Monday, May 30

May Favourites

I haven't done one of these in absolutely ages, so thought I'd finally get back in the swing of doing them. I've used/found a lot of new products this month so there are quite a few favourites this month!

It's been a weird month of trying new skincare, I'm currently loving my Liz Earle skincare system (writing a whole separate post about it). I've found it's made my skin look healthier so I can brave using a little more powder without looking like a flat piece of paper. I love how finely milled the MAC MSFN powder is, so no chalky faces in sight! I've also been loving the Porefessional by Benefit to prime my face, it's such a weird consistency but it keeps my foundation in place perfectly. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

I'm sure you'll all know by now I'm not into haircare. I have the normal wash-dry-straighten routine and the only styling product I use is a heat protectant. This month however I've really been into anything hair, and think I've purchased around 6-7 hair products. To some that might not be many, but to me that's gigantic! I have really been loving the Lee Stafford 'Blow Dry Your Hair Faster' Spray that I've mentioned here, it's a miracle product. The Aussie Volume Mousse, which I was sent only a few days ago, has also blown me away. I have incredibly fine, boring hair and it gives it a bit of oomph without weighing down my hair. I'd never tried a mousse before as it's always suggested to stick to strays but I love this!

An eyeshadow I've been wearing pretty much every day is All That Glitters by MAC, it's a peachy shade on me and is really flattering. It brightens up my tired peepers and gives me a little bit of a summer glow.

Sleek has always been a brand I love, the products are so cheap for the quality. So when I got my 50% off code I bought a fair few things, and have been loving the blush Sahara I purchased. It's not a colour I'd usually go for either! Another product, again from the same haul, is the Pout Polish in Sugar May. It's really moisturising and the colour isn't too bold. A lovely neutral lip colour I've been wearing a lot. The other product here is the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, I'm sure you'll have heard of it. Unlike Sleek's Ink-pot it doesn't dry out and the brush it comes with is fab.

Even though I've got acrylics on, I have been painting my nails in a way of getting out of doing revision. I couldn't help pick up Fashion Fawn by Nails Inc given away in the InStyle magazine this month. I also picked up Electric Teal but haven't tried it yet. Another colour that's an indication summer is on it's way is Pink Flamingo by Barry M, I've been sporting this every now and then to get me out of the mid-winter mode.
I've stuck to the same old perfume this month, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It's my 'signature scent' and I think it's the first perfume I'll actually finish. It's a really happy scent, if that makes sense.. very summery. I also picked up a perfume from M&S, where I'd have never thought of getting perfume before. It cost only £6 and is the perfect 25ml size to fit in your handbag. I can't describe the scent at all, but when you're next in M&S look out for 'Butterfly'.

A few blogs I have loved reading this month: Jess's, Charli's, Emma's and Catherine's.
They are all so lovely, and I'm always talking to them on Twitter!

Sunday, May 29

Sunday Summary (8)

(what I wore to the pub quiz: Newlook top, Topshop high waisted shorts, Topshop necklace, UGG boots)

- I haven't done one of these in ages, I just haven't really had the time and Sunday's usually end up being the shit-I-forgot-my-homework days. Since exams have started I've had a little more time to blog, which I should spend revising, so I've been working on making my blog a little more user friendly. I've completely changed my layout around today as I've been wanting to make it 3 columns for ages now.

- I've got a new blog email address, It's so much easier than the embarrassing one I had before, much more professional. It's also a lot shorter.. I'm so lazy when it comes to links and URLs etc.

- It's been a roller coaster of a week emotionally, so many different things out of the blue and I've actually done a few things I've never done before. a) I went to a 'pub' quiz, b) I got a 'products-to-review' box, c) I signed up to the Sigma Affiliate Programme. I also hit 350 followers today which is a gigantic number of followers, and have promised to take photos of all my friends sporting the Keith Lemon iPhone app moustache. They actually said they'd do it which is the weirdest thing!

- I started using the Liz Earle skincare system two weeks ago, but I thought I'd just say about that too. I've absolutely loved using it and have been amazed at the results. I'll definitely be buying for years to come! Anything that gives me baby soft skin is a winner.

