Wednesday, June 15

Ready For The Summer: Primarni Haul!

*I bought all this with money I was 'owed' by my dad. I do all his work invoices & quotations for him, and hadn't been paid in absolutely ages. No nasty comments please xo*

For all you tweeters, you'll have known I went to Plymouth for a major shopping trip on Monday. I've been saving up for what feels like years and finally got to spend it all on some well needed summer clothes to line my wardrobe. I'm not the most fashionable, and I've noticed my style has changed SO much recently. I'll pretty much wear anything that's outrageous and fun. Not one to stick with the trends I guess! I really like the aztec trend at the moment, and also the animal themes. As you can tell I am also really loving sheer blouses, and these are the first I've been able to get my hands on. Love them!

Nothing has photographed very well and everything looks heaps better on, especially the dresses..

These tops look absolutely gorgeous on, they're a pretty sheer cotton. I especially love the bird one!

I can't put into words how amazing these are, I love both equally. I wish they had these in every colour imaginable.

I don't have 'the body' to wear crop tops but they look great with high waisted shorts or jeans. Bring on the 30 Day Shred!

I thought these cardigans would be light enough to wear during the windy days of summer, £10 each though.. Primark have certainly put their prices up!

Again, light material to wear during summer. They are both waterfall cardigans which I find are really flattering on me.

These dressed haven't photographed well at all. They are both super cute on! I love the burnt amber one.

I don't have a clue why I bought the Wonder Woman top, I just whipped it into the basket and paid. I've never got a top like this before, but like it nonetheless. The purple/mauve colour one is just a basic top!

The last item of clothing I got was this skirt. Very nautical?

I was pressured into buying the rose garland, and I thought the daisy headband would look super cute when I'm wearing a summer dress.

Yes this looks hideous, but it looks really nice on! I tried it on as a joke and fell in love, it's beautiful :)

A aztec/boho style bead bracelet, the only piece of jewellery I got. That's a miracle for me!

But.. then I got quite a few pairs of sun glasses. What's a girl to do!

.. and a few more! How cute are the English Flag ones? Very Will and Kate. They were also bought as a joke, but I really like them now..

I said I had a change of style recently didn't I! I think I've gone insane.. Anything you like? Dislike?

P.S, Talking of changing styles: I've changed my peach header to a bright, bold orange and pink. It's from a photo of Sleek Pout Polishes I had from a haul post. I hope you like it, it's a little more summery. I also have a new button for those who use my old one! It's on the left sidebar xx


  1. love those blouses! the birds are so cute, awesome haul, looks like you got a lot! x

  2. It's gorgeous isn't it? It hits my legs at the just the right point to make it super flattering. Utter bargain! xx

  3. i love everything you picked out, so cute! love that orange dress, will have to have a look in primark! the only thing is that the primark where i live is always crazy busy and everything sells out so quickly but hopefully i'll be quick enough xx

  4. Hi there! I'm new to blogging (just started up a blog myself) and have just come across yours! Love the blog and your reviews. This bird blouse is gorg! I've seen it in a few magazines but can't find it in my local primark. Also love the button up dress! x

  5. I love love love the coral and white tops! They're great! And the sunglasses tank is quite cute and fun too.

  6. I bought that green dress with the flowers on too! :D

  7. It's really trendy lately, though I did find quite a few items I thought were just 'eww' before I found some I liked.. My favourites things are the exact things you pointed out :) xx

  8. I didn't see the dress in blue, if I had I would have snatched it up! I find they never have sizes 8 or 10 (I'm a 10) xx

  9. They had some lovely beachwear too :) x

  10.  I love that bird top, the burnt orange dress and the two 'pussy-bow'
    style tops :) Primark has gotten rather spiffy recently lol x

  11. I love that bird top, the burnt orange dress and the two 'pussy-bow' style tops :) Primark has gotten rather spiffy recently lol x

  12. Lovely buys :-) I have the hair bands too love the daisy one. I wanted those chiffon bloses tried to get them todasy and don't have my size :-( and I want that chiffon dress in blue, but again they don't have my size. Great haul :-) xx

  13. I really like those two shirts in the second photo!
    I'm wearing that dress on the left atm but I have it in blue.
    I also bought those coral sunglasses when I bought this :)
    Lovely haul!

  14. I thought I'd release my inner nerd ;) Thankyou! xx

  15. great haul!. needs like i need to pop into primarni before i go on holiday :)

  16. They're gorgeous, and just the right length that you could wear with jeans or leggings :) x

  17. I think they were £8-£10, but I've removed all the labels! Mum has my receipt as I always lose them lol xx

  18. There were so many nice pairs that I had to get 5 ;) xx

  19. Haha sorry! I feel your pain, I have the smallest wardrobe possible so it's always horrible having to find space, I end up with clothes put in all different places around my room. Hope you're all ready for the move though! xx

  20. Love the top with all the glasses on, so cool! The new header is great too x

  21. Those 2 blouses are absolutely gorgeous!! How much are they? It's so annoying not having a primark anywhere near me, I want those! lol xo

  22. I love those blouses, i definately want to pick some up!:) xx

  23. That's a lot of sunglasses!! So many nice things, I love the feather bangle and bird top :) xx

  24. Damn you sophie, making me want to shop when I have no money!
    I love pretty much everything you bought! However I cant buy any clothes now because I am having a clear out after the flat move! Im currently living out of boxes! Not fun! xx


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