Wednesday, April 27

Wishlist Wednesday #1- Summer Sun

I've been having a look around some of my favourite websites for some beautiful clothes to place in my wardrobe. Here are a few things I saw, and loved. I wouldn't wear them all together as they would clash but I love how individual and unique everything is. 

*Topshop is coming out with 3 metallic nail polish shades soon, with Heart Of Gold being one them. I believe they will be in shops from May onwards, but I'd snap one up as soon as they are introduced! I'm going to be picking up Heart Of Gold, but am worried I'll end up picking up all three!*


  1. So do I! It's absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen anything like it before x

  2. Yeah that's where I saw it, I really want it now! Aw yeah, thanks for your help sorting it out x

  3. That shirt is the one I wore in my most recent post. Its gorgeous!
    Glad you've managed to sort out this new commenting system now! :) x

  4. I'm definitely getting the nail varnish soon, it's gorgeous! I know, especially in trend for the Royal Wedding ;) x

  5. Oh my, how cute is that castle ring? <3 The nail polish looks real pretty too! x


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