- I finally ordered the sideways cross necklace that Laura (Lollipop26 on Youtube) and Sara (SWalker on Youtube) have been seen wearing. It cost roughly £27 translated from $ on Etsy and I can't wait for it to arrive. It's really dainty at just 15 3/4" and is supposed to hang in the hollow of your neck. It's 14K gold filled and looks gorgeous. Can't wait to wear it, I don't think I'll want to take it off! (I obviously will, hygiene reasons.. eew)

Glossy Box hits the UK- May 2011

I thought I'd join the bandwagon with this super late Glossy Box review, a box of goodies I've been trying out for the last couple of weeks. I'm sure you've heard by now what Glossy Box is, but for those who haven't it's a massively exciting new concept. Us girls get sent 5 luxury miniatures each month in a beautifully wrapped package waiting to cheer us up!

The products come impeccably wrapped, right down to the gorgeous tissue paper. The colour scheme is pink and brown, not that important but it definitely makes the whole box seem a little more 'precious'. The box inside actually is a storage type box, so I'll be keeping some goodies in there from now on. I can imagine that by next year my room will just be packed with these little salmon/light pink boxes!

Inside I got some PR material (DVD, information leaflet, lovely note) and then a piece of card saying what each product was, and with little descriptions to help you. I thought this was a really good idea, as on the front was a little welcome note. I also got a Como Shambhala 10% discount code for repurchasing anything from their website if I liked the lotion. I think that's a really good way of getting customers, so good on you Glossy Box!

Now, for £10 a month (including VAT and P&P=bargain!) you get this little box containing 5 samples of rather high end brands, such as NARS, OPI, Laura Mercier and lots more. You'll also find some lesser known brands, but still high end nonetheless! You pay monthly for this, and can unsubscribe whenever you feel like it. I wouldn't see why you'd want to though, it's a fab idea for us beauty junkies!

Nars Orgasm Illuminator- I've been wearing this constantly, it's got a gel like consistency which makes it easy to blend.. no shimmery lines in sight. Even though this is very shimmery you won't look like a christmas tree! I'm really happy this was in the box as I knew a full sized Nars Orgasm was going to be gracing our pretty pink parcels.

Bionova Lab 'Bioactive' Cleanser- I haven't actually used this, I'm more than happy with my Liz Earle system and don't want to ruin it right now. I'm keeping this for a weekend away or a sleepover, as it's only 4ml.

All For Eve 'Eve Red' Lipstick- I've worn this lipstick a lot, even if I haven't been going out. It's a lovely feel-good colour that will suit nearly all skin tones, love it. This w
as also a full sized product.

Alterna 'Caviar Anti-aging Rapid Repair Spray'- I really really like this, in fact I may have to repurchase it. It's quite expensive though, as it's high end (pointing out the obvious). This is a really good replenishing spray for after a busy day walking around in all conditions. It really adds shine without making hair look greasy.

Como Shambhala Invigorating Body Lotion- I'm not too keen on the scent of this and will be giving it to my mum to use up in her salon. It's very strong, and does smell like a salon-worthy product. It's very.. minty. It does the job though!

I've roughly found out that these products add up to £45, which is absolutely amazing for a box that is £10, including postage at £2(estimated by company) and VAT at £1.90(estimated). That's basically £6 you are paying for 5 high end samples, *and a really cute box* lol. I think this is an absolutely great idea for girls like me, stuck down in boring old Cornwall. You can try products without having to buy them online without trying them first. I can then try them for a good few uses before decided whether or not I want to buy them. If I was asked which products I'd re-buy from this box, it'd be the hair spray (which I probably will) and the NARs illuminator. I'd be tempted by the lipstick again too!

I can't wait to try the rest of the products and have signed up for the July box (I was too late signing up), what a bargain! I'll be waiting at the letterbox ;)

I received this box for free by GlossyBox, but that has in NO way swayed my opinion. All opinions are my own and the review is 100% truthful. I'm just saying it as it is, even if I am saying it a little late! 

Friday, May 27

Betty Hula 'Kiwi & Lime' Moisturiser

Recently I kindly received two samples from Betty Hula, both the Kiwi & Lime scented moisturising cream. I thought I'd give you a little bit of a review about them, in comparison to two different body butters by The Body Shop.

