Thursday, June 30

Favourite Products Of June

It's time for my monthly favourites! Hooray! I've got quite a few different favourites this month and quite a few are rediscoveries. If you'd like to see my favourite bloggers of the month, click here. It's a new series of posts I've put together and would love your support. Onto this months favourites..

My Mac Palette: I have been loving my Mac palette this month since buying a few new MAC products on a recent shopping spree! My favourite eyeshadows are Naked Lunch, Patina and Satin Taupe (left column). All three are absolutely gorgeous so thank you to the girls who recommended them to me.

Maybelline One By One: I love the brush of this mascara, as it's a fat cylinder shape (like the actual bottle) it really pulls the lashes distributing loads of volume at the roots. It also coats every single lash, especially those hard to reach ones in the outer corner of your eye. I do find this doesn't hold curl very well though, but I can forgive it for that!

Sleek Pout Polish in Monte Carlo: I think you all know my love for Pout Polishes by now.. I love how moisturising they are, and just how gorgeous the colour range is. This came out with the Mediterranean collection which was a bit too bright for me, but when this is on my lips it's a really pretty pink. It's not as bright or purple as it looks, it's so wearable!

MAC Hue Lipstick: A lipstick recommended by Hannah, Vivianna and a bunch of girls on Twitter! As Creme Cup is a little too grey on my lips (strange I know) I was begging for someone to recommend a lipstick that would suit me. Everybody said Hue! I tried it on and fell in love. I've been using this pretty much every day since I got it, it's such a lovely neutral colour without being ghostly or too brown.

MAC MSFN in Light: This baby is on it's last legs, and I'm gutted! I'll definitely be repurchasing. This is a cult product through blogs and has lasted me since February with daily use. It's a very light coverage I think, however when I use it with my MAC 150 it seems to use a lot of product quickly.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 1: This is my second tub of the 'industrial strength' concealer which I think I reviewed sometime last year. It covers everything and doesn't budge, I just wish they had a better colour selection.

MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC15: I stopped using this at the start of June as I thought it was too yellow for my skin tone, and I found it wouldn't stay all day. It's rubbish if you get it wet but it's the perfect colour match. I really love it for a light coverage though which I'm looking for during the summer. I'm interested in getting Face & Body but am not sure what shade I'd be!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: Heaven. I absolutely love this stuff! I've just bought 2 more bottle (one seen here) and don't think I'll ever stop using it. It's cleared up my dry skin and I now have normal/combination skin. It's absolutely incredible. Love, love, love.

Sleek Rose Gold Blush: I've got a lot of love for this blush in particular, I own quite a few of Sleek blushes but this is a definite favourite. It doesn't just give colour, it gives a lovely gold sheen. You have to use it with a light hand to give a pretty colour and sheen, or you'll look like a clown! I absolutely love how easy this is to blend.

Sleek Contour Kit in Light: This kit is very talked about through blogs and I'd never had a chance to try it out. When I saw it in Superdrug a few weeks ago I practically flew across the shop to pick it up. I absolutely love the contour colour, but haven't used the highlight much yet.

Benefit High Beam: A freebie from Glamour magazine a few weeks ago! I've been loving this little bottle a lot, it's great for highlighting your cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. I had wanted this for months so had to pick a few up! Beautiful pearl colour :)

V05 Miracle Concentrate: Again, recommended by ViviannaDoesMakeup. I apply a tiny bit to the lengths of my hair when it's dry and it just gives back the shine that's taken away when washing. I don't really know what else to say..

Aussie Texturising Spray: This is my favourite hair product throughout the whole of June, and I haven't had it for the whole of June! It just gives that thick, textured hair you see on all the posh designer adverts. A great product for those who suffer from fine, limp hair!

What are your favourite products this month? Wanna know more about a certain product?

By the way, if you haven't checked it out already I'm giving away a Sigma F80 flat top kabuki here.

Favourite Bloggers of June!

I've been thinking for a while about this, why not collect all my favourite blogs of each month into a post to give them some extra coverage? It'll give them a chance to be seen and will be a way of me showing how much I love these blogs. Every month I find so many new blogs but have no way of showing people just how many great blogs I follow. I'm sure people would get annoyed if I tweeted every second saying 'follow this blog I've found, it's amazing'. This is an easy way of sharing these bloggers and hey.. if you don't like that sort of thing just don't read!

