Sunday, May 1

April Favourites

A favourites post from me this month, which is a little shocking as I never do these! I always forget, am busy or don't finish it.. you can tell I get distracted easily. I've been trying a few new products this month but also a few I've had for a while. It's nice rediscovering products you forgot about and finding out they are absolutely amazing! I've thought about doing a P10P to help rediscover a few old beauties but I'd fail miserably..

Clockwise from left: Jergen's Body Firming Moisturiser - Botanics Eye Makeup Remover - Sleek True Colour 'Peaches & Cream' Lipstick - Sleek 'Coral' Blusher - The Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask - John Frieda Blow Dry Lotion - Bourjois Delice De Poudre 

I got this moisturiser after a blogger wrote about it recently. I didn't have the highest hopes for it, as it's not very expensive, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I've been using it every single day for 2 weeks and it's definitely made a difference to my skin. It's a lot firmer, and my pale skin doesn't show as many wobbly bits. Obviously it's nothing too dramatic, but I have noticed a good change. 

This is my holy grail eye makeup remover, even though I love my The Body Shop one. It removes everything without the littlest bit of fuss or irritation. It's incredibly cheap too, so it won't stretch the budget! I haven't found this leaves much of a residue and I don't need to use much of it either.

Now, I know exactly who spoke about this on their blog. Vivianna mentioned this for adding volume through blow drying and I practically sprinted to my local Boots (we all know I don't sprint!). I do find there is a fine line to how much you can apply without it being sticky, but if you get the perfect amount it makes your hair incredibly voluminous. Is that the right word? I'll thank my Macbook's auto-check for that one ;)

O-M-G this face mask is so moisturising! It's a great dupe for the Lush Oatifix mask and lasts a lot longer as you don't have to use as much (.. and it doesn't go off as quickly). This doesn't leave your skin greasy, and instead leaves it feeling soft, clean and really healthy. That means you can get away with skipping the odd litre of water a day, though of course I'm not recommending that ;)

Sleek Blush in Coral: I've had this for what seems like years, but when looking on Sleek's website the other day I popped it into my basket. Gladfully I remembered I already had one and have been using it since then! It's the exact colour of my usual flushed-face, making it look very natural. It's a lovely deep coral shade for the summer.
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Peaches & Cream: I got this the other day with Vixen in a 2 for £6 offer at Superdrug. I was in a risk taking mood and am so glad I picked this up! It's the most amazing sheen finish, incredibly moisturising (in my opinion) and a beautiful summery colour. I won't say much more as I have a review of the range up this week!
Bourjois Delice De Poudre in 52: This is my daily bronzer/contour depending on my mood. It's a rich brown shade that has no hint of orange which is common in drugstore brands. It is also slightly shimmery in the packaging but I find this doesn't transfer. Another thing that doesn't transfer is the chocolate smell.. such a shame as it smells sooo good.


  1. I love Peaches & Cream lipstick <3 That face mask sounds lovely.. i'm tempted! x

  2. I've used mine around 4 times now and I'm not even half way through. It's amazing! xx

  3. I'm in need of a good face mask and I might just get one from The Body Shop after reading this post! I tried Oatfix a while ago and it was great, but a bit expensive for something you can only use for 2/3 weeks. Will definitely have a look at their face masks! (:

  4. It's amazing! If you think you may wanna order, you can get 30% off at The Body Shop right now too.. which means you get it for £5.60 instead of £8 :) x

  5. Love the look of that face mask! xxx

  6. I'd definitely say get it, and it's 1/3 in Sainsbury's if you are interested :) haha x

  7. Running out to get the Jergens firming moisturiser :) less wobbly bits sounds good to me!!xx

  8. i might try the blow dry stuff! follow back?


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