Friday, July 22

500(+50) Follower Giveaway: *CLOSED*

I think a mini party is in order, I've reached 500 followers! (550 now, but who's counting) As a thank you to you all I'm holding a giveaway in which 5 of you could win, how cool is that? If you'd like to win.. just have a little look below!

To show you what you'll be in with a chance of winning I've made a very amateur little diagram below. The rules below will explain which you would like to win, and how to enter.

This giveaway entails two followers winning a bright pink tangle teezer and 400ml can of Batiste blush, and three followers winning a 200ml can of Batiste xxl.

To be entered you must:

Follow my blog via GFC and leave your GFC name below. Leave your email address so I can contact you, if you don't do this you won't be entered.

You must then answer the following question as uniquely as possible: 'What is your favourite season and why?' (i.e summer, winter)

How I'll pick the winners:

I will cherry pick the two most unique and interesting answers (the more creative the better), and the two winners will receive a Pink Tangle Teezer + Batiste Blush set.

I will then use Random.Org to pick three winners of a Batiste XXL. If your name is picked, I will just redraw.

If you would like to increase your chances of winning a Batiste XXL, you can do the following:

+1 extra entry: Follow me on twitter, and tweet 'Sophie over at @beautycfw is giving away Batiste & Tangle Teezers! xx' (Post your twitter name in your comment, or link to the comment)

+1 extra entry: Add my blog button to your sidebar (Let me know in your comment, if you already have my blog button on your blog please say as this will still count)

+1 extra entry: Put the above image in your sidebar and link it to this giveaway! (Leave the link to your blog in your comment)

This giveaway will end on Friday the 19th of August at midnight (BST) and is open to UK residents only, sorry!

*I received all products for free to give away to my amazing followers, but I love the products 110%.*

disclaimer: you must have an active blog to enter this giveaway, any blogs set up purely for giveaways will not be counted. the prizes are to UK only as Batiste cannot send outside of the UK. please make entries clear and all info correct. the photo of Batiste blush in this giveaway is from the amazing Jess's blog


  1. I am dying for a tangle teezer!
    My favourite season is winter because I adore cozying up around the fireplace with my partner and sharing warmth; its the time when i feel most close to him as during summer i can't stand to hold hands or cuddle in the hot sticky weather! My birthday is also in the winter, which I love as last year the first drop of snow fell at midnight on my birthday; simply beautiful!

  2. Hi hun big congrats on the follower your doing so well :)

    eeekk had to enter- ive wanted a tangel teaser for SO long!!

    My favourite season is summer because its the perfect time for brights and i love bright colours- they make me happy. Plus i get to play outside with my boys :)

    ive tweeted and already have you blog button ;)

    my email is


  3. Tweeted as well, just tweeted your @ with it! My details are and you know my blog ;) love your amazing giveaways, mwah! xx

  4. I'd love to enter!
    My favourite season is Spring because everyday I walk past a house with a cherry blossom tree and when it blossoms in Spring it's really beautiful! It reminds me of gorgeous japanese gardens and how one day I'd love to visit them.
    GFC name: Olivia

  5. I follow by GFC 'Jade Hewitt'

    My favourite season is definately winter, not only do I LOVE snow (I'd even go as far as to say I love the disruption it causes, to see people freaking out about the white stuff really does make my day when they are totally overreacting) but I also love to wrap up; getting all my snuggly stuff out so I have an excuse to cover up the bits of my body that I don't like! Winter also means that Christmas is coming (YAY!! I still like to believe that father christmas is real so I'd appreciate it if people don't ruin my little dream world haha) and also my birthday is on the 20th December; double whammy, wayhey! And finally its an excuse to buy loads of lush smelling lipbalms to stop my lips from drying up!!

    If you would like to increase your chances of winning a Batiste XXL, you can do the following:

    I follow you on twitter (@toofat4fashion) I RT'd your first tweet about this giveaway and I also posted another tweet about it

    I put the image above in my sidebar and linked it to the giveaway

    thanks for the giveaway!!


  6. Hey congrats on the follows hun :)
    My GFC is Jess, my email is & I already follow you on twitter and i'll tweet a link too my twitter is @justjesswoah.

