Wednesday, June 29

Batiste 'With A Hint Of Colour' Dry Shampoo Review

Before: I've always been the girl who showers everyday and doesn't like camping or getting dirty. I'm a hygiene freak and proud! However, when you're washing out all the nutrients in your hair it makes it produce the oils you're stripping away in no time at all. As I've decided I'm going to 'train my hair' over this lengthy summer holiday, I'll need something to banish the yucky roots while trying to save it!

After: Thankfully Batiste came to the rescue and offered to let me try two of the Tones, a blonde and a medium brown. I did have quite light brown/coppery hair but dyed it a little darker by the time they arrived, meaning the blonde doesn't really suit me. I find the medium brown leaves my hair looking a little less grey than the original and uncoloured scents (sorry Batiste) but these don't have as good a fragrance. I find myself using both a coloured one and a scented one to give me a bit of both!

I shake well, spray into my roots concentrating on my crown and then give my hair a good rub to give me the volume. I brush through and BOOM clean looking hair! This lets me skip daily shampooing (I just use a shower cap), which has saved my hair from all the heat damage of blow drying too. This is all around much better for my hair and it's made me feel good to know I'm helping out my hair. Maybe this will give it the kick it needs to finally grow..

You can buy Batiste 'With A Hint Of Colour' (150ml/£3.05) from their website, and you can find them in Boots, Superdrug as well as pharmacies! 

I'm aware supermarkets don't always sell the full Batiste range. I received these to review, all opinions are 100% honest as usual. P.S, Bramble had to interrupt me while I was taking photos.. such a vain dog!


  1. I live by Baptiste. I have only tried the orginal one though, been a staple of mine since I was 15! Best thing invented!

  2. I love the coloured one - with the original ones I always seem to leave bits of grey in there, although really don't like the smell of the coloured ones!

  3. I still have not got the courage to try this! I have to wash my hair everyday and the thought of using that spray instead unsettles me a little!


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