Friday, July 1

Style Lovin': Catherine Elizabeth (Duchess Of Cambridge)

Ever since Kate Middleton started dating William Windsor we've been oohing and awing over her gorgeous outfits. It's nice to know she still shops at the high street even though she's now a Duchess, and even her more expensive outfits have been sell outs almost automatically. The Reiss Shola dress (£175) showed in the second photo from the left had so much interest from copy-kates that it made the website crash!

There isn't much I can say about her style, it's graceful, well thought out and really feminine. It's not controversial and yet she's the most talked about woman around right now; yet nobody really thinks anything bad of her. Not from what I've seen anyway! She stole our hearts when she kissed William on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and she stole our purses the moment we found out she was wearing a mix of Bourjois and Essie nail polish. I, however, like a Duchess kept calm and didn't sway by temptation. ;)

What do you think of Catherine's style? Yay or Nay?

I didn't save the URLs I used for these images, but all are sourced from Google and are not my own. Sorry!


  1. Definitely a big YAYYYYY.And i agree that her style is very graceful. Beautiful. xx

  2. Oooo you know my thoughts on this = DEFINITE style icon for me = YAY! :D (Don't know if you've see, but her arrival dress for Canada yesterday is simple yet stunning).

  3. I love her too - a breath of fresh air for the Royal Family xx

  4. I really like her style! It's elegant, and everyone can channel it!


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