    My favourite season is Autumn, just because I like to walk around and step on cripsy leaves just like a child. The best sound in the world :)

  7. My favourite season is most definitely summer as its the only one where the sun actually makes an appearance everyone once in a while! And with the sun brings partys and flowers and ice cream and everything nice!
    Well done on the followers sweetie! Your blog is one of my favs and i hope you keep going with it!:)

  8. congrats on 500 followers! :)

    Have added your button to my side bar & i tweeted about the giveaway too @Katiie0210.

    My favourite season has got to be autumn because its my birthday then! :P

    GFC; Kate

  9. Well done Soph, so good to see you grow with success from when I first followed you!

    My favourite season is probably winter, despite the fact its freezing, im going to be really superficial and say for the fashion. Summer is nice but you cant wear many layers and it just gets so hot for makeup and you feel icky, I love the weather and being tanned and the sun makes my mood rocket but the winter is more easier to handle. You can make yourself a temperature comfy for you and I love winter makeup, like rosy cheeks and smokey eyes. Plus of course I love winter for the christmas presents and the lead up to christmas! Just so magical!

    I already have your blog button on my blog.


  10. Congrats on the 500+ followers! Hopefully I will get there in the future someday :)

    It's hard to choose a fave season as it depends on weather/mood, but I'm going to choose Winter. This is because I hardly ever see my boyfriend as he's in the Royal Navy, and when I do get to see him in the Winter, I love to wear nice thick coats, woolly hats and patterned tights, don some boots and take the dogs for a walk together, and then come home and snuggle whilst watching a film together before having a nice warm comforting meal! Kinda cheesy but its true :)

    GFC: Tamsin
    twitter: titchtamsin

    I've just tweeted about it too :) xx

  11. Paige joelee

    My favourite seasons is Autumn because I like to sit in my room while being dry and watch everyone else outside get soaked in the torrential rain :D

  12. I love summer because the bright sunshine manages to lift my mood and bring a smile to my face every single time :) xxx
    beautyful fashion

  13. CHARfmb

    my favourite season is Autum because i love seeing all the colours changing and seeing the real effects of the seasons changing and all the leaves. I love walking through the fields and kicking around in the crusty leaves, in which ill go out of my way to walk on just to hear them crunch! I love being able to be all childish with conkers and playing conkers with my friends and just being able to have a touch of child hood in me again, and remembering the songs i used to sing when i was little (conkers lots of lovely conkers) i love being able to wear scarfs and having a touch of winter but not quite yet. I just love it going for long walks with my family and the dogs.
    well done on 500(550;) followers and love reading your blog!xxxx

  14. congrats on the 550 followers sophie!
    my GFC is emmabeans (or emmabeans89.. unsure) and email is

    My favourite season is Spring as the weather isn't too unpredictable, you can still layer up without needing a jacket but all the crocuses, daffodils and little bunny rabbits come out!
    Second favourite season (I have 2 yes) is Winter as it's my birthday 4 days before xmas and snuggling up with a hot choc or bowl of soup in fluffy slippers is SO good!)

    FYI i already have a tangle teezer so if i were to win I'd be giving it my mum- just in case it looked greedy :)

    (tweeted too, @emmabeans)

  15. Following your blog and following you on twitter as @Miss_Sofia_Q

    My favourite season has to be summer, despite the fact that we don't really get it here! thats probably why I appreciate it so much and on top of that it makes me wanna dress up pretty and girly!
    I also like it when it spontaneously rains when its hot...Its beautiful :) xx

  16. Winter is probably my favorite season (though suffering through this 100+ degree summer heat has probably made me a little biased).

    The pro's: christmas, family, cuddling up inside, winter fashion = best, holiday cheerfulness in general, christmas break, and the list goes on...

    The con's: rude/crazed shoppers (especially bad when you're working retail -_-), sometimes rain/freezing temperatures can get old.

    Every season has its downsides, but I think winter is definitely the most magical season and the one with the most manageable con's (especially if you aren't working retail) and the most wonderful pro's.

  17. Enter me please :)

    My favourite season is spring. Why? The mixture of weather. I was born in April, it was snowing on the day I was born, this year on my birthday it was like summer! We now seem to have our summer in spring which is good!
    Spring to me also means Six Nations Rugby which means a great excuse to get together for my girls for plenty of all dayers!
    There is also my birthday as mentioned above, who doesn't love their birthday?
    Also, in Spring you have the build up to summer, which is far more exciting than the let down that summer actually is!

    I hate 'predictable' seasons such as summer because the predicted weather that you expect and hope for always lets you down!

