Friday, May 27

Betty Hula 'Kiwi & Lime' Moisturiser

Recently I kindly received two samples from Betty Hula, both the Kiwi & Lime scented moisturising cream. I thought I'd give you a little bit of a review about them, in comparison to two different body butters by The Body Shop.

L to R: Betty Hula (kiwi & lime), The Body Shop (dreams unlimited), The Body Shop (avocado)

I applied each to my skin and I could automatically see that the Betty Hula moisturiser was very similar to The Body Shop's avocado, as it was a harder consistency and quite thick. When rubbed in, it felt smoother and it was easier to blend over the skin, covering more area. The scent stayed, a citrusy kick that smells absolutely gorgeous. I found it was a little less strong but I'm happy with that, as I don't want a heavy smelling moisturiser on my skin. Unlike the other two it left a sheen to my skin rather than an obvious glow, which I quite liked. It did take a lot longer to sink in and did leave my skin feeling greasy, so I wasn't too keen on that.. but it's something I could live with.

It had a lovely strong scent and had a nice texture. It was also easy to blend. I think I'd use less of it as it really covered a big area, I only needed the smallest bit.

My skin felt really greasy, and the residue that came off onto my hands when I touched my skin was quite greasy. It took a while to sink in too.

Overall, I think I would repurchase these when my other moisturisers ran out. I have extremely dry skin and I did find these helped, maybe slightly more than The Body Shop ones. This moisturiser also comes in a Rum & Blackcurrant scent and Champagne & Spice scent. It's £14.99 for 120ml, which I think is quite expensive but as you don't need much it justifies itself.

You can buy these from the Betty Hula Website and Sainsbury's!


  1. thanks for the review - i do need to get a new one x

  2. Ohhh free samples! So lucky! Lovely packaging. I use a Shea Butter cream but kiwi and lime sounds so exotic!!! Lovely blog xx

  3. Thanks for this review, always interesting to hear about new products x

  4. Thanks for the review! I always find moisturiser reviews helpful because I get such dry skin xoxo


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