L to R: Betty Hula (kiwi & lime), The Body Shop (dreams unlimited), The Body Shop (avocado)

I applied each to my skin and I could automatically see that the Betty Hula moisturiser was very similar to The Body Shop's avocado, as it was a harder consistency and quite thick. When rubbed in, it felt smoother and it was easier to blend over the skin, covering more area. The scent stayed, a citrusy kick that smells absolutely gorgeous. I found it was a little less strong but I'm happy with that, as I don't want a heavy smelling moisturiser on my skin. Unlike the other two it left a sheen to my skin rather than an obvious glow, which I quite liked. It did take a lot longer to sink in and did leave my skin feeling greasy, so I wasn't too keen on that.. but it's something I could live with.

It had a lovely strong scent and had a nice texture. It was also easy to blend. I think I'd use less of it as it really covered a big area, I only needed the smallest bit.

My skin felt really greasy, and the residue that came off onto my hands when I touched my skin was quite greasy. It took a while to sink in too.

Overall, I think I would repurchase these when my other moisturisers ran out. I have extremely dry skin and I did find these helped, maybe slightly more than The Body Shop ones. This moisturiser also comes in a Rum & Blackcurrant scent and Champagne & Spice scent. It's £14.99 for 120ml, which I think is quite expensive but as you don't need much it justifies itself.

You can buy these from the Betty Hula Website and Sainsbury's!

Thursday, May 26

My Daily Makeup Routine

I've been wanting to make a video for a while now, but never had the time or confidence to make one. I thought I'd start with a video I didn't have to talk in! I originally started the video and the battery ran out on my Macbook, so the clip didn't save. Basically I'd already put on some foundation, but put on another quick layer just so you could all see how I do it.

I speeded the video up and added a little bit of music; that's about as good as my iMovie skills get! I hope you enjoy, and the products I used are listed below. Please excuse the weird looks I give the camera when applying the eyeshadow, it looked completely blended and natural in real life yet came up dark brown on the screen.. so did the blush. I'll promise to use my DSLR when I get one ;)

Oh, and because I was so nervous I totally forgot to do my eyebrows! I happily drew them on afterwards though (using MAC's Fling) hehe.

Products used:
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Shade 1)
No7 Concealer Brush
MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation (NC15)
MAC 187 Brush
MAC MSFN in Light
ELF Kabuki Brush
MAC Style Blush
MAC 168
ELF Blush Brush
Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer (shade 51)
MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters and Sable
No7 Blend & Contour Brush
L'Oreal Super Liner in Black(?)
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
Maybelline One By One Mascara
Sleek Pout Polish in Sugar May

I hope it wasn't too fast, and if you need to know anything else just ask below! 

Wednesday, May 25

My Blusher Collection (the swatches)

I thought to save time and space I'd make two separate posts for my blusher collection, one with an overview and one with swatches. If you'd like to see the original post click here, it's very colourful! 

(L to R:) Rose Gold, Sahara, Pixie Pink, Coral, Pomegranate, Flamingo, Pan Toa, Flushed

(L to R:) Dallas, Coralista, Dandelion, Georgia

(L to R:) Style, Giggly, Miss Behave

 (L to R:) 34 Rose D'Or, 54 Rose Frisson

(L to R:) Soft Damson- Pressed, Soft Damson- Loose

(L to R:) Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Dolly Pink, Clinique Blush in Smoldering Plum, Accessorize Blush in Pretty Pink

What's your favourite blush? If you'd like to know anything else just ask below!

My Blusher Collection

I have to remind you firstly that I am obsessed with blusher. If I go into town I have to dash straight towards the blushers, and I'm not fussy. I like peaches, pinks and coral tones mostly, but I'll try anything out. Anything to give my skin (NC15) a little colour! And without further ado, here's my blusher collection..

I've done swatches of each blush here, so check that out! If you'd like any more information ask me in a comment below! Can you recommend me any blushers to my ever expanding collection?

Thursday, May 19

Follow my on Bloglovin'!

Just a quick post to say that I'm now on Bloglovin.. If you'd like to follow me, please click here :)


Wednesday, May 18

Thankyou! 300 Followers ♥ (+ strange FOTD!)

I just wanted to thank you all for clicking that little follow button, it means a lot. I feel like I only did one of these the other day so will keep it short. You are all amazing! If you'd like me to follow back, please leave a comment below. Please DO NOT include your blog link though, as these will automatically be disapproved through the comment program I use. 