    And daffodils! I love daffs!

    I follow via GFC as xXxStundonxXx
    I tweeeted here!/xXxStundonxXx/status/94484214610796545
    I linked in my side bar
    and am wearing your badge with pride :)


  18. My favourite season is Autumn because the weather is similar to Summer but you also have a cool breeze. I also like that you can wear Summer and Winter clothes in Autumn. Skirts, jeans, jumpers, anything! I also love the deep shades of reds and oranges the leaves turn and how crunchy they are on the ground!
    GFC name: Louise

  19. Ooh please enter me :) gfc name: dizzybrunette3 Email: :)

    My favourite season has to be summer! Why? Because I love being able to wear shorts and not be looked at like I'm a crazy lady. Having a natural tan and not staining the bed sheets with fake tan. And of course summer holidays- it's my favourite time of the year for sure!

    Thanks :) x

  20. Well done on all the followers you'll be at 1000+ soon :)

    My favourite season is Autumn, I'm a little (okay a lot) obsessed with Halloween. I'm not even kidding when I say I have a halloween cardigan that has a haunted house on it with working noises!I've said to much....

    I'm follow you on twitter and will send out a cheeky tweet right now!

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!xxxx

    GFC- Adrienne

  21. GFC: SammiBx

    congrats on 500 followers!

    Autumn is my all time favourite season as it's just inbetween summer & winter. I love when the leaves fall off the trees and kicking them underneath my feet as I walk. I love the colours, everything is gorgeous warm colours like maroon/red. I love seeing conkers on the ground which remind me of my childhood. I love when it gets quite chilly but the sun is still out and also I love wrapping up in scarves!


  22. GFC: 30somethingmel

    I retweeted your tweet about the giveaway and follow you under 30somethingmel

    Favourite month would be Winter, I love how it gets cold and everything is frosty outside. I love Christmas because I have children and they make it special but I also love Winter as it means it'll be my birthday after New Year! Mel xxxx

  23. Congratulations on reaching 500 followers!

    I would have to say Summer is my favourite season. The sunshine always lifts my moods and makes me think anything's possible (extremely cheesy statement but still true :/)
    - Also I always feel the cold so I need the sun!

    I tweeted your giveaway and am already a follower on twitter and GFC :)

    GFC: Carrie
    Twitter: @BlueButterfly3o

    Carrie x

  24. Hiya, I follow via GFC and I also tweeted (@slhxbeauty).
    Now, I think we both know my answer to this question I feel because of my name I should really answer with Summer! However due to hay fever and very pale skin which is easily burnt it's also quite a traumatising time but I shall still go with my name sake!

  25. enter me please :)
    i follow as lauren! oh and congratulations on reaching 500! :)
    My favorite season is probably winter! i'm a big fan of the snow and i like the fact it makes everything brighter and look cleaner hah, also with snow comes a few snow days off school so can't complain!

  26. Enter me please!
    I have tweeted, @LAAUREN_LOVE :)
    I also have your blog button on one of my pages, i'm not sure if that counts hehe :)
    My favourite season is winter. I've been a keeno skiier since I was tiny and I love how many memories i've accumulated over the years from my various skiing trips. nothing beats chilling in the mountains in front of a fire with a hot chocolate- cliche I know but gorgeous all the same :)
    thanks hun! x

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  29. hello~ I follow u as Sweet Kawaii Boutique.
    My favourite season might be spring where all the pretty flowers blooms.It cheers me up when I can see beautiful flowers on the streets,garden and park.Can't wait for spring again~
    My email:
    Name: jasmin beh
    Love your blog,always so sweet,ur smile is so sweet~just like the spring of flowers~

  30. Well done on your 500+ followers, shows all the hard work you have put in :)
    My favourite season is Spring, the flowers are beautiful, and let's be honest the weather is always better in April/May than it is even in the summer in England! I'm also getting married in April, so it will continue to be my favourite season forever I think!
    GFC - Jessica Mills
    Email -
    Tweeted you as well: @jessymills

  31. GFC: tinkerbelldani

    My favorite season has to be the summer! I adore all the fashion trends that come out, so much more bright and cheery, the weather is lovely and everyone seems very happy, all the events start like festivals etc and i get to take my 2 sons to the beach and for fab days out, in the winter things like that are pretty hard to do when it's so cold and i hate the thought of one of them getting the cold or flu. I look forward to getting little bits in for my summer wardrobe like new flip flops, even if they are just from primark :) makes a lovely change from being stuck in all winter :)

