Thursday, June 30

Favourite Bloggers of June!

I've been thinking for a while about this, why not collect all my favourite blogs of each month into a post to give them some extra coverage? It'll give them a chance to be seen and will be a way of me showing how much I love these blogs. Every month I find so many new blogs but have no way of showing people just how many great blogs I follow. I'm sure people would get annoyed if I tweeted every second saying 'follow this blog I've found, it's amazing'. This is an easy way of sharing these bloggers and hey.. if you don't like that sort of thing just don't read!

Here's my favourite blogs from June. I don't just love the blogs, I love the people behind them which you'll see when you read below. Some are fairly recent, and I've made sure not to pick blogs I regularly post about for the most of it. By clicking on the  you can visit their twitter pages!

Girl in a Teeny Town: I've not been following Zoe's blog for long, but I already love it. The layout and content is gorgeous, and there isn't one post that doesn't interest me! 
Charli..: I absolutely love Charli as a person! We're always having a chat on Twitter and she's one of my closest fellow bloggers that I always feel I can rely on. Her blog suits me down to the ground, and I love everything about it. 
Dressing Room Chatter: I haven't known Hayley for too long but her posts always get me talking. They always appeal to me and the detail she goes in to is phenomenal, yet you don't get bored! She has some really good lipstick posts (ooh) and some great reviews. I'm always adding things to my wishlist.  
Ditzy Glamour: Jess used to own a blog called Away With The Fairies but deleted it in the spur of the moment. I quickly followed her new blog and love it! She's a really good friend on Twitter; one of my closest and I can always rely on her advice. I can't say how much of a great blogger/friend she is! One in a million :) 

Diamond Solitaire: Zoe! I love Zoe to bits, and am always having a chat with her on Twitter. Like Anna (below), she's a role model and has a really lovely personality. If you want help she's the first to answer! She has so many different eye looks on her blog that you should check out. We have the exact same top too ;) 
Like, Vanilla: Faye's blog is fairly new but I love the layout, and the pictures so big and clear! Her blog posts are informative but aren't at all boring, it's a perfect medium. I really liked her London Haul, but all her posts are brilliant. Definitely going to be an amazing blog. (no twitter) 
Oh So Fresh As A Daisy: I first saw Emma on Twitter when she was giving away a few items (trust me!) and have kept talking to her from then on. She's such a lovely person and has only recently started her own blog! She's knows her stuff and is the kindest girl out there. 
Vivianna Does Makeup: Anna is pretty much a role model to me. She's gorgeous and her blog (and youtube) could entertain me for days! I think I've watched her videos at least 3 times each, and her blog is one of those 'save the best until last' blogs where you read her post after reading everybody elses! 
Adrienne Adores: Adrienne also has the bird top (bit of a private joke thing..) and has a gorgeous blog. She posts really regularly which is great when you love her content! We have a chat on Twitter and she's so friendly with all her followers. A real gem, lovely girl to know. 
Catherine's Loves: I've known Catherine's blog for a while now and it's a favourite! I've spoken to her on twitter for a while too, and she definitely deserves a mention. I love how she always takes her photos in front of a little 'Love' ornament. All the items she shows I either want, love or have ordered! 

A few other favourites to mention: It Is All About Creativity, Daisy Chain Dreams, Affordable Treats, Rachel Phipps

Who are your favourite bloggers this month? Have you found some new blogs from this post?


  1. awww sweetie big huge love!!!! Thank you!! xo

  2. Thank you so much Sophie, found a couple of new blogs too :D xx

  3. Aaaw, this made me so happy! Thank you for giving my little blog a mention :) xx

  4. Love this post! :) I've found some amazing blogs that I'd never read before! xxx

  5. thank you so much for the mention :) I loved this post so many new blogs for me to follow :) xxx

  6. thanks for doing this, I found a few more blogs to follow :) xo

  7. This is so lovely :) so so so so lovely like youuuu!!! x

  8. Aww, thanks for the mention! I can't wait to properly check the rest of these blogs out when I get home tonight!

  9. Thank you so much Sophie :-) will have a proper look at all the others tomorrow. You've made my day! x

  10. Thank you so so much for this mention :o) I'll definitely check out all of the others listed as well. I love how you've put all our headers together!
    Now I owe you big time, for this mention and for introducing me to the bird top ;o) xx

  11. Awww, that is the nicest thing any blogger has said about me! Got me a bit emotional! Lol. Thank you for mentioning, I've got lots of new followers thanks to this post. :)



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