Saturday, July 9

Ingrid & Luke's 'Who Says' Cover by Selena Gomez

I just wanted to share this Youtube video with you, it's absolutely amazing. I don't really like the original song but love this. I think it's mostly because I love Ingrid's beauty videos so much. She's received a bit of criticism for her voice being slightly edited/changed, but it had to be as she's got such a high voice (which would have just sounded odd for the song). Check it out if you haven't already :)


  1. Hey I love ur blog... i saw this video a few days ago and think it is great I love Ingrid lol...

    i'm trying to promote my blog so I would love it if u could check it out and let me know what u think. Thanks xmwahx

  2. ahh love this, i bought their version on itunes cause i love it so much haha, cant say i'm keen on the original xx

  3. Wow I love this cover, I've become slightly addicted to this song after the numerous amounts of coverage its had on the disney channel and this cover is just fab! Deffo think about buying it on itunes.



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