Sunday, July 31

A really old FOTD

I found these photos on my Macbook and decided to let you have a little look. God I look chubby (and a little angry, I apologise for that)!

If I can remember rightly I'm wearing Sable and All That Glitters by MAC, and Revlon Colorstay foundation. Except for that I'm clueless as I think these photos were taken at least 2 months ago when I first got my gorgeous sideways cross necklace from here. I was going for natural hair here, and for some reason it was wavy when my hairs as straight and flat as a pancake. Weird!

I just wanted to give you a pretty hideous excuse as to why I've not been blogging much lately. I've just changed my options at college to Art: Graphics, Art: Photography, Sociology and Business Studies rather than the Art Level 3 Extended Diploma. As I've made this decision, I have been speaking to mum about buying a DSLR camera for the Photography course so I can have it at all times rather than renting from the college. I have set my mind on the Canon 600D with it's humungous £799 price tag. Ouch. I will be paying back my parents about 20% of what I earn each month to pay for the camera myself, and have been waiting until I get my brand spanking new camera to blog. I've stopped blogging as much as I hate the photos my iPhone is taking and have been waiting for better quality.

I'll be back to blogging as usual very soon as I hope to get the camera tomorrow, but until then.. Have a great Sunday!


  1. awwww you look so beautiful! love your round and innocent eyes <3 i have a heart shaped forehead just like yours i don't like it on my but goes with you :)

  2. I think your photo's look fab!

    Looking forward to hearing how you find your new camera, I was looking for a new one yesterday as handbag camera died and my DSLR is too large to carry around all of the time so I've decided to go for a sony nex 5 to use as my handbag camera.

  3. I can't wait to see what your new camera will bring us :)

  4. Aww, I love looking over old photos - even when they're only from a few months ago, it always shocks me how much I've changed!
    Ooh, exciting news about the camera, my Canon is definitely one of my prized possessions, definitely worth the cash, and it's so responsible of you to have worked out a way for paying for it yourself xx


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