Here's my favourite blogs from June. I don't just love the blogs, I love the people behind them which you'll see when you read below. Some are fairly recent, and I've made sure not to pick blogs I regularly post about for the most of it. By clicking on the  you can visit their twitter pages!

Girl in a Teeny Town: I've not been following Zoe's blog for long, but I already love it. The layout and content is gorgeous, and there isn't one post that doesn't interest me! 
Charli..: I absolutely love Charli as a person! We're always having a chat on Twitter and she's one of my closest fellow bloggers that I always feel I can rely on. Her blog suits me down to the ground, and I love everything about it. 
Dressing Room Chatter: I haven't known Hayley for too long but her posts always get me talking. They always appeal to me and the detail she goes in to is phenomenal, yet you don't get bored! She has some really good lipstick posts (ooh) and some great reviews. I'm always adding things to my wishlist.  
Ditzy Glamour: Jess used to own a blog called Away With The Fairies but deleted it in the spur of the moment. I quickly followed her new blog and love it! She's a really good friend on Twitter; one of my closest and I can always rely on her advice. I can't say how much of a great blogger/friend she is! One in a million :) 

Diamond Solitaire: Zoe! I love Zoe to bits, and am always having a chat with her on Twitter. Like Anna (below), she's a role model and has a really lovely personality. If you want help she's the first to answer! She has so many different eye looks on her blog that you should check out. We have the exact same top too ;) 
Like, Vanilla: Faye's blog is fairly new but I love the layout, and the pictures so big and clear! Her blog posts are informative but aren't at all boring, it's a perfect medium. I really liked her London Haul, but all her posts are brilliant. Definitely going to be an amazing blog. (no twitter) 
Oh So Fresh As A Daisy: I first saw Emma on Twitter when she was giving away a few items (trust me!) and have kept talking to her from then on. She's such a lovely person and has only recently started her own blog! She's knows her stuff and is the kindest girl out there. 
Vivianna Does Makeup: Anna is pretty much a role model to me. She's gorgeous and her blog (and youtube) could entertain me for days! I think I've watched her videos at least 3 times each, and her blog is one of those 'save the best until last' blogs where you read her post after reading everybody elses! 
Adrienne Adores: Adrienne also has the bird top (bit of a private joke thing..) and has a gorgeous blog. She posts really regularly which is great when you love her content! We have a chat on Twitter and she's so friendly with all her followers. A real gem, lovely girl to know. 
Catherine's Loves: I've known Catherine's blog for a while now and it's a favourite! I've spoken to her on twitter for a while too, and she definitely deserves a mention. I love how she always takes her photos in front of a little 'Love' ornament. All the items she shows I either want, love or have ordered! 

A few other favourites to mention: It Is All About Creativity, Daisy Chain Dreams, Affordable Treats, Rachel Phipps

Who are your favourite bloggers this month? Have you found some new blogs from this post?

Wednesday, June 29

My New Handbag

I recently purchased a lovely new handbag at a bargain price.. I'd totally had enough of my River Island bag and thought I would splash out and buy one ready for the summer! When I saw this beauty in TK Maxx I had to pick it up, the colour is Khaki and it's the prettiest bag I've seen in my life. It's full of different pockets, zips and things making it perfect for us makeup lovers! I've got Batiste in one pocket, lip products in another, a mirror in another pocket.. it's endless. 

It's a Fiorelli 'Wimbledon' shoulder bag, which comes in around 4 other colours I think? I'd definitely recommend this if you're looking for a bag packed full of storage. It has so many different compartments! Perfect for the more organised girls here ;) I'm absolutely obsessed with the inside fabric of this bag. It's so posh and well made. The whole bag is just gorgeous! I've found a new love for Fiorelli..

I got this for the bargain price of £24.99 reduced from £59.00 instore at TK Maxx. 
You can get similar Fiorelli bags online!

Batiste 'With A Hint Of Colour' Dry Shampoo Review

Before: I've always been the girl who showers everyday and doesn't like camping or getting dirty. I'm a hygiene freak and proud! However, when you're washing out all the nutrients in your hair it makes it produce the oils you're stripping away in no time at all. As I've decided I'm going to 'train my hair' over this lengthy summer holiday, I'll need something to banish the yucky roots while trying to save it!