    Thank you xox

  32. Im a follow via GFC as izzy
    My favourite season has to be winter as its christmas time and at christmas time my dad doesnt have as much work to do so we see him more than once a week :)
    enter me please

  33. thank you for this giveaway :)
    Im a follower via GFC & my name is Cotton2. My email is
    My favourite season has got to be the spring. I love the weather during this time and the fashion trends!.
    <3 xo

  34. First off: Congrats!:)
    I'd say my favourite season is Autumn because it is first of, perfect weather- not to hot and not to cold. And it was also Autumn when I met my boyfriend, so it always reminds me of that :-). It also has the perfect colours of neutral shades and what not xx

  35. Lovely giveaway Sophie! :)
    My favourite season is Christmas, because I like to eat cake, drink hot chocolate and generally get fat before working it all off for summer! :)
    GFC - hannah.
    Email -
    I also tweeted as Hannah_Paton :)

    Thank you xxx

  36. thanks for this good giveaway :)
    GFC- Olivia
    my favourite season is winter as it is my birthday, christmas and new year ! and I love trends in winter :) xxx

  37. Congrats on over 500 (nearly 600 now!) followers! :D

    I follow via GFC as Whimsical Wolf.

    My favourite season is Autumn. I love how beautiful it becomes outside, how it gets slightly chillier and makes me cherish the warmer days even more. I find sunsets more powerful and nostalgic in Autumn, as the sky and tree's red leaves both turn red. Even though they look as alive and vibrant as ever, the plants are dying, which makes the season quite bittersweet for me as well. I also have fond memories of walking my dogs in the rain and mud, then having to chase them round the house with a towel afterwards :)


  38. Congrats on so many followers! I follow with GFC as Anything but your average 16 year old girl and my email is :).

    My favourite season is the spring. We get our first glimpses of what summer will be like! Seeing the lambs in the fields and the daffodils along the sides of the roads makes me happier to be Welsh than any other season. I think we have something particularly special here in Wales in the Spring- it just feels magical having all the energy building up as we approach summer!

    Sara xx

  39. Congratulations on reaching 500 (+82!) followers. You really deserve them all and thankyou so much for this give-away. I follow on GFC using the name Bel'Rose.
    My favourite season is just coming up, Autumn. It will sound shallow but one of the main reasons is because it the easiest to dress for. In Summer I crave warm winter jumpers and coats and in Winter I want to wear dresses and in Autumn I get to wear both- Win!
    I also think that it is one of the most beautiful seasons because of all of the earthy and warm colours which make me wish I was good at art because I find them so inspiring!
    Finally, Autumn is the season that I met my wonderful boyfriend in so it will always be a favourite.
    Bel' xx (

  40. Congrats on the followers :) I follow you with GFC
    my hotmail address is

    I also tweeted here have a look ! xx!/Spampoodle

    Much Love H

  41. Contrats Sophie :)

    I wasn't going to enter simply because I don't have anything interesting/unique to say haha :(! But here we go anyway. My favourite season is summer for a few reasons. 1) THERE IS NO EDUCATION! It's nice to not feel approaching doom as I know I have no annoying deadlines! 2) It's sunny(ish) which always puts everyone in good moods 3) My cats love getting a tan, and the cat lady inside me reckons if they're happy... I am happy 4) Strawberry season! Ohnomnomnom

    I tweeted your competition also on my twitter name emma0m ... My email is (yes I'm one for really 'out there quirky names' ahem)

    (oh and of course I follow your blog on gfc)
    Em xx

  42. W arm fires
    I ndoor paradise
    N ew cosy slippers
    T ime off work
    E ating Christmas food
    R andom snow days

    All of the above are reasons I love winter!

    I follow on GFC as Lauren
    Tweeted from @gottaloveatrier
    Link on my sidebar -
    Also have you blog button on my 'Blogs I <3' page!

    Thanks Sophie :) x

  43. GFC - Tamara Lily
    email -
    Twitter - @misstamaralily

    winter is definitely my favourite month, mainly because of christmas! i go crazy over it - decorating the house at the first opportunity, blasting britney's 'only wish this year' along with all the traditional carols and wishing for snow. there's nothing better than lounging in front of the log fire with a mug of hot chocolate in the standard primark fluffy socks after a hard day's shopping for prezzies (partly for other people.. mostly for yourself). christmas sales and departments are the best! i think it's so sad that people let the magic die as they get older :( plus winter fashion > rest of the year fashion.

    oops essay.


