Tuesday, May 3

I won! Barry M Peach Melba Nail Polish

I recently won this beauty from Sian's blog (Fudge Smoothies) and had to show you it! As this bottle of peach coloured heaven didn't suit her skin tone she decided to give it to one lucky winner. I've been wearing it this week and it's absolutely gorgeous, such a spring/summer colour that will undoubtably be worn on and off throughout spring and summer.

I'm not going to review the nail polish, as everybody knows these are the most affordable nail varnish you can get if you want a great finish. No, they aren't OPI standard.. but they are pretty amazing for a 'drugstore' polish. I have found some of Barry M's nail paints can be slightly heavy and thick, but that means you only need one coat. Bonus!

Now this shade isn't at all what I'd expected as I though it would be a light peach/pink tone from looking at the bottle. As you can see it's very pink with a slight peach/coral tone, very bright and definitely makes you look a little more bronzed than you are. So if you have pale skin like me, this is what you're looking for!

Two coats of Peach Melba with OPI Black Shatter (excuse the bad cuticles)


  1. I love it! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win it :) xx

  2. Love the colour, looks great as a base for the black shatter nail polish...I've just started a new blog!, check it out :) http://yeahfiaso.blogspot.com/ x

  3. I'm glad it suits you! As i'm quite tanned naturally i just couldnt carry it off :( Hope you enjoy it



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