After: Thankfully Batiste came to the rescue and offered to let me try two of the Tones, a blonde and a medium brown. I did have quite light brown/coppery hair but dyed it a little darker by the time they arrived, meaning the blonde doesn't really suit me. I find the medium brown leaves my hair looking a little less grey than the original and uncoloured scents (sorry Batiste) but these don't have as good a fragrance. I find myself using both a coloured one and a scented one to give me a bit of both!

I shake well, spray into my roots concentrating on my crown and then give my hair a good rub to give me the volume. I brush through and BOOM clean looking hair! This lets me skip daily shampooing (I just use a shower cap), which has saved my hair from all the heat damage of blow drying too. This is all around much better for my hair and it's made me feel good to know I'm helping out my hair. Maybe this will give it the kick it needs to finally grow..

You can buy Batiste 'With A Hint Of Colour' (150ml/£3.05) from their website, and you can find them in Boots, Superdrug as well as pharmacies! 

I'm aware supermarkets don't always sell the full Batiste range. I received these to review, all opinions are 100% honest as usual. P.S, Bramble had to interrupt me while I was taking photos.. such a vain dog!

Tuesday, June 28

Sigma F80 Brush Giveaway!

* NOW CLOSED: Do not enter*

I recently joined the Sigma Affiliate and Incentive Programmes, and was given an F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush. I was also offered one to giveaway to my amazing followers! I'd definitely recommend entering, as I'm in love with mine. It's stole the place of my MAC 187 to apply my foundation as it gives such a smooth and full coverage. I'm now eyeing up the brush sets..

To be entered you must:

Be a follower of BeautyCFW through GFC and leave your GFC name below! I will be checking :)

If you'd like to, you can also tell me: What's your favourite summer makeup tip?

So I can contact you if you win, please include an email address or twitter name for me to contact you. If you do not have this, I will simply re-draw another winner.


+1 extra entry: Follow me on twitter, and tweet 'Sophie over at @beautycfw is giving away a Sigma F80 on her blog! xx' or something similar! (Post you twitter name in your comment)

+1 extra entry: Add my blog button to your sidebar (Let me know in your comment)

+1 extra entry: Put the above image in your sidebar linking back to this post. Write that it's a Sigma giveaway! (Leave the link to your blog in your comment)

* This giveaway will end on Tuesday 5th July at midnight (British Summer Time) and is open internationally. 
The winner will be picked through *

you must have an active blog to enter this giveaway, any blogs set up purely for giveaways will not be counted.

Monday, June 27

MeMeMe Lip Cream: A Gorgeous Coral!

oh no, great photos right! these were taken at maybe 11pm? I look as pale as a ghost.

Just a silly little post tonight! I saw this little beauty in my reviewing box and thought instead of a boring review I'd give you a funny cartoon. Well, pretty stupid photos really! But at least you can see what the lipstick looks like on me :) The lighting was really bad so I had to edit the photos, therefore making me bright white lol.

As for the lipstick itself, it's a MeMeMe Lip Cream in Hemera/Coral Cloak (09) and I love it. It's from the Spirited Spring collection, which I'd recommend you check out. I love the creamy, non cakey formula and the beautiful bright orange colour! As it's got Shea butter it slips smoothly onto the lips, and it is also enriched with Vitamin E. Very posh! My shade is definitely for the more experimental girls amongst us! I chose this colour as I thought it would be perfect for summer and it's exactly that. I prefer to just dab it onto the lips for a bit of colour, but for the sake of these photos I put it on fully.

If you're looking for some gorgeous colourful and neutral colours you should check these out! You can buy the MeMeMe lipstick range in Superdrug and from MeMeMe directly for £8.50.

Sunday, June 26

Sunday Summary (10)

Bramble (cocker spaniel), Misty and Muffit (giant schnauzers). Just been for a swim!