  44. My favourite season is summer because then I can prove to all the non believers that gingers can actually tan!

    Natalie x

  45. Ooh, my favourite season's definitely winter - despite being a summer baby, I just find winter to be so much more serene, and in a strange way, I think I make more of an effort (in everything - work, friends, clothes) in winter. I just love the feeling of wrapping up in layers, preparing for the cold, and the sensation of coming home to a warm house when you've been out battling the elements all day.
    I think winter has the best atmosphere, as a season, too - with all the festivities surrounding Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and everything in between, there's so much to look forward to and get involved in, absolutely lovely.
    Plus, I am reduced to a child every year, wishing for a snow day.

    Sorry if this is a bit of an essay!
    My GFC is francesca_sophia, email is :)

  46. my favourite season is winter just cosying up to people and the dog ,wrapping up in so much clothes its a joke even losing gloves which happens often and bonfire night bonfire lollies are avaibale the christmas lights coming on and santa coming down the street and yeah i am 17 and still love it
    GFC jessie16x09x93 email is

  47. My favourite season would have to be autumn. I love wearing layers with boots and doing make-up inspired by the beautiful foliage that's around through the weeks. It's also a time for new starts as it's the time I start school so it's a great time for meeting new people, trying new things and just having fun. I'm not a fan of heat or cold so autumn is perfect for me; I love it!
    My GFC name is Eleanor and my email is
    Thank-you for entering me :)

  48. GFC - Lorna Rose
    E-mail -

    My FAVOURITE season has to be winter. I do take pride in my appearance but I much prefer wearing ugg boots, velour trousers, mens hoodies, hats, ear muffs,mittens and scruffy 'wind swept' hair than shorts and a boob tube. My Body confidence in summer is low due to all the really skinny girls with their flesh out, but in the winter it doesn't even matter because every one s covered head to toe! Also, my nephew loves snow. Last year the snow came up to his stomach (he's 3) and to me there's nothing more special than him seeing and enjoying the coldest months as much as he does the hot ones!

    Lovely giveaway, my hair needs a tangle teaser big time! haha

  49. Oh and I follow and I tweeted and your links in my sidebar, dunno if that counts ;)!

  50. Lovely giveaway! :)
    GFC- Shannon

    Favourite season? Autumn!

    I love the feeling of a 'fresh start' that I always used to get when I started a new school year, and after the hot, humid summer months (that we sometimes get) it's nice for the air to be fresh and clean and crisp! I love going shopping for new snugly jumpers/coats, hats, scarfs and gloves, and the excitement from planning christmas gifts early! I love love love Halloween, I'm such a child :') and snuggling up in bed, with a pot of ben and jerrys, knowing that outside its very chilly, but your tucked up warm! And as my birthdays in August, in the next few months after that, I like the feeling that I'm finallyyyyy whatever age I am, as it seems my birthday takes forever! As a lot of my friends birthdays are in December/January! :)

    Also I would like to add if I had twitter, or an extremely publicised blog, I would follow you on twitter/put your competition in my blogs sidebar, but I don't :) Xx

  51. Lovely giveaway :)
    I follow via GFC as Joy.
    My favourite season is Autumn, because I love the fresheness after a (usually) rainy summer and the weather is crisper and less humid. I also love autumn fashion way more than summer fashion.

  52. Congrats :D
    I follow as (GFC) LIlleyMay

    I love Spring because I am able to get excited about buying and wearing summer clothes wilst still snuggling up warm in my winter warmers!I also love all the baby animals ;D

  53. Well done :)
    GFC: Jenna Suth

    My favourite season is Winter. I love being able to wrap up warm, enjoy hot chocolate by the fire and watch films :) the snows good fun too xo

  54. GFC: Sophie,

    May favourite season is summer because of the gorgeous weather!


  55. Hi! I like the new header :) tis lovely!
    I'm follwoing you on GFC as Kathryn and my email address is:

    My favourite season is Autumn going into winter, you know those bright cold days, where you can wrap up warm and its not raining! I like winter and autumn fashion so much more than summer!!

    Love the blog!

    Kathryn Xx


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