I thought I'd show you some funny photos of me with a Boots inspired FOTD. If you've seen the current adverts with a lady with different makeup on each side of her face you'll see what I mean! If you haven't click here..

I'd never usually post a photo of me with absolutely NO makeup on one side of my face across the internet, but I think you all deserve to see my super ugly right side of my face makeup-less! ;)

WARNING: View with caution!

the no-makeup side..

 the makeup side..

a better photo of my full face..

and finally a close up of my eye..

I used my Bad Gal palette by Sleek to pull off the dramatic smokey eye, with my MAC Style blush and Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Precious Beige. My foundation is Mineralize Satinfinish in NC15 which I apply with my MAC 187 brush :) If you'd like to know anything specific just drop a comment below. 

Again, thank you so very much! 

Tuesday, May 17

Lee Stafford 'Dry Your Hair Faster' Wonder Spray

Quite a heavy title for a hair product to hold right? Wait until you hear what else it claims to achieve...

+Reduced friction to detangle hair (making it easier to comb), 
+Added heat protection to protect up to 220°C, 
+Light Hold to keep styles in place 
+ and of course.. It claims you can dry your hair faster.

You are probably laughing now. Surely a hair spray can't achieve that? Yet alone it's main point: drying hair faster. I can truthfully say this product is now locked far down in my heart, as I've used this every single day without fail. That's special for me as I never stick to a certain product: I get bored too quickly. It's only fair I share my secret with you all...

Usually my hair takes 20 minutes to dry, and that's strange as I have incredibly thin hair. My hairdresser also says that my hair doesn't take to dye, and colours never ever look similar to the shade swatch. She also says my hair holds onto water rather differently to other people's, as she finds even after squeezing it all out it's still dripping wet. 

The first time I used it I got into the shower, washed my hair using the exact same routine as usual and gave it a quick squeeze when I jumped out. I put it up into a towel, put on my face moisturiser (horribly dry skin) and sat down ready to dry the few pieces of hair that take refuge on my scalp. I sprayed the Lee Stafford Wonder Spray throughout my hair, as instructed, put my iPhone timer on and leisurely dried my hair. Only 6 minutes, later my hair was completely dry. Not damp, completely dry. I was so shocked I had to tweet about it! I couldn't believe the difference, and my hair still felt soft and flexible.

I've used it from then on, and my hair still feels impeccably soft every time I wash it. This spray doesn't produce build up and doesn't make my hair feel oily/greasy quickly, which I was worried about the most. For a product I brought on a whim I'm really happy with the results! That's 14 more minutes in bed every morning I'm getting :)

You can get this at Boots for £6.19, and it's currently in the 3 for 2 offer! Bonus!

Monday, May 16

Late Magazine Freebies & Ombre NOTD

I picked up two of the well announced freebies in Marie Claire and InStyle magazine this weekend, a body butter by The Body Shop and a beautiful Nails Inc polish. I'd seen these mentioned on other beauty blogs but hadn't taken much interest. As usual I fell to the pressure when I was staring at them in the magazine isle, so here they are..

 - Body Butter in Dreams Unlimited - and - Nail Polish in Fashion Fawn-

I tried Fashion Fawn on one of my fingers, and after taking inspiration from Leanne Marie's blog I decided to try the Ombre nail trend myself. I used polishes I had lying about, and I'm ashamed to say I only have four beige/brown nail polishes. Excuse to stock up?

(l to r): Jermyn Street, Mushroom, Fashion Fawn, Desert Haze

opposite of above, sorry (and excuse my patchy fake tan hands)

I didn't realise just how different all of these polishes are, and I have to say both of the Nail Inc polishes are my favourite. The finish is really shiny and the application isn't streaky at all. I only needed one coat to make them opaque, as with Mushroom by BarryM. Obviously the ELF polish wasn't as good, but for £1.50 it's my favourite nude to wear on my toes.. doesn't budge at all!

Does anybody know where I can get Nail Inc polishes for a more affordable price? I can only think of TK Maxx?

My 2nd Grazebox

I'm a bit late doing this as my third box is already here, but I thought I'd show you what I got and what I rate my last (first) Graze Box. If you haven't heard of Graze Box yet you can visit my first post about the company, and you can visit their website.