  • It's finally summer and I couldn't be more pleased! I've spent my Sunday sunbathing on the trampoline, trying my hardest to get a tan. As if. I never tan! When I heard about this rumour of a heat wave I joked about saying the met office always get it wrong.. so for that, I'm sorry. Out come the Primark sunglasses ;)
  • As I've had so much time at home since finishing school, I have found myself bored and moping around the house. I cleaned my entire wardrobe and bookcase which took 2 full days. I then cleaned the rest of my room and it's taken forever! I'm now going through all my old school work, throwing away all the things I don't need to keep. It's funny looking at things from 4-5 years ago!
  • I went out for an amazing meal at Mannings to celebrate finishing my GCSEs this week. The food was absolutely gorgeous but very expensive! We were sat next to a couple with their private school daughter talking about her birthday party. Her dad asked her if she wanted banners around all the house, and when she wanted the private helicopter to pick her up. Wowza. I just sat trying not to stare! I also tried Creme Brule which I've tasted before in my life. Wasn't too keen. Lumpy yoghurt stuff with burnt sugar..
  • I had my first ever Dominos pizza this week. Shock horror! I must say, it was lush.. and I've been wanting another ever since. It's pretty pricey though, which I'm not too happy about. Dreaming of pizza now. Must lose weight though! Talking about losing weight, I'm really wanting to try the 30 Day Shred. If you've tried it please let me know below, I'm dying to give it a go.
  • Leading on from that, I went out with Dad to walk the dogs tonight. We usually walk about 2-3 miles, but for half a mile we jogged today. I'm not used to jogging so that's a LONG distance for me! We both ended up panting like absolutely fatties. We've made a little promise to jog for that distance every time we walk the dogs and slowly build it up to longer and longer distances. It'll not only help our health, but will help the dogs too.

Hope you all had an amazing week and thanks for getting me to 450! :)

Saturday, June 25

A video you should all watch.. (serious post)

This isn't to get even more views for Louise (SprinkleOfGlitter), because her channel is beyond successful! But, I just wanted to do a super quick post to say to anybody who is already subscribed to Louise, or has heard of her before.. this video is the most amazing, heartfelt video around. The things she says in it are really hard to hear for someone who watches every single video, but the message she's trying to get out is really thoughtful and will probably help lots of people. 

She said if she can help one person by posting the video, it'll all be worth the emotion she had to overcome in the video. I admit I cried, and am not afraid to say.. but not just because of the truly awful things she had to deal with, I cried for how much she's managed to change things. As she said she's not weird or anything, which is something that's stereotyped when this has happened to you. She's now the proudest mum of little baby glitter and has a lovely husband and her 'very own terrace house' :) Really touching video, you can't help but feel so proud of her, even though I've never met her before in my life!

Here's the link *click here* , I recommend you all check it out. She's also been really thoughtful and added some ways of helping someone you think may be going through abuse in the downbar.

*the only reason I'm posting this is because the video really touched me and I thought I'd share it with you.*

Tuesday, June 21

Will you read my guest post? :)

I've recently taken on a few new little projects to get myself through these boring few weeks. One was a guest post on Jess's blog: Star Violet Beauty. I know, eek, how exciting! :) It was absolutely lovely to get a chance to write on such an amazing blog. She's so friendly and her blog is so famous! 

The post was about my 10 Favourite Hair Products, featuring two main brands: Aussie and Lee Stafford. From all my reviews and raves you probably all know how much I love these two companies. Not once have I been disappointed by a product! Anyway, if you'd like to read it you can do so here :)

It was such a great opportunity and I can't thank Jess enough!

Monday, June 20

Why I Love My Tangle Teezer

The well-known Tangle Teezer has been a phenomenon (nom, nom) through beauty blogs for a few months now and I've finally hopped on the bandwagon. I would have sooner, but I didn't realise just how amazing it was. A pain free, easy to use brush? What's so special about that? I've seen a dozen brushes saying they can do that. Never have they actually done what they say.

But as you can guess, this one is different. It makes it incredibly easy to brush through unruly hair without hurting. For us girls it's horrible when you've got so much hairspray in your updo that when you take it down you're scared brushing will leave you bold. I don't know how it works.. but it only takes a few seconds to painlessly brush out.

It makes me feel good to know I'm helping my hair by not pulling too hard when brushing it; I hope it helps in the long run. This would be perfect for girls wearing hair extensions! If you're pulling out less hair it'll be healthier in the long run. I can't say a bad word about it.

Benefits of using a Tangle Teezer: A little summary < ooh, very posh..

1) I can use it on wet hair, meaning it's perfect for getting out tangles made from washing *hurrah*
2) Even if you do have tangles this makes them painless to get out. No more eye watering moments.
3) Leading on from this.. If you've backcombed and hair sprayed until the cows come home, this will get out all that chaos without ripping out your hair. 
4) They are comfortable to hold, and make brushing your hair a 2 second process. No more do I have to keep brushing over a certain place several times. :)
5) Unlike when using a normal hairbrush, and your hair gets tangled trying to 'reinstate your hairline' when it's wet.. this doesn't create more tangles by doing so. This is probably my favourite point!

