar! Emma doesn't seem to have a mutual hotness rating for him though. Can't see why.. he's 100% gorge. I'm lucky enough to see him for 30-40 mins every other night (on the TV of course) and see him in the programme In With The Flynns. I have to announce it whenever I'm on Twitter. I'm gonna have to buy the Two Pints box set I think..
  • Due to my extreme boredom I've been carefully constructing buttons for a few lovely bloggers this week. Ever since I had a quite severe obsession with Neopets when I was little, I've had a kick start in HTML and Paint. I seem to be able to help with some HTML problemos, but yet my own layout is lacking on the hotness front right now. I'd promised myself I would buy myself a blog makeover but just haven't had the money to splash out on that. I would rather spend it on the Two Pints box set... phwoar. 
  • I have been loving my MAC palette to the moon and back this week. My favourite shades are Phloof!, Naked Lunch, Patina and Satin Taupe. They've been my daily neutrals when ever I'm shovelling on my slap! I need some more eyeshadows similar to either Naked Lunch or Patina though as I'm in love with them, I have 5 spaces to fill in my palette waiting for some. I have been thinking about getting Twinks too, just because it looks peerrddyy. If you have any ideas let me know.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

I was not sponsored by Primark to be wearing their floral head garland.. it's just too damn cute.


  1. Love the photos, the headband is a really lovely touch! I adore my MAC palette, and Patina and Satin Taupe are my favourite colours! x

  2. I really need to get myself a mac palette! love the headband (: xx

  3. Oh no the dreaded biscuit madness!!! i suffered a while ago and managed to stop ( there is hope out there!! ) :) but then my mum brought me animal biscuits and iced gems and oh my i scoffed!! she's had to stop buying them now so im just addicted to belvita breakfast biscuits now!! xx

  4. i've never actually seen two pints of lager, definitely sounds like im missing out though haha! And my sleeping habit has been so bad lately too, going to bed at 3/4 and waking up at 1pm..! love the headband! x

  5. what cute photos! love the garland :) i wont let myself have biscuits in the house or i will munch through them so quickly!! :) xx

  6. Love the flowers! A MAC palette is deffo on my xmas list! xxx

  7. Love the flowers they are awesome :) Flowers definitely make you cool!
    Would you consider making me a blog button/header?
    Only if you have time I dont want to bother you or anything but I am a failure at technology! Dont worry if you cant but if you would like to could you email me as

    Ta :) xxx

  8. The flowers are cute :-)
    I need Patina in my life. Soon!
    And thanks again for the blog button! x

  9. neopets! i loved that when i was younger, i was so obsessed haha xx

  10. That's so pretty! I love it. I adore your blog by the way and will definitly come back to read more of your posts! I wish you lots of luck with it.

    All the best,


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