Thursday, June 16

ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balms

A quick eyeslipsface review.. these were sent to me for free but as always my opinions are 100% honest

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some of the brand new lip conditioners when I got a lovely email asking if I'd like to try two. I quickly chose Mellow Melon, a gorgeous peachy pink shade and Peaceful Pink, a pretty pink shade. Neither of them have shimmer and instead have a nice sheen, making them perfect day-to-day colours. I love the great colour payoff and how they aren't as sheer as the Sleek Pout Polishes I own. They are a thick enough consistency to stay on my lips for longer and really moisturise like a lip balm should, while adding colour.

As for the packaging, they're way too big and bulky to carry around. It'd be okay if this was all 'filled' with product; but most is just clear plastic making them quite heavy. They take up way too much space in my lip drawer and are just not very practical to carry in a handbag. I'm also not that happy with the labelling, a tiny clear label on the side of the packaging with the name on in a tiny font. Why couldn't the label have been a big white sticker on the bottom? I like that you have to click it fully closed however, as it makes sure the product doesn't dry up, something most pots/jars don't have.

The pictures show the pretty huge size of these lip balms. The actual product itself is great, and I'd definitely buy them if they weren't so unpractical to carry around. I think these will be the lip balms I take to the beach when I'm wearing minimal makeup and just want something to make me look a little done-up. They also have an SPF of 15, so again, perfect for the beach!

(T to B) Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink

If I was asked whether or not I would repurchase these I'd probably say no, simply because I find them too big to carry around. I think the product itself is amazing and I'd buy every shade under the sun if possible, I just wish the packaging didn't put such a downer on things. The consistency, pigmentation and overall feel of the lip balm is great for a product worth £3.50(7.5g).

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  1. Oh I love the look of Peaceful Pink! x

  2. These really nice if not bulky lol :) x

  3. It's such a shame because the actual product is really good, especially for such a cheap price! xx

  4. I can't with my Acrylics, but I've just had them taken off. I'd love to buy the Sigma E05 (I think) Lip Brush to use with these :)

  5. they look lovely and the packaging looks great too but i agree with you on the size and trying to lug them around wouldnt be enjoyable!

  6. yeah!! i agree with the big size part! other than that i love e.l.f. im your new follower i hope you'll follow back :)

  7. I don't think I'd be able to use my finger to apply them because of long nails!  I guess it's ok if you are using a brush though.  The colours are lovely x

  8. Thats look great!! And i love your blog ;)

    Xoxo Emma


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