Monday, May 16

Late Magazine Freebies & Ombre NOTD

I picked up two of the well announced freebies in Marie Claire and InStyle magazine this weekend, a body butter by The Body Shop and a beautiful Nails Inc polish. I'd seen these mentioned on other beauty blogs but hadn't taken much interest. As usual I fell to the pressure when I was staring at them in the magazine isle, so here they are..

 - Body Butter in Dreams Unlimited - and - Nail Polish in Fashion Fawn-

I tried Fashion Fawn on one of my fingers, and after taking inspiration from Leanne Marie's blog I decided to try the Ombre nail trend myself. I used polishes I had lying about, and I'm ashamed to say I only have four beige/brown nail polishes. Excuse to stock up?

(l to r): Jermyn Street, Mushroom, Fashion Fawn, Desert Haze

opposite of above, sorry (and excuse my patchy fake tan hands)

I didn't realise just how different all of these polishes are, and I have to say both of the Nail Inc polishes are my favourite. The finish is really shiny and the application isn't streaky at all. I only needed one coat to make them opaque, as with Mushroom by BarryM. Obviously the ELF polish wasn't as good, but for £1.50 it's my favourite nude to wear on my toes.. doesn't budge at all!

Does anybody know where I can get Nail Inc polishes for a more affordable price? I can only think of TK Maxx?


  1.  Sometimes you can get Nails Inc. cheap from QVC or in ASOS sales, sometimes blog sales but most of the 'discount' websites charge the same as Nails Inc. themselves! Also Nails Inc. do 'Lucky Dips' where you pay £10 for 5 or £15 for 6 random discontinued bottles, subscribe to their emailing list and they let you know :) xx

  2.  I got both them magazines with the same freebies :) 


  3. Ooh thanks I'll have a look! xx

  4. The ombre nail effect looks cool x 


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