Monday, May 2

Review: Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Am I the only one that wasn't excited about these being released? I didn't understand the hype as to be honest, I'm not really a bright-lippy person. But when I strolled along to Superdrug this week, I walked straight over to the display and did the whole 'test-on-back-of-hand, hold-up-to-lip, give-a-stern-inspection-look' like the perfect blogger.

But before I get down to business, I must say that these lipsticks are the smoothest, most pigmented lipsticks I've ever seen at a drugstore counter. I was shell shocked. The range of colours excited me, deep reds, bright pinks and sexy oranges. Being the colour shy person I am, I picked up the bright red and bright peach/orange.. little ironic huh?

Vixen (left) - Peaches & Cream (right)

Just to clear this up.. I have heard a lot of people saying that these lipsticks can be drying, but that it's only with the matte shades from the range. I definitely haven't experienced this with the two I have. As half of the 20 released shades are matte, you can always avoid them if you have super dry lips. I'm going to purchase some but will make sure I layer on the lip balm first!

*please excuse my hair in the following photos, I hadn't done anything with it after blowdrying as I was only gonna be around the house all day*

 Left: 'sexy, seductive.. fail'    Right: 'omg why can't I wink!!'

Vixen (Sheen):
Here's a little beauty snap of Vixen on the left, a true fire engine red. I'm using the Red Dynamite lip liner by Rimmel, which keeps it from bleeding. I do find these lipsticks transfer a little so you have to blot-apply-blot if you are planning on eating, or it'll end up all over your face! The first time I wore this I went to KFC, yeah, living the high life. Thought I'd add that in for the laughs ;)

Left: 'oh yeah, look at the lips'    Right: 'I don't wanna look like a fish!'

Peaches & Cream (Sheen):
This is a colour I didn't expect I'd like as much as I do. It looks really flattering on pale skin like mine, and it makes you teeth look white (both do). It's not a colour I thought I'd like because I believed it would be chalky and a little concealer lip-a-like, but it's the complete opposite. It stands it's ground and makes my lips look slightly fuller.

These are usually sold for £4, but are now 2 for £6 at Superdrug. You can buy them here and here.


  1. I absolutely adore the peaches and cream one, its soooo beautiful! :) xx

  2. Aw that's ok. I'm a lipstick junkie too ;) I never really by expensive ones as I always lose them! x

  3. Thanks for the review - I've been thinking about these for a while! I'm such a lipstick junkie, but I always spend so much money on really expensive ones!

  4. just found your blog and i adore it already:)
    i have just made a new blog, it isnt very interesting at the moment but im working on it!

    Go check it outt :)

    Louise xx

  5. I will hopefully be giving one away soon in a Sleek giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled :) I'm NC15 and I love it! x

  6. It's a lovely texture as well, it doesn't feel at all drying! xx

  7. I saw peaches and cream yesterday and I was tempted but I wasn't sure how it'd look on pale skin - wish I'd picked it up, it looks great on you!! x

  8. I love the peach colour, it's so pretty! :) although they both look great on you xxx


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