Last Weeks Ratings:
Honeycomb Flapjack: 10/10 I absolutely loved this!
Banana Split: 5/10 I wasn't amazed by this, it was edible but I wouldn't want it again...
The Beach: 8/10 I really liked this, but the banana wasn't as nice :)
The Lost Army: I still haven't plucked up the courage to try this, will tweet when I do.

This Weeks Graze Box...

This weeks box includes Cheddar Gorge, which I've already tried (very strong) as the only savoury treat. I then have Milkshake Mix, Natural Vanilla Seeds and Pina Colada as my sweet treats. I'm not really that excited about this weeks box but can't wait to try the Vanilla Seeds and report back when I write about my 3rd box!

If you'd like to get your first box FREE (and your second half price), use this code when you sign in. If you press on the code below, it will automatically register your free box!

DZ2153G3 <

Sunday, May 15

A little update..

I'm sorry for the lack of posting this month, I'm postponing my blog for a few weeks until my GCSE exams are over. The last exam is June 22nd, so expect to see a bundle of posts after that. I have around 20 posts I've planned at the moment, so when I get a chance I'll write them out and post them! My first exam is tomorrow, English Paper 1, eek.

Wish me luck! x

 If you are a company your reviews won't be up until the end of June, sorry.

Sunday, May 8

Gigantic Haul: Sleek MakeUp

It's been a while since I wanted to place my Sleek order due to the big ka-fuffle at christmas. They'd given everybody 50% off but most orders placed were cancelled due to the influx in visitors. I was really disappointed when I found out my order was one of those, and after countless emails still hadn't found out what was going to happen. I emailed then at least 5 times without reply, so when I did get a reply saying a voucher code would be sent soon I was pretty excited!

That was in January. I received my code around 3 weeks ago and asked them to hold the expiry date so I could pick up some things when they came back from 'out of stock'. I was told it wouldn't take long, but as they haven't came back yet I decided to order other things instead. I'm really upset with how bad their customer service is, and how bad quality the website is. You try to delete 1 thing from your basket and it deletes everything, just a little annoying glitch you don't want!

Anyway, happy thoughts! I ended up ordering 19 items. The total cost was around £45 after the discount.. but I knew I'd end up getting these things anyway. It's also exam season, and I was craving a splurge!

At the front you can see 5 different 'light' foundation samples. I got these to both see which shade I am (shell I think) and mix them with my daily foundation when I want it a little lighter/darker during the summer months.

I got the Bad Gal palette after seeing it on Hannah's blog, and seeing how intense the colour are. I've got the Original and Storm palettes and adore them both, so knew what to expect. These aren't colours I would wear on a daily basis, but they will look great for a night out!

I saw this Glisten Me on the website and had a look at some blog reviews. People like it, but didn't seem to say too much about it. I know exactly what they mean, it's a decent highlight but it's nothing amazing. I don't really like the spatula this comes with, but I can live with that! I'm looking forward to using this rather than my MSF this summer as liquid/creme makeup always makes skin look healthier in the sun! 

As for the free lipgloss phone charm, I'm not liking it. It's very sticky..

I may have gone over the top with these, but I was getting them for £2 each so I couldn't say no! I've done swatches of these yesterday if you'd like to have a look, I've also got Peaches & Cream and Vixen. My favourite out of these so far are Coral Reef and Papaya Punch. These all look similar in the box but on the lips you can definitely see the difference. I love them!

(clockwise from top left): Electro Peach, Powder Pink, Sugar May, Pink Cadillac
More lip products! I'd never had a pout polish before, but haven't stopped seeing people talking about them here in the blogging community. I absolutely love the texture of these, exactly like a lip balm. I'm pretty amazed by these!

(clockwise from top left): Rose Gold, Pomegranate, Flushed, Flamingo, Pan Tao, Sahara
Now this is my weakness, blusher. If I could buy one beauty product other than foundation for the rest of my life, I would have a humungous collection of blusher. I already have Pixie Pink and Coral, with Coral being my daily blusher at the moment. These are so pigmented and the colour range is great! For £4.30 (£2.15 for this haul) you can't really go wrong!

I definitely have enough makeup to last me for the next century now, so I'm going to have a clear out to make room for everything. I would say out of everything I brought, I'd say the Sahara blusher is my favourite product so far (only from swatches) which I'm really surprised about. It's such a strange colour for a blush, but I think it looks really nice on the skin. What's your favourite Sleek product?