Sunday, May 15

A little update..

I'm sorry for the lack of posting this month, I'm postponing my blog for a few weeks until my GCSE exams are over. The last exam is June 22nd, so expect to see a bundle of posts after that. I have around 20 posts I've planned at the moment, so when I get a chance I'll write them out and post them! My first exam is tomorrow, English Paper 1, eek.

Wish me luck! x

 If you are a company your reviews won't be up until the end of June, sorry.


  1. Aw thanks :) You've done so many exams already, I've still got 9 to go! x

  2. Good luck!
    I've had Maths, English, Biology, Info Systems and Home Ec so far so just Geography, Chemistry and Managaging Enviro. Resources to go. wooo. :(
     My last one's on the 8th of June which is quite a late one for fourth year Scotland. Look forward to reading all your posts when you finish. xxx

  3. Ooo, my first exam is tomorrow too, French Listening! Good Luck! xx 

  4. Good Luck with your exams my love xx

  5.  Good luck! I have mine too :( xo

  6. SadiebutterflywingsWed Jun 29, 01:57:00 am BST

    Good luck.

    Sadie xx


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