I got mine from Amazon for £8.10 (including P&P) but have seen them in Boots for £10.20

Sunday, June 19

Sunday Summary (9)

^me with the 1001 list
  • I haven't really done much this week, I've had a pretty chill week. I did visit Plymouth for a major shopping spree though (see here and here for evidence) and spent waaaayyy to much money. Let's just say I'll be skint for a few months *cough next xmas*. 
  • I did however manage to buy myself a Filofax before the shopping spree and after a big muck up it's now arrived (see here). I'm in love with it, I'm so anal like that. I'm now writing out my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days list.. a few I have so far are 'try Creme Brulee' and 'see Sarah Millican live'. I have quite a few bullet points of things to buy in 1001 days though. Not good!
  • After going to see The Hangover 2 in the cinema earlier this week I can gladfully say I will never go to Thailand, and will never eat marshmallows. Kidding about the marshmallows.. I'm a fatty! It's a great movie and the smoking monkey makes it 100000x better. I was way to dressed up compared to my friends though, who sported hoodies and jeans while I was wearing a dress. I felt a little uncomfortable..
  • Father's Day has been pretty boring. We haven't done anything special, nothing at all. Dinner was rubbish too. I did get him a card though which said 'Dad had always wanted a jag' with the illustration of a meerkat sat on a leopard. Dad loves the meerkat adverts and he loves jaguar cars.. win:win situation!
  • I thought I'd leave the most important until last.. I REACHED 400 FOLLOWERS! As always, thanks for sticking around and thanks to all my new followers. If you have any ideas of posts you'd like me to do please jot them down below. Not in that region, I mean in the comments.. rude! But on a serious note, it means a lot and you're kindness will be greatly rewarded! :)

How's your week been? & hello to any new followers! 

Releasing My Inner 'Geek': Finsbury Filofax

* warning, picture heavy ;) *

Finally my Filofax arrived! It's been about 3 weeks now since I ordered a Filofax from WHSmith, and after ringing up 3 days ago we found out it'd been cancelled and we'd been refunded. We weren't contacted, even though they said we were. I was told they'd sent it 2 weeks ago when they hadn't even had it in stock. A little note to any companies: don't lie, it just gets your customers annoyed! 

I then decided to order from Filofax directly, it did cost a little more but it arrived so quickly. I ordered it on Thursday night and it arrived on today (yesterday by the time this is posted) which is pretty amazing! I picked up the Personal Finsbury in Pink and a few inserts. I'd already purchased some inserts which I'll also show..

 This cost me £50.00 which is quite a lot for a diary, but it's real leather and will last me forever. All I'll have to buy is diary inserts each year and refills!

It's soft grained leather which reminds me slightly of leopard print.

 These are 3 of the inserts I got, however I'm not going to put the hole punch in the actual Filofax as it's quite bulky.

 I also picked up these inserts. The 2012 Week On Two diary actually came with the Filofax, as well as a 2011 one. I got the Website Addresses to jot down my favourite bloggers to add onto the end of my monthly favourites each month.

 How it looks without additional inserts.. the actual binder is quite small but is perfect for me.

 A little look at the diary itself :)

 The zip wallet I bought; which as you can see attracts hair and dirt really badly!

 There are 6 card slots which are quite tight to use for actual cards really.. but nonetheless I'm happy!

 The zip at the back would probably be good to hold stamps or something if you're a company. I'll probably keep newspaper clippings or something else creative!

And finally a photo of both the inserts that came with it and the additional ones I got myself. I took out the Addresses in the end as I'll never use them. I kept the tab and put my web addresses in!

Overall I'm loving my Filofax and can't wait to actually use it. I've found the 'perfect pen' but it broke (I broke it but don't tell them that..) so I'll have to get a replacement. It's a silver black ink biro. I officially sound like an old woman! The quality of the Filofax is a tiny bit below what I expected as there is glue near the card slots and the material inside the card slots is slightly fraying, but I can deal with that. It also doesn't lie flat yet I can deal with that too, it's not the end of the world!

I originally bought this Finsbury to use for blogging and college dates. I'm going to use the Web Addresses to jot down bloggers, the Coloured Notepaper to write down ideas for posts and I'll be writing down when I've received products etc in the diary. I'll also use the diary to keep up with work I need to do relating to college and any other college related things! I can jot dentist, doctors and other appointments too.

I think it's heaven. ;)

Thursday, June 16

ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balms

A quick eyeslipsface review.. these were sent to me for free but as always my opinions are 100% honest

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some of the brand new lip conditioners when I got a lovely email asking if I'd like to try two. I quickly chose Mellow Melon, a gorgeous peachy pink shade and Peaceful Pink, a pretty pink shade. Neither of them have shimmer and instead have a nice sheen, making them perfect day-to-day colours. I love the great colour payoff and how they aren't as sheer as the Sleek Pout Polishes I own. They are a thick enough consistency to stay on my lips for longer and really moisturise like a lip balm should, while adding colour.

As for the packaging, they're way too big and bulky to carry around. It'd be okay if this was all 'filled' with product; but most is just clear plastic making them quite heavy. They take up way too much space in my lip drawer and are just not very practical to carry in a handbag. I'm also not that happy with the labelling, a tiny clear label on the side of the packaging with the name on in a tiny font. Why couldn't the label have been a big white sticker on the bottom? I like that you have to click it fully closed however, as it makes sure the product doesn't dry up, something most pots/jars don't have.

The pictures show the pretty huge size of these lip balms. The actual product itself is great, and I'd definitely buy them if they weren't so unpractical to carry around. I think these will be the lip balms I take to the beach when I'm wearing minimal makeup and just want something to make me look a little done-up. They also have an SPF of 15, so again, perfect for the beach!

(T to B) Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink

If I was asked whether or not I would repurchase these I'd probably say no, simply because I find them too big to carry around. I think the product itself is amazing and I'd buy every shade under the sun if possible, I just wish the packaging didn't put such a downer on things. The consistency, pigmentation and overall feel of the lip balm is great for a product worth £3.50(7.5g).

you can buy these from:

Wednesday, June 15

Ready For The Summer: Primarni Haul!

*I bought all this with money I was 'owed' by my dad. I do all his work invoices & quotations for him, and hadn't been paid in absolutely ages. No nasty comments please xo*

For all you tweeters, you'll have known I went to Plymouth for a major shopping trip on Monday. I've been saving up for what feels like years and finally got to spend it all on some well needed summer clothes to line my wardrobe. I'm not the most fashionable, and I've noticed my style has changed SO much recently. I'll pretty much wear anything that's outrageous and fun. Not one to stick with the trends I guess! I really like the aztec trend at the moment, and also the animal themes. As you can tell I am also really loving sheer blouses, and these are the first I've been able to get my hands on. Love them!

Nothing has photographed very well and everything looks heaps better on, especially the dresses..

These tops look absolutely gorgeous on, they're a pretty sheer cotton. I especially love the bird one!

I can't put into words how amazing these are, I love both equally. I wish they had these in every colour imaginable.

I don't have 'the body' to wear crop tops but they look great with high waisted shorts or jeans. Bring on the 30 Day Shred!

I thought these cardigans would be light enough to wear during the windy days of summer, £10 each though.. Primark have certainly put their prices up!

Again, light material to wear during summer. They are both waterfall cardigans which I find are really flattering on me.

These dressed haven't photographed well at all. They are both super cute on! I love the burnt amber one.

I don't have a clue why I bought the Wonder Woman top, I just whipped it into the basket and paid. I've never got a top like this before, but like it nonetheless. The purple/mauve colour one is just a basic top!

The last item of clothing I got was this skirt. Very nautical?

I was pressured into buying the rose garland, and I thought the daisy headband would look super cute when I'm wearing a summer dress.

Yes this looks hideous, but it looks really nice on! I tried it on as a joke and fell in love, it's beautiful :)

A aztec/boho style bead bracelet, the only piece of jewellery I got. That's a miracle for me!

But.. then I got quite a few pairs of sun glasses. What's a girl to do!

.. and a few more! How cute are the English Flag ones? Very Will and Kate. They were also bought as a joke, but I really like them now..

I said I had a change of style recently didn't I! I think I've gone insane.. Anything you like? Dislike?

P.S, Talking of changing styles: I've changed my peach header to a bright, bold orange and pink. It's from a photo of Sleek Pout Polishes I had from a haul post. I hope you like it, it's a little more summery. I also have a new button for those who use my old one! It's on the left sidebar xx